The People v. O.J. Simpson: ACS S1:E8 A Jury in Jail Recap


The People v. O.J. Simpson: A Jury in Jail, starts out with a deputy fussing out the jury for being five minutes late, and they have had. it. They've had them sequestered for eight solid months, and they cannot deal anymore. A deputy they like steps in and tells them it's okay. They start to complain and argue with each other. They are about to crack.


The jurors all file into their hotel, impressed with how nice it is. A couple of guys joke about how they'd stay in a Motel 6 as long as they're away from their wives. They're so excited, thinking it's going to be a vacation. They quickly find out it's not going to be the walk in the park at all. No TV in their rooms, hardly any reading material, no swimming in the hotel pool. No leaving their floor even. EIGHT MONTHS of this shit? I'd have lost it well before then.


The Dream Team celebrate the glove win. Cochran actually thanks Shapiro for thinking of it.

Meanwhile, at the prosecution's office, Clark tries to reassure Garcetti that they still have forensic and DNA evidence. He starts screaming at her that, "No one understands goddamn DNA, Marcia! But everyone can tell when a goddamn glove doesn't fit on a goddamn hand!" Darden starts to mumble, "They did fit..." but Marcia yells at HIM to get out!

The jurors get TV time together and the deputy tells them to mind their talking about laughter during the showing, just like they're little children. The jurors are divided with the white people wanting to watch "Seinfeld" and the black people, "Martin" and while this is going on we see O.J. playing poker with his lawyers in prison, talking about how much he loves Kosmo Kramer. Uh huh. We see what you did there, writers.

Clark deposes the DNA expert, Fung. The evidence is a perfect match for the crime, and these dummies are sleeping or totally not paying attention. Only Kardashian looks increasingly convinced and disgusted. Fung says only 1 person in 170,000,000 could have this blood that was all over Simpsons car, socks, fence, house, etc. And it's Simpson, of course.

Kardashian asks O.J. for "them" how Nicole's blood got in his Bronco. O.J. says he doesn't know, maybe the police did it? Kardashian tells him there's just too much blood, it's everywhere, and O.J. asks, this question is really for "them"?


As the jurors are told that there's another delay, a juror is called to Judge Ito's chambers. It seems he's got a record of domestic violence and he's out. The other jurors find out, and some feel like they're trying to get rid of the "brown folks".

On cross-examination, Scheck asks the Fung if the evidence was handed to him where they found O.J.'s blood at and he answers to the affirmative. He asks him if he's aware 1/4 of that blood went missing. He also wants to know if Nicole's blanket was taken from inside her house to cover her dead body, and that it could have contained previous hairs of O.J.'s. Oh, this is bad. The jurors totally fall for this crap, but don't give two shits about the DNA. Stoopid. And THEN, he shakes hands with the Dream Team and O.J.! For why?!


Clark goes to her office and has a well-deserved mini hissy fit. "Natural One" plays as she sees the DNA files and throws them around.

Clark's found another juror to get rid of. Cochran is so pissed, but she's thrilled. An African American lady juror has a record of being abused by her husband. Ito questions her, and she says it wasn't domestic abuse. After she leaves Cochran argues it wasn't true, while Clark says she lied, she was raped by her husband twice. Bailey says that back in '88 it wasn't legally rape -- between husband and wife.  Clark says, "You just said that. Out loud." Ito dismisses the juror.

Cochran says they need a "not guilty" replacement since the one they lost would have been. The replacement is a white "guilty" juror, and he goes to the balcony where Marcia is having a smoke break to bitch at her about how she managed the tip off. Her reply is a thing of pure beauty:

"Back alley stuff isn't my game, it's yours. You're always talking about the truth, well, the truth came out. Toughen up, Cochran. This is the smoker's lounge. Daycare's on the first floor."


But, apparently two can play at this game. Cochran pulls a "guilty" voter off. And then, as "Another One Bites the Dust" plays brilliantly, if obviously, in the background, we see them going back and forth getting a shit ton of jurors dismissed and replaced; each time smirking at the other. Clark wins the long-con by securing "The Demon" that Cochran wanted gone more than any of them (she once convinced a 10-2 jury to turn). As Clark passes Cochran, she tells him:  "Have a nice night, Cochran."

In Ito's chambers again, he's tells them that there's a female juror that may be making notes to write a book. Cochran and Clark argue and Ito hollers to shut their yaps, he'll investigate and decide on his own.


Judge Ito talks with a juror that wants to go home. She tells him the deputies treat the white people better. He asks for instances, and she tells him when they took them shopping, "they gave them an hour at Target, and only gave us thirty minutes at Ross! They know that blacks like Ross more!" Ito is confused by this, "Is that, um true?" "Of course it's true! Everybody knows that!" is her confusing answer. She cries and says she just wants to go home. He asks her if she'll just let him try a rotate with the deputies, it's over time anyway. She'll try.

Miss thang messed up with her crybaby antics, because the rest of the jury is not happy. Miss Perky is especially PISSED about the rotate. These people have all bonded, they understand each other, they have a routine flowing.They don't want to start fresh with these new people.

Court is about to be in session, and the deputy gets the call that the jurors are refusing to come in. He tells Ito, who says if they don't come in he'll hold them in contempt. As "Fight the Power" plays, all but two walk in dressed in all black. Ito cancels court for the day. Miss Perky and The Demon smirk satisfactorily at each other. Ha!

O.J. wants to go on the stand, but Shapiro thinks it is a terrible idea. Bailey and Cochran want him to, so they decide to do a test run first. They keep putting him on hold which elicits this line from O.J...  "I pray to the lord sweet black baby Jesus, if you put me on hole one more time, negro!"

The jury are all eating breakfast in the hotel, and Tracy, the juror that complained about shopping at Ross is all alone. She sees them all looking at her and whether she's imagining them talking about her or not, she takes off her shoes and coat and runs screaming through the dining area like a crazy woman until the deputies restrain her. "That's one way to do it," one of the jurors remarks.

Bailey tells Cochran that if this goes to mistrial they will not win it. Cochran brings Clark a coffee just the way she prefers it at her "smoking area". Uh huh.

At the test run with O.J. he fails miserably; trying, but not succeeding in charming his way out of abuse accusations of Nicole.

Kardashian breaks down after he tells Kris he thinks they'll win the case. "He was my friend for twenty years; I can barely look at him anymore." She tells him to just leave the case, but he says he can't because it would lose the case for him. As much as he wants to do that, he just can't. He tells her once this case is over he will be gone from their lives forever. She hugs him as he tells her how sorry he is. Some very subtle, superior acting from Mr. Schwimmer there.


Scheck receives a call and smiles with glee as he jots down the information that they've got a recording of Fuhrman using the N-word on tape.