The People v. O.J. Simpson: ACS S1:E9 Manna From Heaven Recap


We are coming up to the end of The People v. O.J. Simpson. Only one more to go after this. Let's see how the penultimate plays out.

An investigator for Simpson's team calls a screenwriter and asks her if she might have some taped conversations of one Mark Fuhrman. She gets all nervous, she doesn't want anything to do with this. He manages to confirm that yes, she does have the tapes, before she hangs up on him. He smirks.

In court, Darden asks a witness about the two men he heard arguing the night of the murders. He asks if he had said one sounded older, then he asks if he had said one sounded black. Cochran goes on a rant of rants, saying he can't believe that in the year 1995 people still think like that. You can't tell someone's color by their voice, and he's so offended he just can't even. Darden is starting to look like his head is going to explode and he finally cracks and says it wasn't HIS words, it was the defendant, and quit acting like HE'S the racist, dammit! They argue some more until Ito tells them he's disgusted with them both; take a recess before he holds them in contempt.

Marcia asks Darden what the hell that was, and he says there are distinct speech patterns for people. She says she knows, and also, the witness saw a Bronco near Bundy, heard two men arguing near the condo, but guess what? The jury totally forgot about that thanks to Cochran's "racial stink-bomb" he just threw out there.


The Dream Team need a subpoena to get the tapes from the screenwriter. She's in North Carolina, and Bailey says he's the one to go because he knows the state best. Him and Cochran head there where Cochran asks the Carolina judge to release the transcripts. He uses his smoothest styles and smiles while speaking about racial injustice. He asks if he can approach the bench, and is startled when the judge bluntly says, "No you may not." This judge is not impressed. He denies the request.

Bailey tells Cochran they'll file an emergency appeal, but this time he'll do the talking. Look at where we are, he tells him, there's a confederate soldier statue behind us. They look at the statue, "With all due respect, I don't know if you play as well in Dixie."

Bailey flatters this Carolina judge with words like: "original 13 colonies" "Great Smokey Mountains" "Tar Heel" "Pamlico Sound" "Bible" "Seek and ye shall find" and oh does it work swimmingly.

Clark insists Fuhrman's words for a screenplay has nothing to do with a murder case, and Cochran says the world has a right to hear his words. Ito says he has to review them, but for now they stay sealed.

The lawyers review the tapes, and Darden's face says, "I told you about this piece of work." They go tell Garcetti some bad news on top of more bad news. Fuhrman knows Ito's wife, matter of fact, he hates her and said really nasty things about her on the tape. Remember how she signed off that she didn't have dealings with him? Well, she reprehended him for writing KKK on a Martin Luther King poster. So now the whole thing could be a mistrial and the prosecution will look foolish.


They all go to tell Judge Ito who doesn't know yet. He continues the discussion in open court, saying it may be a conflict for him and determines another judge has to decide if the case should stay with him. He also finally waxes poetic about sexism, about how it especially affects women who are successful, like his wife, who's a high-ranking LAPD officer. Sure, NOW he's upset about it when it's happened to his wife. Too little, too late, Ito. Tell it to Clark weeks ago.

Marcia is worried a mistrial would trigger double jeopardy. Darden does not agree. She tells him she'd love a do-over, a do-over for the trial and her whole life. He grabs up his things and storms out.

The other judge tells them he'll have to review everything and let them know in time. This causes two separate very tense, very scream-y elevator rides:

Cochran says they don't have time for this, they need to turn up the pressure! Shapiro starts yelling, "Pressure, you want to turn up the pressure?! This city is about to explode! We have enough pressure!"


Darden startles Clark when he slams down his briefcase and shouts, "I told you NOT to use Fuhrman! How many times did I say it? He's damaged goods, I said it and I said it.  But you just didn't take me seriously! You know, you put me on this trial because you wanted a black face. But you never wanted a black voice." Ouch.

Cochran has set up a coalition do a conference demanding the release of the tapes. Shapiro watches and tells his wife he tried to stop him. Garcetti also can't believe it, worried he'll start another riot.

Cochran tells Ito that the tapes need to be heard because Fuhrman lied about using the N-word, he talks about planting evidence and sabotaging cases. Clark says she's there for Nicole and Ron. All of this other stuff has nothing to do with this case, it's just there to distract from the real facts. She asks Ito to not release those tapes for the jurors to hear.


Ito reviews the transcripts and makes his decision. He tells the court that since there is such public interest, he'll let certain ones be heard. He wouldn't want to hide anything, and it *is* a "national concern". Darden has had it. He basically says Ito is a fame whore,Cochran is a joke, and the court has become a circus. Hahahaha! Cochran laughs, and he says there is nothing funny about this! Ito tells him he better shut his mouth or he'll be in contempt. Darden requests council and they all groan. Clark says she'll represent, and she says Darden was just reacting to how unfair today and pretty much the whole trial has been to them. Ito says she better shut her mouth also. "Shall I take off my watch and jewelry?" *Drops mic* Clark stares at Darden with compassion, and he apologizes to Ito. Ito apologizes back and all is well for now.

After the court hears the awfulness of Fuhrman's tapes, Clark tells Darden she just realized his initials are MF, but he's too down in the dumps to laugh. He feels like it's all over. Clark hopes that Ito won't let the jury hear the tapes, but Darden's not convinced. She apologizes for not listening to him about not using Fuhrman, and he does as well about his use of the gloves. "Guess we shoulda listened to each other," she says as they hold hands. Man I wish these two would go at it already. The chemistry is off the charts!

Ito is going to allow two sentences from thirteen hours and Cochran is going to lose it. Shapiro tries to tell him that they have enough, but Cochran says he doesn't understand what this is like.

Cochran tells his wife he feels like a failure because he wanted to make sure the jury heard more than those 2 lines. She tells him that that doesn't matter, he's gotten the whole world to hear it and she's proud of him.

Fuhrman is called to the stand with hundreds of glaring eyeballs on him. Bailey remarks,"It's hard to be hated by both sides. It's takes a certain...character." Cochran asks Fuhrman if he told the truth regarding this case and he asserts his fifth amendment privilege. On and on he asserts the fifth. Clark says, alright now, can we just move on from this game? Cochran wants to ask him one more though: Has he planted any evidence in this case? And he asserts his fifth amendment privilege. Oy. Perfect. For O.J. that is. Clark looks at Goldman and they are devastated.


O.J. is thrilled as he changes in the jail visiting room. He's happy and chuckling at how brilliant it all was while Kardashian looks sick to his stomach.

Clark gets a ruling on her divorce, and is relieved to see she got primary custody of her kids. Her assistant says "So you got everything?"