Reign S3:E15 Safe Passage Recap


Mary wants to get back to Scotland desperately, and on tonight's episode of Reign, she may get a chance. Will she finally make it back home?

Mary, Bash and Narcisse arrive at the now-defunct celebratory dinner where the nine generals all lay slumped over dead. They tell Catherine what she already knows; The Five Knights have framed her for murder, making it look like she killed them so she wouldn't have to pay up. They make a plan to take the generals and bury them. They'll say they never showed up and they have no idea what happened to them!


Mary stops Bash to tell him that even though it warms her heart to think of him coming with her to Scotland, he should stay in France with his family because of the danger the Valois family is in. He tells her that Catherine will make mincemeat of anyone messing with her, but Mary says he needs to take care of Claude and Charles. He begrudgingly tells her, whatever, FINE. She looks super angsty about it, but he does even more so.

Lola overhears Queen Elizabeth okay the fleet of ships being removed from the north sea for upkeep, and she races to write a coded letter to Mary about it.

Bash sees Delphine with Charles and is like, whaaat, oh shit! She's been appointed by Charles as the court's seer, because she's good at that stuff, see. Anyway, she tells Bash that he had said he'd wait for her and she's all better now, so, what's the problem, you got another gal on your mind, she wonders? He gives her the I care for you, buttttttt, yeah, kinda. Plus, you're creepy. Well, he didn't say that, I did.


Narcisse gives Mary the coded letter from Lola. She does the math, and if she wants to leave with safe passage, she has to go right now.


Christophe interrupts Bash and Catherine and she has to say she's still boffing him so that Bash won't suspect why he's blackmailing her. He wants to know what happened during the feast because he knows something was weird about it. She distracts him by telling him he can do that thing he's always wanted to do, and she starts to undress.

Elizabeth gives Gideon mad props for being so loyal, and then she grills him about Mary, asking him if he fell for her charms. He tells her he could've loved her in another time, but his heart remains loyal only to his queen. She's pleased and tells him she'll put him in a special position, and don't make her regret it.

Delphine tells Bash that she had a vision last night. She felt a killer in the castle. He was strangling a woman, but not killing her. She protects him and he needs her somewhere. Bash is summoned away for her.

Mary tells Catherine about her having to leave, while Catherine wears a high collared fur and makes a ouchy motion around her neck. HA! There we go. She tells Mary not to feel guilty about leaving so quickly, everything will be okay. And then they look up and see the general's heads on spikes. OOPSY.


Catherine storms into the castle blaming Narcisse for this mess. Didn't he bury them properly? He tells her the Knights must have followed them. He wants to use all the mercenaries, even Mary's, and Catherine tells him Mary needs hers for safe passage. He tells her to stop worrying about that horrible woman that basically killed his son when she sent him off to fight!

Narcisse sets off to find Mary and harasses her about leaving without Lola. She gives him a verbal smack-down right back, asking him what the hell he's done to get her back. She tells him he cares nothing about his wife, he only cares for power. Always has, always will. He looks like he wants to slap her head off. She starts to walk away and then he plunges the dagger in her heart: "As you walk away and throw Catherine to the wolves. I can see just how much she means to you." Mary's all DUDE, ouch!

Gideon visits Lola and tells her how he promised Mary to help free her. She's all, errr, your'e kinda England's ambassador? He convinces her that he's Mary's friend when he gets all passionate about Mary.


Narcisse's words worked and Mary tells Catherine she's not leaving for Scotland. She wants her to use her mercenaries. Catherine tells her she has to go, they've got to do this queen thing on their own now. Mary is hurt and says, fine, then. She stops and her eyes are full of tears, "But after all we've been through, is this how you want to say goodbye?" Awww, man. Sniff. "It has kept some part of Francis alive for me. Saying goodbye is like saying goodbye to him all over again." SNIFF. She tells her it's her destiny. HUGE bear hug, and "Go take back your country." Dang it. Sniffff.

