Master of None S1:E4 Indians on TV Recap

Welcome back for more Master of None with Aziz Ansari!

1990:  Little Dev is watching a montage of stereotypical Indian characters on TV. From Apu in The Simpsons to Ashton Kutcher shilling Popchips doing a Bollywood producer named Raj.


Dev is auditioning for a two line part as a taxi driver. His buddy Ravi just auditioned using an Indian accent, and when it's Dev's turn he says his lines with his normal voice. The casting director asks him to do it over with an Indian accent, but Dev refuses, saying he doesn't feel comfortable with that. She says Ben Kingsley won an Oscar using an Indian accent.


Ravi tells Dev he's gotta work and get money to pay for his stuff so he doesn't mind doing the accent.  Then Dev says they use white people for Indians anyway, just like in Short Circuit 2. Ravi is like, "what are you talking about? That guy is Indian!" Dev pulls out his cell and explains that it's Fisher Stevens, "That's a white actor. They used brown-face makeup."  "They got a real robot and a fake Indian." Ravi can't believe it. He always thought that dude was Indian. Ravi gets a call and has to split because his buddy Anush may be lactating.


Dev didn't get the part of Three Buddies, which him and Ravi had tried out for. He accidentally gets a chain email on his phone that the producers wrote though. It says that they had wanted to hire both of the men, but they couldn't have "two of them". Then, he reads that maybe they could "curry our favor". Uh oh. Denise says that's some racist shit and someone will get fired if it becomes public. Dev says nobody cares about Indian racism. "If Paula Deen had said I don't wanna serve Indian people, nobody would have cared. They'd have just gone back to eating their biscuits."  All she had to do was apologize and go back to making fatty stuff. "Yeah, but she had to meet with Al Sharpton", Dev says, "and that's punishment enough. We don't even have an Al, who could someone meet with? Deepak Chopra? The Indian guy from No Doubt?"


Dev's agent tells him to not leak the emails because they have them by the balls. She says she goes through this shit all the time and, "I'm trying to get this Friends money and you're trying to fuck it up!"


Meeting with the producer that wrote the offensive email, Dev gets an apology and court-side seats to the Knicks game. They then go to the VIP area where Busta Rhymes joins them. Later Dev asks Busta his opinion on the email and Busta tells him to "Charge it to the race card." Dev tells the producer that all emails might contain something offensive and asks why there can't be two Indians in the show. He tells him America isn't quite there yet. Dev asks "Why not try?" The producer counters asking him why not just you in the part with millions of dollars in your pocket?


Anush, the lactater joins Ravi and Dev at his apartment. Dev tells Ravi about the meeting, that he doesn't want two Indians in one show. He tries to explain just him getting the role,"Black people just got there." Indians, Asians, gays; only one, not two. Ravi points out Will and Grace and Modern Family. Dev never watched Will and Grace, he did not know that. "Fine", he concedes, "progress to gays." Ravi calls him "Uncle Taj". Dev's agent calls and they're now going with a totally different Indian guy. Dev's out. Fuck it. Let's leak the email!


Agent call again. The producer is dead, do not leak the emails because the new head wants to meet with both of you. Dev meets with the new head and she wants to hire them both for a reworking of Perfect Strangers!!! She wants Dev to be the cousin from India and Ravi to be the American because he's refused to do the accent. "Like, I'm Indian Balki?"


After doing a million Indian accents you won't do this one?  "It's offensive." Your resume is a walking offense!  "That was before the Short Circuit 2 revelation."  Anush asks what they're talking about. He's all, what? That dude is Indian! Dev pulls out his cell. "Is Mindy Kaling real?"