The Biggest Loser S17:E6 Makeover Week Recap


It's Makeover Week with Tim Gunn on The Biggest Loser! My favorite episode of the season!

Bob tells the remaining contestants that they've made it to Makeover Week. He introduces Tim Gunn to them and they go wild. Tim tells us he's honored and thrilled to be a part of the show; he's so happy to be able to celebrate the achievements that these people have reached. He is just the best! Bob says Ken Paves will style their hair and their friends and family will be waiting for them after the makeover. Erin is so excited; she loves fashion. Lauren wants to feel good about herself in normal sized clothes because she never could find fashionable clothes in a size 26.


Tim says he's found that at this point their brains haven't caught up with how their bodies really look and this is when it finally hits them. Erin comes out first and she looks great. He asks her what size she was and she says a 16-18. He tells her she's in a size 10. She says she doesn't usually wear purple, but since her dad died of pancreatic cancer it's perfect. She tells us that she is so grateful to the show because she's not sure she would have done this on her own. She needed the push to do it and she is feeling good about herself finally. Tim tells her that her dad is there through her and I may have tears in my eyes now.


Lauren comes out next and Tim tells her she is hot stuff! She feels good and is so excited.


Roberto is up, and Tim asks him what his wife would think. She'd think I look great! You do! You look awesome in that!


Jacky says she can't believe she's wearing jeans and a nice top and she actually looks good. She never would have picked something like this to wear!


Stephen is so glad that the old Stephen is back. He Tim tells him he has some ideas for the makeover night and tells him he is a confident guy. Gimme a hug, he tells him.


Colby is so excited to be all dressed up in cowboy clothes, he loves it! Tim asks him what his mom would think and Colby says she'd love it except she might say cut dat beard! Colby then tears up and tells Tim his father committed suicide the day after Father's Day and at the funeral the last thing Colby did was touch his dad's beard, so he keeps his in honor of his dad. Tim tells him there is no reason why Colby should have to lose his beard if it means something to him. Tim is the best ever. He actually tears up when these people tell him their stories.


Felecia comes out looking so small. Tim tells her she's come a long way from being that 13 year old girl and she cries saying she's happy she's finally strong on the inside and outside. Tim tells us that he loves the contestants and he gets so emotional over their stories.


Over at Ken Paves salon, he says that a lot of overweight people hide behind a lot of hair, but sometimes shorter hair can actually make one look more lean. He says "Bai Felecia," and says he's sorry, but he had to. I wonder how all the Felicias feel about that phrase now and how often people do that to them? Anyway, we see a montage of hair cutting, dying and foiling. Ken gives Colby the trimmers to do the honors of cutting down his beard first.


At the makeover red carpet Lauren is first to arrive. Bob, Jen and Tim are waiting for her and they are all oooh and ahhh over her. She feels so much better about herself now. Tim tells her she is just ravishing. She loses it when she greets her little boy, and he says he almost didn't recognize her. He's so proud of her.


Stephen is next and Bob, Dolvett and Tim are waiting for him and I swear Tim's face looks like a proud papa! Stephen looks so handsome and young it's incredible. He says he's in sales, so looks are important and Tim tells him he looks like the CEO.


Jacky is up, and she feels pretty for the first time since she got married to Stephen 18 years ago. She realizes that she had stuffed her feelings down and she can't do it anymore. They enter to see their kids and their preteen daughter is so happy and proud of them. It is so sweet, mom and daughter both cry so hard. Jacky tells the kids that they will all be healthy as a family.


Roberto walks next, and they say his whole body language says it all. He greets his family and his next to the youngest boy also sobs and sobs, clinging to him. Man! I wish these damn onion cutters would get outta my house! Roberto is so thrilled he can play with his sons now and not have to sit on the couch because he can't run around.