Mary is about to board her carriage, and Charles tells her goodbye. Bash comes up and she tells him she remembers when she first arrived she had all of her friends with her. She was uncertain about France though, but then she saw him and she knew it would be okay. Now she's leaving all alone. He has something from Francis for her and she puts it in the carriage, unable to deal yet. They say goodbye and she stares at him from the back of the carriage. Man.


Elizabeth tells Lola that John Knox the woman/Catholic hater, wants her support to dethrone Mary. She wants her advice as a woman as a Scot. She doesn't like him, but she doesn't want to offend the protestants either.  Lola tells her to not answer him at all. Just play him like the playa you are. Liz LOVES it.

Lola tells Gideon that Elizabeth is eating up her advice and she crows about her letter to Mary as well. Gideon's all, hold up there, lady. Uh, Liz is going to be pissed off badly when Mary hits Scottish soil, so Lola might become a permanent hostage. She's all, Oh. Best hurry then.

Charles thanks Delphine for giving Francis those extra few days of his life, and she vows to help find the Knights. She walks off and runs into Cristophe, and of course she says, "IT'S YOU," and he stabs her dead.  When they find her, there's a scarf on her that says, "Death to all friends of the Valois."

Catherine strips her high necked collar off in her chamber like she can't breath and Bash follows. He sees her bruises and rightly guesses that it was Christophe. She tells him she's fine, it was just for play and his face is all: O-o

The soldiers show up and demand Catherine's arrest for their general's murders. She says it was all a set-up, but they demand she turn herself in at once.

At the seashore, Mary opens Francis' gift. He voice-overs that he will love her forever, and as she reaches for a sword he made for her, she smiles and tells her commander to send the soldiers back to the castle. She has one more thing to do.

Christophe walks into his room and Bash is sitting in a chair waiting for him. Waiting for him with a crossbow. See, Delphine told him the killer was still here, he says. SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, BASH! Not good enough, THWACK, arrow in his leg. I'm the King's guard, though! "I'm relieving you of your duty." THWACK, arrow in his hand. Bash walks over to him and stands on his wounded leg, sword to his throat. How much did Catherine know? Everything, he has it all written down, he'll give it to him. So, we cool, right? You'll let me free? "Why, so you can kill again?" Sword through his chest. Bash OUT.

The soldiers are back to get Catherine and everyone's panicking when Mary leads her soldiers to the castle on her white horse, dressed in her white coat. "I am Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, who is your commander?" Damn girl, get it with your bad queen self! He's all, ummm, I fought for Scotland? What the hell? She tells him that she's there to defend the Queen and she will fight them to the death if they try to harm her. She gives a fabulous speech about France being their home and choose wisely, fellas. They choose wisely, not poorly. Even Narcisse looks impressed! She rides off into the sunset.


Narcisse tells Catherine he's leaving France right when she's telling him she loves having him around. He says Mary's words affected him and he needs to go free Lola and fight for her. He tells Catherine that they work too well together and that's not going to help the Lola situation. Till they meet again.

Catherine's super good mood falls away when Bash confronts her about her knowing about Christophe, and he blames her for Delphine's death. He rightly sneers at her attempt to say she's been like a mother to him. He can't even find his real mother, did she kill her? She tells him that she did kill her babies after all, sooooo. WHERE IS SHE? "Her body's in the sea." And he LOSES it. He strangles her until he barely gets a hold of himself. WOW. I did not see all this coming. He tosses his sword at her and quits his post.

Bash shows up at the seaside and tells Mary he's coming with her. He's got to get out of France, stat! Mary says she could really use a friend. "France, I think I shall never see you again," she says, looking for the last time.

"A parting gift, from Bash," Charles tells his mom. He and Claude have the intel about Catherine having  had Claude beaten to secure the regency. She will pay dearly, he tells her.

Meanwhile, Mary's ship is being tousled about by a terrible storm and she grabs onto a rail for support. All of the sudden a window breaks and water bursts through as she's thrown down! But, it's okay, there's three more episodes, so she'll live!

Wow, such a great episode! So much happened! Best one this season. See you next week!