Reign S3:E12 No Way Out Recap


Last week on Reign, Mary was headed to The Vatican to ask for funds for soldiers to escort her back to Scotland where Protestants had taken over. Did she get the help she needs to get her throne back?

Mary arrives back in France to be greeted by a chastising Gideon. He tells her Queen Elizabeth knows where she's been and why she's been there and she is not a happy camper. Mary basically tells him to F off and he chases after her crying, "What's wrong?!" She tells him The Vatican refused to help her and she's lost everything:  her mom, husband, country, and she can't get back home. She weepily hands him a doll to give to his daughter.

Mary tells Catherine she was putting on a show for Gideon; The Vatican actually did help her! Catherine wants to know if it will be difficult for her to deceive Gideon since she has feelings for him and Mary is scandalized. You want me to sleep with an English spy, she asks her. Catherine says she should enjoy a lover while she can, and as Francis's mother, she approves. Very um, practical, that Catherine.


Elizabeth's council wants her to announce a successor since she's been poisoned recently. Probably a good call. They recommend some English Nobleman, but she names her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. She will have power to pick who she marries though, and she will pick some poor English dude to suit her own needs.


Narcisse comes to Catherine with news, but she goads him about his wife not answering his letters first. He tells her the cardinal that framed her for killing Francis is dead, and maybe that doesn't bode well for her. Christophe walks in after and asks her if it'll make her feel better that's she's sent him away and she says yes, yes it does. You know, the murders not happening right in her face and all.

Mary goes to Greer and tells her that she's got an army and is returning to Scotland. She wants her to come with her of course, but Greer asks if she can wait till the summer. Mary says err, I'm kind of having to be pretty organized about this, so, no? Greer can't tell her about the baby, so she asks if she's being ordered to go or if she can stay as she's made France her home. Mary is disappointed, but she allows her to stay.

The Archbishop tells Mary that Elizabeth has offered her the succession but that she will choose her husband. Mary says no way, that means she'll be saying Elizabeth is the rightful ruler of England and she'll chose a husband that will benefit her own self. Archbishop says oh, you'll accept all right, and don't worry about her. You'll rule England and Scotland, Elizabeth will be removed, so don't you worry about that.

Mary tells Catherine about the plan to off her cousin Elizabeth after she accepts the succession. Catherine tells her to calm down, even though she likes Elizabeth alright, you gotta do what you gotta do. Mary tells her that if that happens though, everyone will know that it was her doing, it will be obvious. She's just a pawn for all these men, isn't she; and Catherine agrees. But, she asks, are you going to save yourself or your cousin?


Apparently Lola is now Elizabeth's companion and they're riding together to Dudley's place. Lola warns her to be careful, he's the most hated man in the country since he's been accused of killing his wife for Elizabeth. She tells her she can arrange for her to go back to her son in England if she keeps her mouth shut.


Elizabeth tells Dudley she has no one else to talk to when he tells her she shouldn't have come there. They play an innocent game of chess and talk, until an angry mob shows up and wants to do him in. Elizabeth and Lola hide in the carriage while Dudley challenges the ring-leader to a duel in the morning hours.

The next morning Elizabeth tells Dudley he doesn't need to do this, but he does anyway. Lola finds out the duel will be with pistols which are wholly unreliable at that time and Dudley is skilled in swords. He refuses to back off and the men take their paces. Bully guy misfires, so Dudley shoots and kills him by default. That's helpful!

There's a traveling Italian acting troop performing at the French court while Gideon visits Mary with the offer of the succession. He apologizes for the insult of the offer. She asks him why he's not pressuring her to agree when he works for the queen and he tells her not to sign it. He doesn't want her to be owned by them and you know, he tells her, maybe I don't want you to marry another Englishman.


The play goes all wrong when an unknown starts babbling about 13 men being accused of devil-worshiping and then being killed because of Catherine and Henry. They will be avenged! That was not supposed to be in the play. Nope.


Gideon is told by Jeffery that the Archbishop has been seen, and he wonders if Mary actually does have Rome as her ally and is planning to go back to Scotland. Gideon says he's been watching her too close to have missed anything, but that if she is lying he'll destroy her.

Dudley begs Elizabeth to bring him back to court, he tells her he can't keep living like the way he is. She doesn't want him to be attacked or hated at court, but he says he doesn't care, he'll face it. He tells her he'll be waiting for her orders and she leaves.

Mary tells Gideon the truth about The Vatican after all. He asks her why she's telling him and she admits the truth: that Elizabeth is to be killed if she accepts the succession. She doesn't know how to juggle both Rome and Elizabeth both. She asks him to tell Elizabeth yes for now and she'll deal with Rome and they'll work something out. She begs him to do it for the sake of what's between them and they finally hit the sheets. Well, it has been some time since Mary's gotten some, girlfriend needs her lovin'.


Jeffery tells Gideon that wherever Mary ends up in Scotland, Elizabeth will tell the Protestants and have at her. So, with that, Gideon throws him in a chest and smacks his face over and over with the lid till he's dead. Huh. I feel like he should just do the *wipes hands casually - I'm done - gesture* but instead, he sticks them in a washbasin to get the blood off.

Bash tells Catherine he remembers soldiers being killed and 13 pikes with heads on them when he was a boy. She tells him that they owed them money so Henry ordered them to death instead, and she went along with it. What a creative way to solve a debt crisis! Yeesh.

Gideon tells Mary about Jeffery and tells her she has to be more careful about the Archbishop. She tells him she can't believe he betrayed England for her, but he says he's still loyal to his Queen though.


Dudley returns to court and is promoted to The Earl of Leicester. Elizabeth tells him that she has also risen his station to be Mary's husband and he is to leave for France immediately. He wishes to speak with her in private, but she denies it and tells him to complete his mission tout suite.

Dudley goes after Elizabeth to ask her why she's done this, he loves her! She tells him that she doesn't care where he lives, but damn it, he's going to be safe and actually, you know, live. He will always be in her heart.

Elizabeth is sobbing in her chamber that night when Lola knocks and enters. She asks for a game of chess and tells the Queen that she receives a letter every day from her husband that lied to her and she doesn't open them. Even though she hates him, she is lonely every night, so living without her true love must be agony. Lola tells her that despite her heartbreak, she will not go easy on her during the game. Elizabeth is grateful.

Mary tells Catherine about Gideon and their plan. Catherine asks if they slept together and she admits she did. She asks why she did; was it real, or was she just playing him for her own gain. Mary says she's not sure. Well, Miss Thang! Get it!


Catherine sees Cristophe lurking, and tells him he's supposed to be gone, like he doesn't know. Ha. He says he couldn't keep away, so she asks, for the killing then? He says he can't keep away from her, actually. They hear a noise and look down on the grounds and see 13 horsemen. One shoots an arrow up and he saves her from getting hit by it. It has a cloth with a note, which says that she'll pay her debt. Uh oh.