Love S1:E3 Tested Recap


It's been a while since we've taken a look at the quirky and appealing Love. Let's dive back in and see what's up in Episode 3.

Gus wakes up and immediately grabs his phone to look at the picture of Mickey he took the night before. He texts her twice, deleting them before sending. Someone has got it bad. Mickey is watching an exercise program, and her roommate Bertie is excited and says she'll join her. Mickey says nah, it looks too exhausting, but she'll definitely masturbate to it later. Ha ha. Cut to Gus doing exactly that before he finally gets up the nerve to text Mickey a short, "S'up".


Mickey is contemplating the text in her car when she hears a horn. Without paying attention, she assumes she needs to move on, so she hits the gas. Oops, that wasn't what the horn was for, and she rams her car into the one in front of her. The guy is super pissed and she apologizes profusely, telling him she'll stop texting and driving. He says she could have killed somebody! He doesn't have time for this! She's very contrite and tells him yes, let's go ahead and check out the damage. He walks back to give her space and she starts to speed off saying, "Yeah, there's no damage. I think we're good." Slick.


Gus is at work trying to get Arya to study for her exams, but she keeps looking at YouTubes and putting him off. She asks him to take pictures of her: -Do you want to move your hair out of your face? Why? My hair looks better than my face today- Then she shows him her dance that she has to start over because he interrupts her, getting zero schooling done.


Gus goes in to see the head of the show Karen, and she lets him know that Arya has to pass the exam or else she'll be suspended from the show and she has to have her for scenes coming up. He tries to tell her how hard she is to teach, but she ain't having it. She will fire him if she fails the test.

Dr. Greg asks Mickey how Rob took the firing. She says not very well, but it's okay. He asks her if everything else is okay and she says yes, just the ex and all. He starts spouting new-agey stuff about new and better things to come while she side-eyes him.

Back on set, Gus tries to figure out a way to get Arya to pass the test. As he talks to to a buddy about it, he takes out his phone. He asks Gus why he keeps checking it, so Gus tells him about Mickey and hopes she'll text him back. He asks him what he texted. Just 'S'up'. He knows from experience not to text a whole bunch of words. His buddy agrees saying that will dry up a 'gina like nobody's business.

Dr. Greg tells Mickey how great they are together. He starts telling her about his ex and asks about hers. She says he liked coke more than he liked her. He laughs and says, that is so funny! Really, dude? He gives her a smarmy look and talks about how neither of them are dating anyone, but they can't date coworkers. He then laughs and says, "Maybe one of us should quit." Haha, not.

Mickey tells her friend that she's screwed. She's going to have to quit or else he's going to fire her. He asks if he wants her to blow him or what. She says no, it's worse, he likes her. He fired those other two women when he liked them so she is just in a mess. She says she can't quit, she has way too much credit card debt.

Bertie is running a taste test for a snack meat, and the people that volunteered are totally digressing. Mickey calls her asking her if she quits her job could she pay all the rent? Bertie tells her her aunt has dementia and she was going to ask her if she could be late this month, actually.


Arya films a scene and then walks with Gus to go to class. She sees a golf cart and begs him to go on a ride. Just a quick one! She'll drive. No way, he says, but of course he caves. He does drive though, but they then end up dancing to a video game after the ride instead of studying.

Mickey and Dr. Greg are at lunch and he thanks her for inviting him. He tells her he's surprised because she always seems so tired. Ha. After some inappropriate rambling about wishing he was black, she leans over and kisses him. He's surprised and pleased. She goes back in for more.

Finally back in the classroom, Gus tells Arya that she has got to pass this test to continue acting on the show. He also tells her that it's important because she'll need a back-up plan in case acting doesn't work out. She takes it wrong of course and storms out. Her mom walks in and gives him hell about it.


Mickey and Dr. Greg are having sex, and Mickey looks so not into it it's not even funny. It's because she's more interested in telling him, "You can't fire me, because you're fucking me." He's all, ummm, okay? Once that's off her back she finishes quickly, and then he says, you came and I didn't. She says, "fine" and starts moving on him again. He finishes and says, "I feel a little weird." The whole scene is so awesome and icky. Wow.

In class Arya finishes her test and when Gus checks it he sees she's only done half of it. She says she doesn't care about it. She's tired. He tells her she can't lose her job and he can't either. She's got to finish it. She starts breaking down and starts to tell him the real story. She hates her job there, she wants to go to a real school and have real friends. He's actually her best friend because all the kids hate her for meeting Taylor Swift. He tells her she makes great money, he'd love to make money like that. She says she doesn't get the money, her parents do and they are getting a divorce. She hears them fighting through the walls. THROUGH THE WALLS. She says she's sorry as she walks out. He takes the bubble sheet and starts to fill it out for her. Oh boy.

Dr. Greg tells Mickey he can't believe she told him that during sex. She says well, it's true because that's sexual harassment. He's upset that she would think that about him. She asks about the other women he fired. He says the one stole money from him, and the other was dumb and messed up on the job. He really liked Mickey, thought they shared something. He then goes off about how he listens to people on the other line to give advice, and he never knows what happens after they hang up. Does she understand what kind of people call in like that? He's doing important work, dammit! He then ends rant with this hilarious line, "I should have my face up on a fucking stained glass window in a church, and I'm a Jew!" She stares at him kind of stunned. He finishes with, "You just really hurt my feelings."

Gus tells Susan that Arya passed the test. He wants her to know that she passed because he helped her cheat. She's all, so you got the job done then, great. He asks her for a solid for doing that, but she cuts him off saying he didn't do "his" job and actually teach. So, thanks, k, bai.

Mickey and Bertie eat ice cream at home and Mickey says, "Oh shit, I forgot to text Gus." Gus is letting Aria drive the golf cart when he receives the long awaited text. He's elated and lets Arya floor it.