Love S1:E2 One Long Day Recap


In the second episode of Love, we see Gus's point of view of Mickey arguing with the cashier about forgetting her wallet and wanting to take the coffee. He watches it all go down and then offers to pay as we saw in the first episode.

Mickey thanks him and walks out. She walks back in to tell the cashier to F off and insults him and his family, saying he's a piece of crap and she can't believe he didn't trust her when he knows her. She's waiting outside when Gus comes out and she tells him she'll pay him back. He says it's fine, and she tells him "Don't be a hero," her place is close by. As they walk, they get to know each other. He tells her he's from some random town in South Dakota and she says oh yeah I know that place, "The guy who invented boredom is from there." Which is so perfect. They exchange job info and we find out the name of the show he tutors the actress is called "Whichita" with the T being a burned at the stake witch.


They arrive at her place and her new Australian roomie is there with tons of boxes. Mickey looks for her wallet, but it is gone. She asks roomie if she can borrow twenty bucks, but she has gone paperless, she only uses Apple Pay or credit. And, hey can you help me bring in my dresser? Sure thing! So we see Gus and roomie carrying in the dresser while Mickey walks in when they're done; she had to pee. She tells Gus she left her wallet at Bliss House the night before, so let's go have an adventure, come with me!


They walk into Bliss House screaming at the sight of a man bleeding out of his neck from a mortal wound. Not to worry, Bliss House is only a rental area, they're filming a scene for a movie and they've just ruined their shot. She recovers her wallet and wonders who would actually put a full wallet in the lost and found. Gus says he would.

In Mickey's car she says they should go eat, but first they should smoke it up. He gets nervous and says, "Let's get highhhh." She rightly guesses he doesn't smoke. He inhales the pipe and has a massive coughing fit. He watches her expertly smoking and he says "It's like watching my dad change a tire." He then opens the window and she's all WTF are you doing? We're hot boxing, dude! They drive off and he's confused as to why it's now okay to have the windows down while she's smoking a cigarette. "Dude, you're high, don't worry about the hot boxing."

At a fast food drive-in, Mickey orders a shit-ton of breakfast food. Gus is staring and tells her an Asian man is staring at them and he's nervous. She points out it's a cardboard cut out of an Asian woman, actually, but she is staring at them intensely, sure.


They eat the food and he says it's nice to enjoy fast food because his ex hated it. She asks what happened and he tells her she cheated on him. He tells her he's been in a long term relationship over and over and he feels like it'll just keep going on like that. She can relate and it sucks.

After they eat she asks if he's feeling better? He still feels spacey. Really? "Caffeine and weed, the poor man's speed ball," should have fixed him right up. He thinks she said "Spaceballs" and goes on a tangent about the movie. She puts him in the backseat of the car while he's saying, "It really like, puts Star Wars in it's cross-hairs."


Gus takes a pic of Mickey of his phone while riding in the back. She arrives at the address he gave her and...oops! He accidentally gave her his old address, where his ex lives. Drive away, drive away! But she won't, she thinks it's awesome that happened, and the ex spots Gus, so he has to get out and say something. They start to argue right away, he did this to try and make her jealous, you need to finally get your boxes dude. Mickey hears this and hilariously walks in the house and starts loading up Gus's boxes into her car while they continue to argue about his "DVDs". They're "not DVDs, they're Blu-ray." She's all, whatever, you can watch everything online now. No you can't! Mickey breaks it up and grabs Gus. She tells the ex he doesn't need to hear whatever she has to say right now and they leave.

On the ride home to Gus's place he says the media make you think relationships are just the best thing and it's all a lie. He gets mad and starts to throw out all of his Blu-ray's out the window, saying the title and what bullshit it is. She tucks him in and he asks if he can have her number. She puts it in his phone and she fondly tells him goodbye and calls him a little weirdo again.

Mickey and roomie watch "Armed and Dangerous" back at her house. She wants to know who John Candy is. Mickey goes through all his famous movies and she's at a loss until she finally says, "Splash", the guy that got his nuts busted. Oh sure, I love that guy! "Where did you find out about this movie?" roomie wants to know. "Gus told me about it," she says.