The People v. O.J. Simpson: ACS S1:E3 The Dream Team


We open the scene of The People v. O.J. Simpson this week with Robert Kardashian and his K Klan Kids eating in a fancy restaurant for Father's Day.

The hostess knows who he is, so she lets them get a table in the filled up place. He hilariously and ironically gives the kids a speech about fame: "Being a good person and a loyal friend is more important than being famous. Fame is fleeting, it's hollow. It means nothing at all without a virtuous heart." Michael Bolton's "Said I Loved You But I Lied" plays deliciously in the background.


Clark has a press conference where she announces Simpson is the sole charged murderer, and that blood of both the victims was found in his Bronco and at his place. Everyone at the DA's office is smug about the case, Clark especially, thinking the facts speak for themselves.

Shapiro calls F Lee Bailey for a meeting. He tells him about the problems with the case and how everyone thinks it's so obvious O.J. is guilty. He turn the TV on and Bugliosi says yep, and then Dershowitz says yup, and that Shapiro is only good at plea deals. Shapiro asks how in the world do they shut up Dershowitz. Bailey tells him to shut him up, hire him up!

The DA tells Clark he wants the trial downtown so that there will be more room. Also there's the fact that it will be a "black voting base" because he doesn't want anyone to think it was racial injustice when O.J. goes down. Clark kids, "Doesn't he deserve a jury of his peers? You know, rich, middle-aged white men?"

Dershowitz brings Barry Scheck to meet with Bailey, Shapiro and Kardashian. Scheck talks about DNA like it's brand spanking new and nobody else knows anything about it. Wasn't it in common use by the 90s? Anyway, he's going to try and make it look like the collections were mishandled so that the samples will look dicey. They're going to make the jury question everything the investigation did.


The DA's office poo poo the so-called "Dream Team." Marcia says they're just a bunch of rich, fancy lawyers.

Back at Cochran's house, his wife says he should be on the case. He says no way, he doesn't want that mess. She asks him how it would feel if another lawyer got O.J. off, and he doesn't like the thought of that.

Newsweek and Time and their mug shot covers. Time infamously darkened O.J.'s photo and it's all over the news. Everyone is talking about it.


The Dream Team find out about Fuhrman and how he's a total and complete racist. Shapiro is beside himself he's so happy with this news. Imagine that, the police set up a black man for these murders, he says. He tells all this to a journalist from The New Yorker that arrives for a different story. Everything was planted; the gloves, the blood, everything. This whole case is about race, and a black man cannot get a fair shot. He will prove it, he tells the guy.


The one eye witness that saw O.J. on the road after the murders is telling her story on all the talk shows for money, and Clark won't have her on the stand anymore. She says she'll become untrustworthy. Everyone thinks it's a bad idea not to keep her, but she says the case is so cut and dried they don't need her. Uh huh. How'd that work out for ya?

The lawyers visit O.J. in the clink to tell him they need to get Cochran on the team. At first he balks, saying, "I'm not black, I'm O.J.!"

Cochran gets a call from O.J., and he's ready to join the team. He calms himself to answer, but oops, it's just a prank call.


Kaelin jogs with a friend, saying he used to be tight with O.J. but now he can't stay in the guest house anymore. His pal says he can stay with him because he's a pussy magnet. He's on TV now, he gets the girls. A couple of guys yell at him and spit all over him. He says, "The game is complicated," and runs off.

Darden talks to Marcia. She asks him what he thinks about the case and she's genuinely shocked when he tells her a lot of black people think he's innocent. He tells her it's an emotional thing, not rational. She never gets emotional about her cases, so she wouldn't know, he kids.

Karadashian goes to pick up his kids and Kris gives him hell about helping that murderer. He says he's innocent and she says he butchered them. He asks her to at least not say that about Uncle Juice to the kids and she tells him everything about 'Uncle' Juice is a fakey fake damn lie.


Marcia asks Darden what he thinks about pressing charges against A.C., and wants him to be in charge of it. She tells him to come up from hiding in the basement and he accepts. Marcia hears Nicole's 911 tapes and they go out to see that they are on TV. Marcia is pissed that everything is leaking, but once again they say, don't worry, this case is cut and dried. No problem!

The New Yorker article comes out and the DA gets a little bit nervous. Finally. Marcia says they've got to stop thinking the case is a "slam dunk." Shapiro and Bailey celebrate.

O.J. balks at the racial angle. He doesn't want to do it and he doesn't want to hire Cochran. Shapiro tells him the public can hear him beating his wife. O.J. says, oh it was just a little tousling, no biggie. Yeah. Shapiro gives O.J. a talking to. He says the only way that the leaked tapes of Nicole's 911 calls are going to be fixed is if they call Cochran. Cochran gets that phone call.

Cochran goes to see O.J. in prison and they hug. He tells him that no matter what, he loved Nicole and he didn't do it. He believes him and he'll get him out of there. "Listen. We get one black juror, just one and I give you a hung jury. And I give you a hung jury, and you are going home. Going home."


Marcia goes outside at her home to smoke a cigarette. She sits at her picnic table with the daily newspaper. She opens it to see Cochran's face and a big ol' headline announcing his addition to the Dream Team. Her reaction? "Cochran. Motherfucker."

  • You missed the BEST PART!! When David Kardashian was giving this speech, he prefaced it with “in this family” HAHAHAHA

    I’m having problems with this show on a deep deep level; watching celebrities act out a celebrity’s role in a brutal murder. It’s all about the fame that came from the trial and NOTHING to do with Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman. We haven’t even seen either. I just hate the artificiality of it all; this careful raking over of the past for MORE fame exploitation, do you know what I mean?

    • Renoblondee

      You mean Robert? And I did! LOL

      I get you, I really do. But, I think they talk about Nicole and Ron a lot so that we are reminded of them, and I’m always thinking of them watching. I just think it’s such a well put together piece that shows the circus aspect of it all; the race issues, the lawyer crap, the culture; just everything. There’s some great acting as well.

      • LOL no, I was trying to be funny. I’m probably having the most trouble with his acting, honestly, but all of it is making me uncomfortable

        • Renoblondee

          Oh no! I think the opposite. I was expecting Ross, but was impressed by his performance. Huh.