New Girl S5:E10 Goosebumps Walkaway


Reagan is heading out of town, so her and Nick can finally have some "meaningless sex" before she leaves. As they prepare to do the deed, Reagan discovers Jess in the bedroom. Our New Girl is back from jury duty!

Reagan decides that they shouldn't sleep together since she's leaving the next day; she doesn't want to leave things complicated. They've only ever made out a couple of times, it's best to just leave it. They awkwardly come to an agreement and, hey, good thing it doesn't feel weird or anything.

Reagan asks Jess how  jury duty went. Jess tells of how she was the superstar juror, but it almost went south when she exchanged eyes with Juror 9C. She's got to find him! She tells of how, "...we made the courthouse our hothouse" It was a forbidden love.


Nick tells Schmidt he needs his help to not make it weird with Reagan before she leaves because he's been really cool with her so far. He needs to give her a "goosebumps walkaway". He tries "Badbye" because "goodbye isn't true,"and Schmidt tells him to go write 20 and then go write 20 more and submit them to him for him to look over. His line sucks!

Jess is googling to find Juror 237B while Reagan stands by. Nick walks in and tells Jess that he's been romantic with Reagan. He goes on and on about how they must be feeling anxious about it, but it's him, not them, that's anxious. Jess says she thinks it's great. He leaves and Jess says, "That's the most embarrassed I've ever been for anyone not doing improv." Reagan says she's got to get outta there. Jess says let's go find Juror 237B. She ushers her out singing 'Thank you for being Reagan' in the theme from "The Golden Girls". We missed you, Jess.

Jess asks Reagan about Nick, and she tells her about the basement and the rat. Jess thinks she likes Nick. Reagan asks about her juror guy and if there are anymore hints. Jess tells her about juror who sat by him and he was awful, he wheezed.  Find the asthma guy and we can find your guy, Reagan tells her. She calls a doctor she knows and asks for a patients name.

At a dance class for the wedding, Schmidt doesn't want anything to do with it. He tells Cece he just wants to learn the steps, but Cece tells him to just let go and feel it. "What dance are you guys doing, cause it's not Humpty's! This is his dance, ya'll! Humpty Hump is his name!"


Jess tells Reagan how great Nick is and Reagan wipes a tear from under her eye. She says she's leaving, so never mind.

Nick practices in the mirror saying goodbye to Reagan.

Jess and Reagan find asthmatic juror. He sees Jess and runs away saying she doesn't run his life anymore. The guy is in a "men only" club space, so Jess calls Nick and he'll come and help. Reagan says, no, tell him not to come. She then finally admits she's crazy about him. Jess is so happy, she says, "You know what happens now." Reagan tells her she will not hug her. Jess keeps insisting, but Reagan won't do it.  Oh Reagan, it's Jess!


They watch Nick try to get the intel out of Asthmatic juror and Reagan says she can't believe she's into this guy when he calls Hand sanitizer "ham sanitizer", Jess adds that he calls DNA "D and A".

At the dance studio, Cece is having a great time. Schmidt tells Winston that being a big guy at school he had to learn to dance a dance perfectly. If he made one mistake he'd be made fun of. He learned the Hustle and he nailed it. Winston told him the bully didn't have any power of him then or now.


Jess asks Winston to run her juror's name through the system. Nick is still trying to figure out how to impress Reagan. Reagan says she won't tell Nick how she feels, because there isn't any point. There's more than 900 Gary Garcia's in the system. Jess tells Reagan to tell Nick how she feels so that what happened to her doesn't happen to Reagan. She goes to tell him, and Nick shushes her saying, "Sayonara Sammy, sayonara."  He then walks into the shower.  LOL

The roomies watch Jess on TV giving an interview about the trial. There's another guest juror and it turns out to be Juror 237B. Jess can't stand it, and yells out that she's Jess and she likes him. He yells back that he's Gary and he likes her. They exchange contact information while in disguise, which, yeah kinda defeats the purpose. LOL


Reagan calls Nick and tells him "Sayonara Sammy." It's a sweet conversation as they say goodbye. I'll miss her.

Jess and Gary have coffee and can' t think of a thing to say to each other. That's the end of that.

Schmidt tells Cece he's got some moves to show her. He turns on The Hustle and tells it he will not do The Hustle. He starts gyrating around free-style. Jess says she's missed them and they all dance, crazy roommates once more.