Felecia walks out with her girls on display, causing even Bob to comment that he's trying to keep his eyes UP. She is a hot dish, they tell her and she sys she's confident and feels pretty. She greets her sister and tells her she is grateful for everything she's done for her.


Colby says he feels so much more confident than he did ten weeks ago. He's walking that red carpet like he owns the place. Tim gives his hanky a flourish and they tell him how young and great he looks. Jen cries and hugs it out with him.  She's so proud of him. "Colby 2.0!" says Bob. Dadgummit all!  His ma cries so hard, there may be MORE onions cut in my house.


Erin wanted the focus off of her weight, but being in the entertainment biz she got wrapped up and out of control. She's changed now and she's eager to get on stage and share everything she's learned. She has always wanted to wear a tight dress and have a nice shape and she finally does. Dolvett says she's such a great person and he's so glad she finally knows that herself. These moms are a killer, man. So many tears! Erin's boyfriend is there as well, and he is also impressed. They then talk about her dad and a tear actually FELL down my cheek.  Man.


Bob says thank you so much to Tim, we love you so much. Tim says he loves all of them right back. Bob tells the families that they may have a chance to come to the Ranch and see what the contestants go through.


Last Chance Challenge:

Family members are going to be in this challenge with the contestants. There are weights that the family member has to spin up to release to hand over to the contestant. They then have to run it across a field to deposit on a sled. When they have deposited all five, they have to pull the sled back. The first to get it back wins a one pound advantage and a weeks trip to a Biggest Loser Resort. It is neck and neck with Erin, Felecia and Roberto the whole time with Erin slightly ahead. She wins it!


It's time for group therapy with Bob. He tells Lauren he can't believe how much she's changed in just ten weeks. She says she is so happy to see her son and how strong he is. Bob asks her where he got his strength and she says I guess, me? He says there's no guess about it! Roberto has also changed and feels like he's become such a better role model for his kids. Colby talks about how his mother deserves so much happiness because of all the tragedy she's been through. He tells them about the day his dad killed himself. He shot himself in his room and Colby went in and saw the blood on the carpet. He didn't want his mom or his little brother to have to see it or clean it so he tried to do it himself. He says it just kept getting worse. Everybody in that room is crying, and I just had to go get a tissue. Oh my God. That poor man. Bob asks him what he would say to his dad if he could. He says he would ask him if it was worth it. Colby says ultimately he has faith and what's done is done, he's got to move on. Bob says everyone in this room deserves everything they want and life is hard, but they can handle curve-balls now. They're there now, doing the work.


Last Chance Workout:

They've been distracted from Makeover Week and they need to make up for it. The trainers are on their butts hard, and they know they have to hit it as much as they can because they didn't get a chance to work out much this week.


Erin:  238/188/182 -6

Lauren:  234/184/179 -5

Felecia:  234/185/183 -2

So far, Erin is SAFE from elimination

Stephen:  309/238/228 -10  SAFE

Jacky:  304/238/229 -9  SAFE

*Dolvett is doing a little victory dance while Jen gives him the evil eye* ha

Roberto:  348/259/250  -9 SAFE

Felecia is below the yellow line

Colby:  339/258/249 -9 SAFE

Lauren and Felecia are up for elimination. Bob lets them tell the group why they should stay. Lauren says she sees herself as a finalist and she has a higher percentage. Felecia also sees herself as a finalist and she is begging them to let her stay.

Elimination Room of Doom:


Jacky:  Lauren

Stephen:  Lauren

Roberto:  Felecia

Colby:  Felecia

Erin:  Lauren

Bob tells her that she has changed so much and to take care of herself just like she takes care of her son. He seems kind of torn up that he has to send her off, actually. She tells us that Coach Jen has been a blessing, she's believed in her and helped push her and made her strong.

After the show she now weighs 166 pounds. She's doing healthy activities with her son and she's so happy to show him that that's just a normal way of life for them. She looks and feels great!


Next week we see who makes it to the finale. It's almost over, y'all!