New Girl S5:19 Dress Recap

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We are only one week away from the season finale of New Girl and Schmidt and Cece's wedding! Are you guys as excited as I am? Let's see what's up the week before the big event in the first of two episodes: "Dress"

Cece is trying to sneak into her wedding dress garment bag to have a peek when Jess stops her and says she's not quite done with it yet. Cece wants to know if she's gotten rid of all the hideousness of it and Jess says of course she has! Even the "little weird jacket that makes me look like I'm in a street gang from the future?" she asks. Sure, Jess says. Because Cece needs it by tomorrow. No worries, Jess tells her.  And as Cece leaves reassured, it's exactly the same, flashing lights, battery pack, jacket and all.


Winston and Aly discuss how they can't touch and kiss and sing his song he made up at work until they figure things out. Nick walks in and says he's texted Regan, but she hasn't replied. He wants Cece to text her to invite her to the wedding for him, but she says no way. He asks her in a really weird voice and she says she will, because she's terrified. HAHA

Schmidt asks Jess what she's going to do about the dress and she tells him she just can't seem to get through to it - flashback to Jess standing in front of the dress screaming at it, "I CAN'T MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL UNLESS YOU LET ME IN! AAAHHHH!" She tells Schmidt that she never procrastinates like this and he says, "What a fun low stakes time to try new things." HAHAHA She feels too much pressure to make it perfect for Cece. Cece walks in and Jess tells it her it will be done this afternoon. She tells him to get Cece out, she can't deal. "I can't take my idea walks."


Schmidt takes her to the men's bathroom in his office which he's using as his wedding planning space. There's only one other guy that works there and he pays him to use the bathroom across the street. HA. His boss gets his emails about the wedding planning on accident and she tells him he better start doing actual work or he's fired. He goes to tell Jess to beat it, but she's gone on an idea walk.

Winston tells Nick that Aly was rude to him at work to play off their relationship. Nick tells him to play the same game. Nick asks Cece if Regan has texted back yet. It's only been 3 minutes, she tells him. For some reason Nick has a burner phone and he's the only one that doesn't think that's weird. He texts Regan with it and pretends to be Karen when he asks her to guess who it is. He plays along.


Winston goes back to work and pulls Aly's chair out from under her when she goes to sit down. He tells her he's sorry,  but he just can't focus without being able to touch her. They go make out in the supply room but the nicest guy in the station walks in on them. They panic, but don't worry too much since he's such a sweet guy. He says he's so sorry, they make a super awesome couple. Just hand him 5,000 bucks and he's cool. He's got a giant gambling problem, he lost $60,000 on I Spy some how. Aly is disgusted and announces out loud that her and Winston are a couple. Since they're dating they can't be partners so the chief splits them up.

The boss catches Jess in the office and she pretends to be a temp so she makes her go pick up her kids from school. She manages to get them back to the office but the little girl has on the dress and is running around the bathroom. Schmidt catches her so Jess can get the dress off right when the boss walks in. Schmidt says "I'm fired aren't I?"


"God, I can't believe we got fired!" Jess says as Schmidt puts his box in his car. He worries that he can't arrange a perfect wedding for CeCe and Jess worries that she can't make the perfect gown for Cece. Jess goes back to the boss and manages to get Schmidt's job back for him when she finds out the boss can't get her kids (they're biters) into Banyon Canyon.

Nick calls Cece in and asks her why he's spent two hundred dollars on burner phones and Regan still hasn't responded to the original text. She tells him to text her himself maybe, so he does. She texts him right back that she knew it was him the whole time and that she wants to come to the wedding but she has to work and she misses him. Nick is super bummed.

Winston says he'll take super nice blackmailer cop as his partner if Aly will sing the song he made up for them. She sings:  "Gonna squeeze you tight, our love takes flight..." Ahhhh, what we do for love.


Schmidt eats so many bananas he's cramping up. Cece tells him that it'll be alright, but Jess comes in saying she got his job back. She starts to tell Cece the truth about her dress, but Schmidt says it's fine, she just needs a few more moments with it. Schmidt says they should just burn the ugly thing and he pulls it off the mannequin. Jess grabs it and tells him to get out of the room. The gown is inside out and she sees the vision finally. She calls in Cece and it's perfect. All it needs now is a little this and a little that. "Congratulations, it's a dress," Jess tells Schmidt. "We have a dress!" She calls in everyone but him to come see it like a wee newborn.

Best Lines of the Night:

Jess, to Schmidt, frustrated about re-designing the wedding dress in her room:  "When I craft, I like to get out of my space, bop around, use movement and scenery, tickle the old idea box, but I can't do that now because every 10 minutes Cece comes in here all, 'Hey Jessica, this dress is gonna be gangbusters, polka-dots'."

Schmidt, in response to Jess (above): "That's a really good Cece, also passable Sinatra."

Schmidt, excited that Jess thinks like him:  "Idea walks? How did you become such an important part of my life?"

Winston and Aly's police chief when they confess their relationship:  "I get it. Winston is hot as hell."

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