Just Jillian S1:E8 Finale I Do…or Don’t?


Welcome to the season finale of Just Jillian. Let's find out if Heidi finally gets her wish!

While Jill's pig runs amuck, Giancarlo tells her he's gotten her a 4 page spread in Cosmopolitan magazine. She's leery, thinking that means they're going to airbrush the life out of her, but he tells her they're going to focus on fitness for most of the pages. She can't believe it because the fashion world doesn't want anything to do with her. He's done it, it's taken a year, but he's done it. He didn't even have to sleep with anyone either!

Andy and Heidi talk while flower shopping, (orchids are a little vagina-y looking) and she tells Andy that she is hurt about Jillian being so flippant on the Wendy Williams show about marriage. She can't believe that Jill would think she would leave her after 7 years. How could she be afraid of marrying her because she would think she'd leave her? Marriage means so much to her and she wishes she understood that. Andy tells her she's got to tell Jillian all of these things to her face and fight for it.


Jillian goes on her Cosmo shoot and she's very excited. She's never been in a fashion mag and it's a "turning point" "Gettysburg" "Normandy". Wait, did we win Gettysburg? Never mind, Normandy it is! Despite it being hot as Hades during the shoot, it is a great success.


Jill wants Tee, (remember her protege from the previous episode?) to get comfortable leading workouts for a large group so that he can become a successful brand as well, so she's setting up a military workout for him to lead. Chloe mentions that he's a cutie and Jillian starts chanting that she's in Loooove. Jill says Chloe the clam is going to give it's pearl to Tee, Chloe says her clam is so not, it's shut tight.


In San Diego, Jill and G are at the Thrive Market show, which works with military families and Tee is going to perform a workout there. Once again G is having audio issues and he tells Tee that he's going to have to perform with a hand held microphone. Jill is worried about his being able to handle that what with him not being experienced.

Heading toward the crowd to perform and introduce Tee, Jill's headpiece mic goes awry so G tries to straighten it. She's talking about it being in her ear hole and her mouth hole and she starts giving him shit, saying she'd like to have sex with him because he'd never make it in the right parts. He replies trust, he'd land right in her mouth all right. If he were married, he'd never have sex. True, he agrees. These two are too hilarious.

The workout goes great of course, and Jill is ready to get the heck out of there because Heidi is waiting on her for a date. G has called for a helicopter to take them home quick, also, he can turn down the volume on his headset and not hear her speak, bonus. He takes a billion selfies first and she's all, come on already, FFS!


Date night and Heidi right away mildly mentions she saw a bit of Wendy Williams. She asks her why she backtracked about saying when everyone can get married she would marry her. She says it is a mockery to her to say that in front of millions of people and then go back on it. Jill explains to her that in her world divorce happens, things go wrong, her parents divorce was just the worst. Heidi tells her that that doesn't have to happen, her parents are still together. She doesn't want her to feel like she has to marry her because she's nagging her, she wants her to marry her because she wants to.

Jillian calls her mother, who she says she has a wonderful relationship with. She tells her about Heidi, and how she's upset about what she said on Wendy Williams. Her mom asks her how she feels about marriage. Jill says she just sees how her dad is on divorce number 2 and has been for 10 years. Wise mom tells her she is not her dad, and Heidi is not her dad. She has no guarantees in life. Jill starts to go off on how her dad was happy he didn't have to pay support when Jill ran off; how does she know her and Heidi won't be just as shitty if they break up? Her mother is astounded she'd feel that way; how could she think that about the woman she's living with? She needs to work on her issues big time. Mom tells her that even though her dad did handle that poorly, he apologized to her later. Jill is sorry she put her mom through all of that when she was young. Her mom is sorry she had to go through it. She tells her daughter that she can't live life scared of being hurt, she should just live it. Her mother is a giver of sage advice. I believe I remember hearing that mom is a psychiatrist.


Jill asks the kids if she should marry mommy. That's a great big yes from them. Jill goes ring shopping with Chloe and Andy. She says Heidi would like it if Jill wears a ring, and they pick her out a gorgeous band of 8.86 carats. So she wants to do something super special for her proposal, she also knows Heidi is so easy to please, a goat is all she wants.


Jill has set up a date night with Heidi for the proposal. Heidi thinks it's a regular movie and she's annoyed it's so late as she's usually in bed by 9 PM. It's really a movie set up by an editor of their life. In a been there done that move, the kids decide to scream, cry and dead weight when their moms try to leave. It is hilarious because; kids.

Jill has her parents, twin sister and all of their friends in the seats of the theatre waiting on them. After the world's sweetest montage of pictures of them and their adorable kids, Jill asks Heidi to marry her and of course she accepts. There's tears everywhere, mine included, and everyone applauds and gives out hugs to the happy couple.

In the end interview, Jill tells us that it may seem like she's the boss, but that is not even close to the truth. She asks Heidi to name one time she's lost a fight. She's still waiting...