The People v. O.J. Simpson: ACS 100% Not Guilty Recap


This week on The People v. O.J. Simpson we open to C&C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" playing while O.J. parties in a club. He's dancing, snorting coke off of a pretty lady, getting the VIP treatment. Oh, it's just him remembering good times; he's in jail and he throws his nasty tray of food across the cell in anger.

The Dream Team all meet up and Shapiro's first question is "Who thinks O.J. did it?" Everyone's jaws drop and no one says a word. Shapiro says, "Me neither." Okaaaay. Moving on, Cochran explains that black men don't think he did the crime, but that black women resent him for marrying a white woman. He says they should limit that group on the jury. Shapiro says everything the DA requests they should object. Even if Clark wants to take a potty break, object..


Clark requests hair samples and right away Cochran objects. He argues that she's asking for too many, and she's stunned because it's standard procedure to ask for 100 hairs. Cochran says he offers just 1 and they barter down until he requests a special hearing for the samples. The judge grants it, and so the ridiculousness begins.

Cochran visits O.J. in jail and he finds him extremely down in the dumps. He tries to bring him up by telling him about a time in his life when he was down but O.J. brought him out of it by his game playing he saw on the TV. "You are O.J. Simpson and you are an inspiration." "I am." "You are." Okay, it goes on, but I'm done. Ugh.


Judge Lance Ito brings a policewoman, his wife, excitedly into his office and tells her he's got the case. She kisses him on the lips and he asks her to sign off on a spousal conflict form that she doesn't know any of the people involved. She pauses at Fuhrman, but signs anyway.

At the plea hearing, Judge Ito asks how O.J. pleads. And we hear the infamous (there's that word again, sorry, it fits!) "Absolutely 100% Not Guilty."


Shapiro tells Bailey at lunch that they can't win this, that he only brought on Cochran to help encourage Gill to plead down. Bailey is kinda surprised at this. He asks whom he should bill and Shapiro tells him he's pro bono, that it's great publicity for him. Bailey is not a happy camper. He's had an impressive roster of clients and he doesn't need "reintroducing;" Patty Hearst actually paid him, you see.

Faye Resnick meets with some shady looking dudes about writing a book about Nicole. She's met with a psychic who told her Nicole wanted her to. Just nothing exploitative she tells them. Oh no, never, uh uh they tell her, as dollar signs sparkle in their eyes. They tell her they need to hurry while the case is hot, so she starts telling them sordid details. They were great friends that partied together, went to Starbucks together. She includes coke, implants and bjs in her stories. She's disgusting and gross and Connie Britton plays her to perfection.


Darden and team say A.C. claims he was only trying to keep O.J. from killing himself, but evidence says otherwise. There was a passport, over $8,000 in cash, fake beard, makeup, adhesive; he was going to flee to Mexico. Has he talked to Kardashian? He can't now that he's been appointed to his team. How convenient.

Clark meets with Ron Goldman's dad and sister. It is heartbreaking. His dad snaps at Clark when she says she understands how he feels. He tells her that nobody talks about Ron, that it's like he never even existed. If he's even brought up at all he's made a joke of; he was a dumb male model and the like. He tells her that he volunteered at the Cerebral Palsy center for children in his spare time; he was a good person. "He didn't drink, he didn't do drugs. He should be celebrated." He asks her if she has children and when she says yes, he tells her he prays she never has to read their autopsy report. Tears run down his face as he tells her all the parts of his body his boy was stabbed, that he was stabbed even after he was dead. His last moments were so full of terror and pain. She covers his hand with her own and tells him they will get him. He tells her they better. That scene was so painful.

Gil is taking the death penalty off the table and she is livid. He tells her there's no way anyone will abide by O.J. being executed. "We can't execute Charlie Manson," points out her partner. Good point. Gil tells her to go see see Vincent, an outside researcher for mock juries. Downtown jurors is a good thing because black women will sympathize with Nicole because of the abuse, Clark tells him.

Clark and partner view the panel and the black people raise their hands when asked if they think O.J. is innocent, while the white people raise theirs when asked who thinks he's guilty. They're then shown video of Clark and asked what they think. They think she's a bitch, as one person says. Everyone laughs and agrees.

Back in his office, he tells Clark to leave off black women, they don't like her. She argues that they most certainly  DO like her; she still gets letters of thank yous all the time from them. That doesn't help this case, lady, he tells her, adding that she might soften her look. Change your hair, wear a skirt, you know, maybe um, smile?

