New Girl S5:E9 Heat Wave

new girl

This week on New Girl, the roommates are miserable in the extreme heat. Schmidt is especially put out as his hair is suffering big time as it's like a "Jew-fro apocalypse in here. I look like a 70s divorce lawyer."

Nick decides to cool down with his "Ranch system for cooling" which is a bunch of fans, a kiddie pool and him wearing white jeans. He tells Reagan to try it and she's not impressed. Instead she comes home with an air conditioner for her room and says they are all welcome to join her. Schmidt is excited; "Finally we can stop living like the people in a beer commercial before the beer shows up."

Cece has an audition for broadcasting, but she tells Schmidt she's not going. He says, well okay, but Winston tells him he needs to make her go and to not coddle her. He asks how, and Winston says he's found his police voice. He needs to exert himself.


Everyone is in Reagan's room except Nick enjoying the cool air. Ironically, they all get so cooled off they put on ski jackets. Winston's jacket reminds him of Peekabo Street's. Winston decides to use his new found cop voice on Cece and hollers at her as to why she is not going on the audition that is so important to her. She breaks easily and says it's because she's insecure; what if she's not good enough? Schmidt tries to use a cop voice to tell her not to blow it and fails miserably, even when he uses his L&O Hargistay one. Cece runs out, mad.



Reagan invites Nick to her room to cool off, but he won't go. They start to bicker and she accuses him of having a crush on her. He says she must have one on him too because she keeps checking on him. They keep bickering and she tells him she'll have to smoke him out. She turns on on the gas burners until they start slap-fighting and blow out the fuse box which blows out the power.

Schmidt and Winston make Reagan and Nick go to the basement to fix the fuse so that the power will come back on. They go, even thought Nick is terrified of the rats that may be down there. They start to argue over who's right about how to fix the wires and Nick's way ends up working. When they power comes back on they start to kiss, but Reagan points out a giant rat and Nick falls back into a power grid rendering the whole neighborhood powerless.


Cece tells Schmidt that she went to the audition and it was bad. Not because she's bad, but because she got drunk first and she wore shorts. She thanks him for pushing her and says they should encourage each other more often.

After Nick wakes up on the sidewalk outside of the apartment, Reagan tells him to tell her she's right, and he finally admits he has a crush on her. She says, "now we can move on." He starts to ramble on about how he's gross and sloppy and blah, blah, when she leans in and kisses him. It's a really sweet moment and Megan Fox has done a really good job while Zoe has been away.

Winston has been directing traffic and stops an ice-cream truck to demand it's contents for the roomies.


In the end-scene we see part of Cece's audition. and it was a mess. She's sweaty-drunk and slurring her lines. She even puts on deodorant during and she won't be getting a call back for this one.

Best lines of the night:

Reagan on Nick's cooling system:  "It feels like someone is learning to whistle very close to my face."

Winston directing traffic during the blackout:  "It's a blackout, not the rapture; you yield!"