The Biggest Loser S17:E8 The Finale


Bob hosts the finale live of The Biggest Loser tonight. He tells the audience that for the first time ever, there's going to be a twist at the end that could turn the game upside down.

So, we were left hanging from the last episode, and we finally get to see who won the weigh in; Jacky or Colby. Colby's current weight is 229, putting him in the third place spot at the finale.

And we're back live, where Bob shows a montage of the season. After that business is done, he introduces Jen and Dolvett. He jokes about how competitive they were. Jen says she invested so much in them, and they returned it back. Dolvett says he came in not as their friend, so that they would realize they were their own friend; or something. Heeeey, Dolvett, heeeey.


Bob brings out Vicki and Lauren; and Erin and Richard. Erin realizes she can change herself, she's not afraid anymore. Richard tries to get a dig in that TBL doesn't help with the why of them being fat. Lauren doesn't worry about the scale ironically enough; it doesn't know how well she can run or how much weight she can lift. You know it, girl! It's time to weigh-in for the at home prize:


Richard: 314/269 Total loss: -45 14.33%

Lauren: 234/167 Total loss- -67 28.63%

Erin: 238/151 -87 36.55%

Vicki: 237/176 -61 25.74%

Erin is in the lead!

Next up is Papa Rob and Sarah (What?! Is that the  same person?) Toy and Britney. Papa originally signed up for Sarah, but he's doing it for him now. Sarah says if she can do it anyone can. Toy says her life has changed, she's doing things she never would have. Britney says life has its ups and downs and she's staying strong.


Toy: 316/232 -84 26.58%

Rob: 326/210 -116 35.58% (Almost!)

Britney  253/220 -33 13.04%

Sarah: 267/148 -119 44.57% (She's in!)

We have Luis and Hope and Felecia and Jacky. Luis says that even if you ever fall, you just get up and start all over and get with it. Bob asks Felecia about her and Dolvett's arguing and she basically says never mind that, it's all about ME. Dolvett says I wouldn't expect her to say anything else. HA Hope says she wishes America got to see the real her, she left too soon, and Whitney is staying positive.


Whitney: 253/197 -56 22.13%

Hope:  232/192 -40 17.24%

Felecia: 234/178 -56 23.93%

Luis:  308/169 -139 45.13% (He's scooted in!)

Jacky:  304/187 -117

Luis won the at-home prize of $100,000!

We get a great blooper reel, well, more like Bob-being-hilarious-reel. During the competition where they pull trucks, he says he needs a scarf, "Remember "Grease"?" "I'll be Bob Tuscadoro."

Now it's time for the final three to duke it out on the scales. First up is Roberto. He tells Bob when he went home he sat down on the couch, but his kid said he had promised he wouldn't do that. He got up and worked out instead. He didn't give up.


Stephen walks out and he is so changed! Bob tells him he knew from the day he met him he'd be on stage in the finale. Stephen says he didn't think he would be until now. He now believes in himself. He owes it to his wife Jacky, and Dolvett. He was always a quitter and he just isn't anymore.


And finally we have Colby. He says the show has helped him and so many people, he says he's speechless. Bob says that's a first! Colby thanks he's mama for giving him the strength for never giving up. Jen says he gave everyone inspiration, from her to the lighting guy, to a stranger on the street. Everybody  loves Colby.


The three men are lined up, but can't see each other due to partitions. Bob says the final twist is this: He's going to offer them $50,000, but if they take it they're going to get a 3 pound disadvantage at the weigh-in. Colby says he wishes he could have lost a little bit more and says a lot has happened; a friend was diagnosed with leukemia back home. Roberto says his decision is easy, while Stephen says you have to weigh it carefully. Half of the last finales were decided by 3 pounds or less, Bob says. They will have 30 seconds to decide. Colby is the only one to hit the buzzer with one second left. He knows he's not going to win, I think. Good call, Colby! I don't blame him one bit! Bob asks him why, and he tells a story of a family that told him they saw the makeover episode, and they were going to take their own lives but decided not to after they watched that show. Huh. Well, okay. Just say you knew you weren't gonna win, dude. What? I guess his point is, "My work here is done." Everybody loves Colby.


Colby:  339/217 -122 35.10%

Stephen:  309/176 -133 43.04%

Roberto:  348/188 -160  The Biggest Loser!

You know, I'm happy for Roberto, but I really am shocked Stephen didn't win; and wish he had. Stephen looked much thinner (almost too gaunt) and couldn't have lost any more weight if he tried. I don't understand the % process sometimes. I just didn't care for the twins' bad attitudes when they didn't win a competition. Oh well, till next season if there is one!