Master of None S1:E6 Nashville Recap

Episode 6 of Master of None takes Dev on his first official date with Rachel. Let's dive right back in with these funny people and see how it goes!

Dev and Arnold wax poetic about Eminem's song "Lose Yourself," and it is truly making my head spin. They're saying he's himself, then not himself and it's very confusing. Thankfully, Denise asks them to change the subject and Dev says that he and Rachel are going on a date finally. Denise advises him not to take her to dinner, it's totally been done. She says take her to Nashville, "It's a bold move. This way, it's like ten dates in a row." Dev texts Rachel, "Are you down to clown in Devtown?" and she accepts straight away, but says she'll need to be back in town by the next day for her niece's recital.

Dev and Rachel meet up for their date and catch up on what's been going on. They have a two hour flight to Nashville and he forgets where she's from, he passes it off as them being drunk the time they met. She reels off a list of things he had told her that she remembers. He tells her any of those things could apply to an Indian person. Ha.


They arrive at their hotel and it's beautiful. They mess with the check in guy asking him if the place is haunted. He plays with them at first, saying it may be, a guys died in his sleep there. Then they want him to admit someone was murdered there by blinking if it's true and the guy's like, uh, I HAVE to blink, but no one was murdered.


They decide to go exploring, and Dev wants to be sure to Honky Tonk, and by a process of defining the words, he figures out means "White people hitting it hard." As they leave he says, "Alright honky, let's go tonk." Haha They try on crazy jackets and talk first albums. Hers was Johnny Cash and his was the soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast.


They see a guy go into a bar b que place so they decide to eat there too. He wants to split some chicken wings with a famous white sauce, but she tells him she's a vegetarian. She eats fish, but not octopus because they're very intelligent. He tells her that's a huge bombshell she just dropped on him because they can't ever go splitsies and food is such a huge deal in life. She surprises him with the wings on top of his order and things couldn't be going better.


They go back to take a nap and she tells him she found out about another ghost there called baby Justin. They make ghost noises and then go to take a nap. He gets up in the dark and scares her by calling for daddy. She gets up and screams when she sees "daddy" written on the mirror. She then disappears and starts making creepy baby crying noises. Haha They have such an easy rapport and great chemistry.

They have drinks at a honky tonk bar and dance to some country music. They then toast to Nashville and she thanks him for inviting him. They go to bed and say goodnight to all the ghosts. He makes a story about a ghost, vegetarian, Australian koala bear that eats octopus.


Right before their flight back to New York, Dev wants to go grab some of that famous white bbq sauce to take with but she doesn't think they have enough time. He says it's only 12 minutes extra. They miss their flight of course and the next one out is not till that night.He apologizes, and she doesn't say anything. Her body language says it all. This perfect date is ending on a poor note.

Their seats on the new flight aren't even together, but Dev does successfully switch with a guy to sit by Rachel. He apologizes again and gives her a Nashville Rocks Tee-shirt. He hopes she can remember the rocking times they had and forget the non-rocking times they had. She says, "You rock."

In New York when the taxi lets them out, he asks her if she wants to go grab something to eat. She says she's just really picky about her condiments. He wouldn't happen to have some bottles of white sauce would he? He would not, he drank them all on the plane. She tells him goodbye and walks off. He says bye. He runs to catch up with her and they laugh as they continue on their almost perfect first date.