Reign S3:E14 To The Death Recap


When we left Mary last week on Reign, she managed to dodge the Vatican's bullet, but she also lost her new love, Gideon in the fallout. Will she be able to finally leave France now and go back to Scotland where she belongs?

Queen Elizabeth is watching her mother kneel before the swordsman and she's yelling at him to stop, she's ordering him to free Anne Boleyn, but it's too late and he swings the French sword. Liz wakes up and one of her ladies tells her it was only a dream; no one heard her. Ah, but someone did! Hey there, Lola.

Catherine tries to offer the General she had traded for Gideon, half of all the soldiers' pay - nope. Alright then, a great big party in appreciation - nope. He tells her to pay them or they abandon ship: hers. Now, the Vatican is no help either, the Archbishop she verbally smacked last week is paying her back by denying her the money she needs now, out of spite. Instead, he grants Mary some dough for her Scottish cause.


Catherine asks Mary if she's heard from Gideon, but she hasn't. She reckons he'll eventually head back home to England and his queen. Catherine tells her that Mary needs to go home too and she presents her with an all new gorgeous, warm winter wardrobe. I bet the soldiers could have used a little of the change it cost for that.


Mary talks to Bash about buying mercenaries with the gold she now has. He knows just the crew, so she wants to go right away.


Catherine and Charles go to Narcisse about the money problem and he says he can think of only one way, but it may be unseemly. Catherine says to go for it, she has no f's to give. It backfires when he asks the people to double tithe, because they can't, they don't have it and they just sling disgusting stuff at the royal carriage instead.

Mary is worried about Greer, she hasn't responded to any of her letters since she rejected going back to Scotland and things have been weird between them. Mary decides to just take matters into her own hands and goes to Greer's room, walking right on in... and sees her pregnant belly. "Why didn't you tell me?" she asks, stunned.

Greer fills Mary in on the whole story about her sister and the baby. Mary tells her she wants to help her, but Greer doesn't want to pull up any bad memories in Mary from when Lola was carrying Francis's love-child. Mary tells her those memories are part of her and she wants to help her friend. If Greer wants a husband to help raise this baby, well she already has one, doesn't she?

Elizabeth tells Lola that this year is the fiftieth year of her father King Henry VIII rule and it's the biggest celebration of the year. She asks her what she knows of her mother, Anne Boleyn. She's all, just the usual Tudor goss, why? Liz then starts on a tirade about how once Anne had her, and no sons followed, her pops was straight up done with her mom's heir-less baby making parts. And the worst part, this jubilee? Lady Somerset was the one that told the worst lie of all...  that her mother slept with her brother and got her mom's lands for the lie! Plus,she's coming to the party, thinking she's all that and safe to boot. So, she asks Lola to plant a stolen necklace on her and Liz will fine her, and then snatch her mother's lands back from Somerset. Good plan? Lola looks doubtful.


The seller wants almost every bit of Mary's gold, but she balks and says she has to feed the soldiers, what the heck, dude. In the end, she tells him she'll cut him a deal if he'll go break Castleroy, Greer's husband, out of prison, and she'll give him the gold. He's all in. Bash and Mary have a bonding moment as they wait for them to return.

Elizabeth gives Lola the rundown: Plant the necklace so that she can have the traitor arrested. Lola wants to know if she'll be merciful, and Liz says, like she was with my mother?

Elizabeth announces a golden favor in honor of her wonderful father for the first 100 people that line up for a meet and greet. Lola gets behind Lady Somerset the Traitor and starts to stick the necklace in her purse. Of course it's pearls, so of course they break and start to roll everywhere. A guard sees her and accuses her of trying to steal Somerset's purse! Liz has no choice but to have both women arrested as the pearls are half-in and half-out the bag and in Lola's hand.


Behind bars, Lola tells Somerset that a man paid her to do the thing and she convinces her. She tells her that she's always wished she could talk to Liz and explain what happened. She was Anne's best friend and she betrayed her. She never said any of that stuff about Anne, it was a night maid. But Henry put the screws on her family and pretty much everybody had to do what he wanted.

Elizabeth has the night maid brought to her and she asks her why she lied about her mother and uncle. She tells her she didn't lie and Liz slaps the hell out of her face. She still insists and *insert HUGE eye-roll here* she tells the Phillipa Gregory version - that because Henry was so mean to Anne and Anne was so desperate for a son, she asked her own brother to boff her to get that boy child. She couldn't go through with it in the end though, so yay? She saw it with her own eyes. Liz is sickened and dazed.


Charles thinks up a plan to go to a casino to get the money to pay the soldiers. He's an excellent gambler, winning a ton quickly, but loses it when he goes all in. Oy. Narcisse wants in with the secret Fight Club downstairs and quickly disposes of his opponent when he uses a Wolverine thing, no wait, I think it's Freddie Kruger's knife glove. And then he wins the money, saving France's day! Charles names him Lord Chancellor, and he's got his title back.


Lola comes back to Elizabeth all pissy that she had to stay in jail for three whole days. Liz tells her that Somerset gave her back her lands and Liz has forgiven her. Lola's all, Whaaaa? Liz tells her that she forgets how brutal her father was and she must rule that way, but her heart should be like her mother's. Lola tells her she should let Dudley come back to her then, but Liz is like ehhhhhhh. Lola says maybe she's meant to love another someday and Liz tells her she sees why Mary picked her as a loyal lady and friend. She rewards her with a reunion of her baby son, John. Awwwww.

Greer meets with her now-freed husband and it's very cold and stilted - doesn't look good. She tells him she's sorry and she wants him around for her and her child, if he'll have her. He tells her he just can't do it. Awww, poor Greer. She says she'll be all alone, with no one or no where to go, but he can't do it. Greer leaves and Mary begs him to re-think this thing. She knows that they loved each other and love doesn't just disappear, even when prison-hardened. There fire that was burning has to have an ember still glowing. Or something.

Apparently Mary is a miracle worker - which we knew - because Castleroy is already up in Greer's room telling her he's sorry for his mistreatment. He says the freedom after prison life has made him giddy, he's a changed man. Well, so is she, she says; but they can grow from there, can't they? He doesn't know, kinda weird since you never even wanted to marry me in the first place, yeah? She tells him she does want him, he's exactly what she wants.

Mary tells the last of her ladies goodbye when Greer leaves with her husband. Oh man, I miss the old days with the OG Three Marys. Oh sure, Mary, make it worse, she breaks down sobbing, "I lose everyone I love!" clinging to Bash. He tells her not everyone and that his ember will always burn for her!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? BASH LURVES MARY STILL! Sorry sorry. Ahem. He's going to Scotland with her also. Woooo! Except he's also got a new show, so he won't be there for too long, booooo.

There's a celebratory dinner with Charles and his generals now that the soldiers are paid up. Catherine gets message to go to her room and she sees a  note:  "History repeats itself," and there's a package with the Red Night's mask. She runs back to the banquet to see if Charles is alive and he is, but nobody else is. They're all dead from poison. He recoils when she grabs him, thinking it's her that did it. LOL He's a smart boy. She says they planned it that way so everyone will think she did it, and the people will rise against them.