The Dream Team's analysis tells them that black women love O.J., but Nicole scored poorly when polled. They said O.J. is handsome, charming and masculine, while they think Nicole was a gold digger. Kardashian gets very indignant at this, saying that wasn't true at all, she loved him

Resnick tells the ghost writer that Nicole and O.J. were obsessed with each other. She tells him they were off and on all the time. "They were really the most un-divorced, divorced couple I think I've ever known," she tells him.

Darden asks Clark about the A.C. investigation and she apologizes and tells him it's been dropped. She offers to buy him a drink and pulls out a bottle. They drink and chat. She says she thinks The Dream Team are going to self implode from being the rich, arrogant men they are, but Darden says that may be true of the white guys, but not so much Cochran. She scoffs, saying he's all a flashy act. He asks how he scored and how did she? He's an 8, she's a 4. Oof. She wants to know what he's about, she doesn't get it. He tells her he's the real deal, do not underestimate him.

Bailey tells Cochran that they know the courtroom, but Shapiro is all an act. He wants him to make a move, because Shapiro will just settle.

"It's like when David O Selznick cast Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind," Clark says of the ridiculous crowd in the courtroom. They start to pick the jurors. During a break, Cochran says it looks like the DA are taking out black people. Shapiro says he'll inform the press of that. The other black lawyers shake their heads no at Cochran and he tells Shapiro maybe he isn't the right man for that job. Shapiro says he's the lead attorney and he'll do the press conference, dang it. Alllll about the ego with this one.


Gil tells Clark that they need to add some "flavor" to the team after they see the headline of Cochran talking to the press about them targeting black people in picking the jury. Clark starts to walk out and then she stops and says, "What about Christopher Darden?"

Judge Ito brings all the lawyers to his chambers and shows them Faye Resnick's tell-all book. Shapiro right away says that it will impact his client's chance of a fair trial. Clark is all OMG, shut up with that crap! Ito says he's suspending jury selection for now in case it impacts it, which of course only brings more attention to it.

Resnick is on Larry King, and she says she wrote the book as an inspiration for women to leave their abusive relationships. I'm sure she included the nasty little details of her "friend's" personal life as inspiration, yeah okay.

Ito resumes the jury selection and Shapiro starts blowing his gasket once more, saying they should delay because of the media. Clark is amazed, telling him he's the one that tells the media everything! The race issue is brought up and he actually says that race is and never will be an issue in this trial. Everybody is speechless at that one. Cochran pipes up, hold your horses fella, it is an issue and it needs to be addressed. After Shapiro tells him to never contradict him again, he says you contradict yourself, man.

Bailey goes on King next, and King asks who's in charge of The Dream Team. Bailey says, well, Bob Shapiro is, and then he proceeds to parrot negative things the media says about him, which is brilliant because it puts the negative crap about him out there. Shapiro watches from his office and recognizes the ploy. He hollers to stop that talk and then bellows a hearty "Fuck!"

The final jury member is picked and Bill wants to use a challenge, but Clark says they are all smart, fine people, to just trust them. That worked out well.

Visiting O.J.; Bailey, Cochran and Kardashian cheerfully tell him that a maid could have seen his Bronco at 10:15 the night of the murders and it would be a game changer. He's all excited, "See I told you I didn't do it!" when Shapiro waltzes in and announces he has a great idea: a plea for manslaughter. O.J. went to Nicole's all jealous with a knife meant to slash her tires and got angry seeing Ron, so he killed them both.

Bailey and Cochran are disgusted. Clear his shit out. He has lost it. Goodbye and good riddance, Shapiro.

Shapiro is packing for a weekend trip to Hawaii with his wife when she tells him he should get out of the case. Her friends have abandoned her, they all think he did it. The news says Nicole was in a shelter just 5 days before the murders. It's not good, husband. He says he can't just leave the case, he's got to put a lid on Cochran. She gets it; you're afraid there will be more riots, aren't you?

Clark asks Darden to join the DA as the third chair. His smile gives her her answer. Ya know, the rumors of those two being an item works well with these two actors - they have chemistry too.

Kardashian tells O.J. he needs to make Cochran the lead attorney. He's got to trust him on this one.

Shapiro arrives back at his office to find it stripped of his O.J. files. His secretary shows him a rag with the headline screaming his removal from the lead of the team.

Shapiro arrives at the meeting set up by Cochran and he cuts him off immediately by telling him O.J. is on the line - silence - um, HELLO, Juice, say something... Uh, Bob, well see, football, quarterback, runningback, throwing ball, coach, blah, blah, whatever, you're out, Cochran's in!

Entering the court room, The Dream Team stares at Darden with wide eyes. O.J. states the obvious, "When did they get a black guy?"