The Biggest Loser S17:E7 I Got the Power / The Final Cut Recap


Tonight on The Biggest Loser, there's only one week left until the finals. There's six contestants and three spots. Let's see who's got this!

Bob tells the six the first challenge is a tough one. They have to climb up a rope suspended over water. The rope will then start moving, so they have to make sure they don't fall down from it bringing them down. If they fall in the water they're out. The winner wins a one pound advantage and a one pound disadvantage to give someone. Erin and Felecia take the lead right away, while Jacky and Colby fall in the drink first. Stephen falls next, followed by Roberto. The girls are still all the way up top, and they speed up the drop of the rope, making it much tougher. They start to fall pretty quick now, and Felecia falls in. Erin wins it! Erin is in pure Beast-mode, she has become quite the athlete.


Dolvett talks to Erin about her one pound disadvantage. She's not sure who she should give it to and he wants to make sure he works everyone out because anyone could get that pound. Everyone works their asses off in their workouts.

Bob has to hark Sleep Number Beds, so they talk about sleep and health and blah blah blah. The end.

Bob wants to make sure the contestants are ready to do what they've been doing at the Ranch, and at their own homes. He's seen many people go back home and fail at it. So he sits down with them and talks to them about it. Stephen tells him he thinks he just felt sorry for himself before. He says people in his family got ALS and Type 1 Diabetes, and he and his wife have guilt over the fact they let their daughter get so overweight. Stop making everybody cry, Bob! I keed, he's trying to help them put their emotions out there so that they can deal with them, instead of covering them up with food.


Colby knows he'll go right back to where he was if he doesn't implement what he's learned at home. Felecia and Roberto echo pretty much the same. Bob tells Erin to think about what she would say to her dad. She says it took her 26 years to figure out that even though she's scared and it's hard, she is figuring out who she is. Bob tells her her dad would say she's seeing what he's known the whole time. They hug it out.


Erin talks to everyone about that dreaded one pound she has to give away. Jacky cries and tells her maybe Felecia should have it. Felecia wants her to do her a solid. Colby says don't waste it on a dude. Roberto says look out for us and we got you. Erin is fucked.


Erin gives the one pound to...Roberto...he says he's not surprised. There is no love lost there.

Starting/LastWeek/Present #Lost Total #Lost

Jacky         304/229/221 -8   -83        Stephen     309/228/219 -9   -90

Colby         339/249/238 -11  -101     Felecia       234/183/179 -4   -55

Roberto     348/250/240 -10  -108      Erin           238/182/179 -3   -59

Roberto celebrates when he is safe. He starts yelling that America is the fattest nation and as a former couch potato, get off the couch and play with your youngins! He didn't used to be able to play with his, and now he can. Just walk, then you can jog, then run! DO IT. Colby Amens him in the background.

Voting Room of Doom:


Roberto and Colby vote for Erin. Jacky cries and votes for Felecia. Stephen, duh. He gonna do what wifey poo does.  WAIT, WHUT? He voted for Erin! It's because she's so athletic and strong. I get it, it's a competition. FOR MONEY. She's got a great chance to win the at-home prize. Good luck, lady! She leaves like the classy person she is. Looking back it is hard to believe how much these people have changed, so fast. Wow!


They're going to have to run up a hill with all the pounds they have lost strapped to themselves. At each checkpoint they can drop the pounds by the weeks they lost them until they reach the end. There will be a choice to make by the winner. They all reflect on their time there as they shed their "weight" throughout the run. Roberto wins and shouts out his boys names. He breaks down and cries, saying he's so sorry for being a bad father. Bob tells him he can choose $25,000 or a 2 pound advantage. He chooses the 2 pounds, of course.


Dolvett and Jen take each contestant in a room for their video memories throughout the 7 weeks that they've been there. They cry and they laugh while seeing all the many breakdowns and victories. They talk about how they've been through so much and how far they've come. It's very touching. Oh, quit with the damn onions, will ya?! They show the makeover scenes where their families see them for the first time. Gah. Tears for everybody! At the end of their videos, their former unhealthy selves tell each of them not to give up and that they will be so happy once they get there.


Dr. H shows up with Bob to tell the contestants that there has been a big change in them. He tells Felecia that even though she lost the least amount of weight that week, she has lost half the size in her waist. Colby was eating 460 pounds of sugar in liquid alone a year. "This is a poison, that's a poison. It's a poison." My favorite sound bite! Remember how as he said that, he threw sugar at him? Love. Since he's been at the Ranch, Colby has had the equivalent of 2 sugar cubes from one glass of wine. They've all improved their blood pressure from 150/94 to 119/62. Roberto was taking 2 BP pills and he's now off them. They've collectively lost 437 pounds of fat, which they literally show them.


Jen shills Jenny-O turkey sausage. Baked nachos. Blah blah blah and blech. The end.

Last Chance Workout for the season:

Dolvett is gonna make sure it's the workout of all workouts! They all say they remember their first week and how they could hardly move. They're going to give their all on this last workout. They all want to make it to the finals. They are all going to "go all in" as Stephen says. For real this is the last chance!

Last weigh-in before the finale:  Only three will make it to the finals, Bob reminds them.

Look how much they've changed since that first week!


Roberto:  348/240/234  -6  -114

Jacky: 304/221/215 -6  -89

Stephen: 309/219/209 -10  -100 He's in the finals.

Felecia:  234/179/176 -3  -58 She's eliminated-Roberto is in the finals. Felecia also leaves in a very classy way, good luck to you too, Felecia!

Colby:  339/238/TO BE CONTINUED! RUDE!

Erin was 238 pounds and she is now 157. She is killing me with her hotness! She realizes she can change and she can help other people as well. She feel strong and she knows her dad would be proud of her.


Felecia is down to 168 pounds now. She is also quite the hotness! She hated shopping and now she loves it. She also feels strong and confident. She wants to keep at it, and she loves working out. Her life has changed so much, and she is doing things she wouldn't have done before.