Love S1:E1 It Begins Recap


We meet the characters of Mickey and Gus in the new Netflix series Love. Mickey is sleeping when a man comes through her window scaring her half to death. Ah, she knows him. He wants her, he needs her. Fine they can go at it if he'll shut it, but he needs to leave after. No sleeping over.

We then see Gus, sitting in bed with his lady; each with a laptop propped up on their laps. He tells her he has the perfect gift for her dad's birthday: Omaha Steaks. She shows him the perfect rug for his apartment. We next see them having mild missionary style sex and in the middle of it he asks her if she'll move in with him. (Nice to meet you, Gus!)


Meanwhile in a completely contrasting scene, Mickey is bent over a table while her guy is more aggressively doing the deed from behind.

One month later:  Mickey's guy is totally coked up and can't focus on anything. He's rambling and she's all, dude, have a drug problem much, while she pops pills herself. He asks her what they are and she tells him it's what she takes to deal with his sorry ass. (She used to be super blonde!)


Back at Gus' place he says "I love you" and she cannot take it. She tells him he says it too much and he can't believe that's a thing. He says it over and over until she breaks and shouts, "I fucked another guy!" He says he's leaving and they won't talk anymore. She tells him this is the problem, and he asks what, he's too nice? She says, no, he's fake nice which is worse than being mean.

Mickey and coked-up dude are doing it and a car horn keeps tooting. He tells her it's his mom and to hurry - she's taking him pants shopping. He finishes and she's disgusted, like, really, you just did that? She follows him down to the car and tells him if he goes with his ma he's a loser. His mom invites her along and calls her "his friend" to which she replies, "He's not my friend, his cum is still inside of me." Ha. He leaves anyway.

We see scenes of both Mickey and Gus mourning their lost relationships and crying.

One month later:  Gus is living in a student/retirement apartment complex and Mickey is getting an Australian roommate.

Gus goes to work on a television set. He tutors a child actress that is working with a wolf that day and the crew guilts him into letting her work instead of study because they only have the animal for another half hour. See, if they don't get the shot done, they'll all have to work the weekend, and they all have kids, doncha know?


Mickey is a program manager at a radio station and the advice doctor ( a real douche) wants her to fire Rob for him because one time he asked him if he liked him. They go back and forth as to who should do the firing, and the convo ends like so: Hey, know of any good, new music to workout to? She answers, "The Monkees?"

Gus is having lunch with some buddies and they ask him why he's not looking for a better place to live. He says because if Natalie calls him to try again he'll be ready to head over to her. They are like, say what? She cheated, that is not going to happen, dude. Get over it.

Mickey is visiting a neighbor who tells her the favorite part of her day is 9 pm when she can take her Ambien. Mickey resists taking some of the Ambien home, but then says F it and asks for a handful. Her kid keeps eating dirt - they're sitting out back - and she finally tells him he's reached his quota.


Someone has been found dead in the apartment complex and Gus and his buddy talk to some old guys that are roommates there. Gus comments that he hopes they don't end up like that when they get old and his friend is offended saying they should be so lucky.

Mickey takes an Ambien with wine, lays down, nothing. She takes another. She's still up when the ex texts her that he's sorry and to come meet him at "Bliss House". She puts on a swimsuit and tight jeans for some reason, oh yeah, she's blitzed on wine and Ambien, and heads out.

In an Uber car, Mickey gets a text asking if she fired Rob. She calls Rob up thinking she'll leave a voicemail to fire him, but he picks up. She fires him and he can tell she's messed up and calls her out on it. He calls her a f'n c*ck whore and she's all, dude that is uncalled for!

She arrives at Bliss House, but it's a new age church instead of a club. "I'm wearing a one-piece under jeans," she says. She says she should not be there.


Gus is at a college party by the pool of his complex. He decides to loosen up for once in his life and drinks and has some fun. Two girls ask if they can go back with him to his room and he says okay, sure. As they sit on each side of him on his bed they tell him they didn't get to do any of their wild plans before they have to go home. He says, like Six Flags? Uh, duh, a threesome. Like, now then? Yeah.


Back at the "church," the preacher has finished and Mickey asks if she can speak. She goes up on stage and says if we ask for love we should receive it why haven't I? "Hoping for love has fucking ruined my life," she drunkenly says. She realizes how she's dressed and what she's doing so she apologizes and leaves.


The three-way is going fine, if not giggly with Gus kissing one gal and being grabby with the other. He gets up to get a condom and tells them they can kiss one another. They say they're not into that and he's all, what kind of a threesome is that? That's just, "Two adjacent twosomes." Uh, we're sisters, that's gross, dude. He freaks out; INCEST. It's not incest they say, we don't touch each other, quit being so judgy. He says it is like incest. They dress and start to leave. He asks if maybe just one could stay? They say fuck you and go fuck yourself. Bai.

Mickey is back home and cannot get to sleep to save her life. She goes for a walk and gets a cup of coffee at the corner gas station type store. She's forgotten her wallet and begs the cashier to let her take the coffee and she'll be right back with the money. He won't let her and she's about to steal the cup and he's about to call the cops when lo and behold, Gus shows up and offers to pay. She throws in a pack of Parliaments on the bill.


  • At least she kept it cheap with the Parliaments.

    • Renoblondee

      Marlboros would have been like a slap in the face.