Love S1:E4 Party in the Hills Recap


Welcome to Episode 4 of Love: Party in the Hills. That's what we like, a good party. Grab a Solo cup and join me.

Gus is jamming with his friends in his apartment, where they "write title songs for movies that don't have one." His neighbor, Alan, hears the music and wants to come in and have a little smoke time. Frank comes over and asks where Alan's been, he's been waiting with the hibachi fired up.

Mickey says she'll be the DD for the party they're going to because she doesn't need to get slammed. Bertie says that'll work out great because no Australian stays sober (very  interesting, I *may* know some Australians myself, huh) and she proceeds to sing a little ditty about drinking and going down, down, down (chugging, that is, get your mind outta the gutter!). Mickey wonders if she should invite Gus because he seems like he'd be fun at a party, and Bertie wants to meet new people because she hasn't even had sex in a week!

Gus's bunch sings about their "Perfect Storm." when he gets the text invite from Mickey. He's excited and Alan offers to go with him to be his wing-man. One guy says he needs to shave that beard first, but Frank backs him, he works it like Dumbledore. He's the best wing-man ever to get "trim". Dude, he cringes, don't say "trim"! "Strange", then? "Squishy hole"? "Slizz"! "Clam shell"! "Minge"? "Baby bakery"! A woman says, "Just say vagina!" Gus says, "You know what, I think I'll just go alone." And he's out!

Gus arrives too early and interrupts a fight the hosts of the party are having. He volunteers to spray off their patio furniture. Hahaha Meanwhile, Mickey and Bertie are plucking nose-hairs back at home.


Gus asks if Mickey is usually late and they tell her she probably won't be coming, because she usually doesn't. He says he'll maybe wait it out for a while. He wonders around and sees a guys getting a tattoo in a random room. The guy actually asks him to tattoo something on him, It's his way of connecting with people. Gus is like, really, sounds like fun, okay, sure.


Gus finishes his tattoo and he has written sarcoma with an arrow pointing to the guys mole on his shoulder. He asks what sarcoma means, and when Gus tells him cancer, the guy freaks and tells him to get the fuck away from him. How could he write cancer on his body? Hahahahaha Gus is all, you told me to use my personality! Get the fuck out!


Gus calls his friend Cory, and says the party sucks. Mickey's already left to talk to her ex, and he feels like she's already sick of him. He feels like that happens with everybody, and she's the only one that grew into liking him. He tells her he's just going to go home, but she tells him to be a man and talk to the girl!

Mickey goes to talk to her ex and he doesn't want anything to do with her. She asks what his problem is, and he tells her. Ummm, first, she stole his laptop with all of his personal pictures with no backups. Second she left cigarette burns all over his couch and he has dogs, she could have burned down the house and killed them! Third, she cheated on him with Carl. She swears on a baby she did not cheat on him with Carl and he tells her to fuck off and leaves.


Mickey heads for the vodka bottle while an attractive woman asks Gus if he's the sarcoma tattoo guy. He sits down with her and they hit it off.

Bertie tells two guys how she works focus groups and they ask her to explain how it works. She has the two do taste tests with three different tequilas and when one of them picks number three she asks him if it may make him want to do something crazy at a party later that evening. He says it certainly may.

Gus is jamming with a group of people and they sound really good together. Mickey tells him he sounds great and invites him to get a drink with her, but he says maybe later, he wants to jam a while longer.

Mickey goes to smoke and drink outside. Her ex from Bliss House shows up, and she says she feels like this is The Christmas Carol with all of her ex's showing up here.  He tells her his Bliss House faze is over and he's sober. She says she's in AA, but he points out how she's drinking. She tells him to mind his journey and she'll mind her own. He tells her he wants to make love with her sober. She can't even believe it and they start to argue. The other ex walks up with Carl on his phone and Carl says what are you even talking about, we so did fuck, like three times! Errr, busted!

Bertie and tequila guy number three flirt some more and then his friend asks him why he's pretending to be straight because he sure wasn't last night...Poor Bertie lost her gaydar. After Tequila number three says he doesn't own him and stalks off in a huff, Bertie says she doesn't mind that he sleeps with men. Number two says he doesn't either. Hahahaha

Mickey's ex's start fighting and pushing each other. Ex number one calls her a whore and ex number two says not to call her that. She tells them to go ahead and punch each other and number two does. She says she can't believe she fucked either one and goes off to drink some more.

Mickey is now terribly drunk and comes into the living room and starts booing. She says this is lame, don't they remember old times? She thinks they should all just jump in the pool. At first everybody is side-eyeing her, but then a handful of people start to strip and jump in. She jumps from the roof, which is never a good idea, and when she surfaces she is messed up, up course. She says she can't breathe, and Gus helps her out.


He lies with her until she recovers some. She tells him she just wanted to have some fun. Bertie comes in and lies beside her saying she'll take care of her. Mickey says they're like her parents taking care of her, but nicer. She tells them they are so sweet and good they should go on a date. Yes, that's it! They'd be perfect for each other, she self destructs some more!