Reign S3:E11 Succession Recap


Welcome back to Reign, after a long mid season hiatus! It's been so long, and I'm so excited it's back. Let's jump in and see what those wacky royals are up to!

King Charles's coronation is coming up and Katherine wants nothing but the best. She's informed that they really don't have the funds for it, but she's not having it. Everyone will see how dope the Volois' do a coronation. Narcisse arrives and she hands him a speech that announces his devotion towards her during the coronation, he's disgusted, natch.

Mary is making plans to go back to Scotland, but John Knox is making it hard for her by saying women in power and Catholics are the absolute worst, he wants a man on the thrown in Scotland. The Scottish Ambassador, Cunningham tells her she should marry the Protestant King Eric of Sweden to align the faiths, but she thinks that would be just giving in, and weak as all hell. She'll speak to Queen Elizabeth to see how she feels about Mr. Knox.

Charles tells Mary he wants her to have a spot of honor in his procession. She tells him that it's not usually proper, but he insists; he wants to show his support for her and to honor Francis. She gratefully accepts.

Mary goes to Gideon, Elizabeth's ambassador, to tell him of her concerns. He says he will write her right away, but although Liz is concerned about his woman-hating ways he doubts she'll be shouting bad things about a fellow protestant. Business finished, he wants to know if she'll dance with him at the coronation. Mary shrugs him off, but she does tell him that she feels off balance now that Francis is gone. They used to be the King and Queen. Awww, Francis, we hardly knew ye. *sniffs*


Gideon's daughter, Agatha, arrives and since he's just finally discovered her, he's not sure what to do with her. Mary tells him to take her out, do fun things with her. Gideon uses that and says of course, and Mary will come with!

Catherine and Bash go to see the dead body in the castle tunnels and Narcisse is gloating that things aren't going smoothly for the royals and the coronation. Meanwhile another dude in killed in the castle.


Elizabeth wants the person who poisoned her found, instead of hateful gossip being spread about her and Robert Dudley. When she finds out about Mary's letter about Knox, she rightly guesses her plans to return to Scotland.

Gabriel and Mary take his daughter to a village carnival, where the child tells Mary she wishes she were her mother so that she wouldn't be taken away again. Mary soothes her and Agatha and Gideon have a nice bonding moment.

Lola tells Queen Elizabeth that she knows she just wants to use her to get intel about Mary and she won't do it. Well then, Elizabeth says, she'll just have to be super uncomfortable living there until she decides to be helpful; and she lights her gorgeous gowns on fire right in front of her.


Christophe visits Catherine for a romp, and she tells him that she's sad because of her son Francis being dead. He doesn't get it and she tries to explain that losing a child is the worst heartbreak one can ever had. He still doesn't get it, but he tells her how beautiful she is. As she smiles at him, she sees he has a new key. He says that yes, he has taken back an old lover, but she says just make sure there's no lovers talk!

Gideon thanks Mary for the day with Agatha. She tells him about Knox and how she's been advised to marry King Eric. He tells her to do what she has to do to win Scotland, go for the Swede. She tells him that's directly against what he should be telling her to do, as England's ambassador, but he wants her to do what's best for her.

Christophe tells Bash that the butcher likes butchering a weeeee too much and that he may be stealing salt. There is salt on the recent dead body, so they dump a salt barrel in the butcher's quarters and out falls another victim! The butcher walks in and they tell him to put the knife down. He says everyone will think he did it, so he won't. They start to fight. Yeah, I think two against one, specially with Bash and he's a goner. Duh.

Lola goes to Elizabeth the tell her about  a red wig and "her favorite," William. Her and her maid found him with a courtesan wearing the wig and calling her Elizabeth. She confronts him and he tries to blow it off as real love, instead of an obsession. She figures out that he's the one who poisoned her so that she miscarried Dudley's baby. He says he was just trying to protect her, but dude, GET OUT. That was HER BABEH!


Catherine starts putting two and two together and takes Christophe's key while he's sleeping. She goes to the baker's room and he has followed her there. She was right! HE'S the serial killer. He's sleeping with the baker's wife again so that he could frame the butcher. She tells him she realized he has no conscious, he has no fear. He tells her he knows she won't tell his secret because he knows she had her daughter Claude beaten so that she could get back her regency from Narcisse. She tries to stab him dead, but he grabs it from her. Oh and also, he tells her, I end up dead? A letter with your secret will show up.

Catherine watches as the poor innocent butcher is hanged before them. Mary tells Charles she has Francis's kerchief he used during his coronation for him. Charles is crowned and Mary kneels and smiles at him as he clutches his staff.


Narcisse toasts Catherine de Medici. He must have memorized her speech, because it's a marvel of a suck up! Mary tells Lord Cunningham she's ready to meet the King Eric. He tells her too late for that, Knox is burning effigies of her as protest and they will not accept her to return unless she converts to Protestantism. She says screw that; she will fight fire with fire.

Gideon comes to see Mary before she leaves and rightly guesses she's going to the Vatican for help. He tells her that is a bad idea. Elizabeth will not like that. He tells her that England and Scotland will become enemies if she does this thing; what if they see each other in war one day? She will strike him down. Oh...COLD.