The People v. O.J. Simpson S1:E10 The Verdict Recap


We made it to the very end. We all know what the verdict is, but it doesn't make it any less painful, does it? Let's hunker in and watch the very last The People v. O.J. Simpson.

Cochran wants O.J. to make a statement, but not testify. Clark objects to the statement. "My goodness, this is still America. Can we not talk?” Cochran asks indignantly. Ito allows it. O.J. lays it on thick, talking about Nicole and his kids, blah blah blah, until Clark clears her throat, you wanna talk about your relationship with Nicole then take a seat and let me cross examine you, buddy, she says.

Cochran is in his office writing up his closing statement. He tries, "If the glove's too small, easy call." Nope, not quite the right ring to it.


In her closing statement, Clark tells the jury that just because Fuhrman is racist it doesn’t mean O.J. isn’t guilty.  She breaks it down for them. There was a foot print of a size 12 Bruno Mali shoe that O.J. own. Hair from him on Ron's shirt. Glove found at Rockingham has Nicole and Ron's and O.J.s's hair and Nicole and Ron's blood on it. It's also his size, an Extra large. She shows a picture of him wearing said glove. A drop of blood at Bundy matches his. Nicole's blood is on O.J.'s sock. The rear gate has blood on it that O.J.'s matches by 1 in 57 billion. He didn’t ask how she died when informed. Why’s that?


Darden talks about all of the physical abuse that O.J. put Nicole through. He tells them how Nicole told officers "He’s going to kill me," "You come up here 8 times and you never do anything about it.” It’s not about race; he killed her, he says. She knew it was going to happen, she had threatening letters in a lock-box. He describes the scene of OJ and his rage at knowing he’s lost Nicole, and it’s very effective. O.J. cries crocodile tears even! “He’s a murder. He was once a great football player. He’s still a murderer.”


Cochran immediately swerves into a speech about a lying Mark Furhman responding to a call at OJs house. And Mark represents the entire LAPD. He’s like a snake charmer, completely side-stepping the murder issue and making it all about, “send them a message; let them know that your verdict will travel far outside these walls.” And then if course the infamous “ if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

Everyone leaves, assuming it’ll be weeks, nay MONTHS for a verdict. Ummm. We all know how that played out.

The jury walks back to deliberate at 9:15. They decide to go ahead and do an anonymous vote to see where they're all at. Of course there’s 8 not guiltys and 2 guiltys. 8 eyes turn and drill holes through the white lady (remember "The Demon"?) and Latin lady. "The Demon" says fine! It was me! He is soooo guilty! There is so much evidence. Why not more blood in the Bronco, asks one lady. “I make more of a mess in my car when I spill a milkshake.” The gloves didn’t fit, says one. But he was faking, says another. No defense wounds. But the cut, and around they go. It all comes down to this: There are three or four that are firm. They will never ever ever vote guilty. Ever.


Four hours, and they all get the call. The verdict is in. To quote Judge Ito. “You gotta be shittin me?” No one can believe it.

It’s been a true pleasure for Eddie the guard to guard OJ while he's been in jail. He’s not an asshole. Could he autograph something? Sure thing, Eddie, but I sure am nervous. Welllll, maybe don’t be. I’ve talked to people. You cool, he tells him.

Clark and Darden have their poor hopes up so high. They think they’ve won this thing as they head in the courtroom.


We the jury... find the defendant…not guilty…and then it cuts to show masses of black people celebrating, masses of white people with their jaws open and heads shaking. Oprah looking disgusted. Ron’s poor sister sobbing. One of the male jurors raises his fist at O.J. in a victory/power gesture as he leaves.


Kardashian heads to the restroom where he promptly throws up in the sink and stares at himself in the mirror. He walks out and looks at Clark. She looks back, and gives him a small sympathetic smile.

Garcetti, Clark and Darden talk in his office after the verdict. Marcia cries as she smokes. "I’m so ashamed,” she says. Gil tells her not to be. She made the case and she didn't play dirty like they did. He also has shiny eyes as he tells her this. Darden watches them with a tear streaming down his face. Add mine to the mix as well.

They hold a press conference and Garcetti says the team gave up so much. he's very proud of them. The jury voted on emotions, not facts. Clark thanks the Goldmans and Browns, and says the case is about domestic violence and to not let the verdict stop anyone from reporting incidents in the future.     Darden's worse fear was having to look at Ron with a not  guilty verdict. But he’s not going to be guilty or bitter. He accepts it. He starts to thank his team and breaks down. He falls into Goldman and Ron's sister arms sobbing. "Gil Gil! You gonna find the real killer now?" a reporter asks him. If looks could kill.

Goldman starts the ignition and the radio blares about the trial and riots and whatnot. His daughter shuts it off immediately. "What are we gonna do now?"

Cochran tells Darden he did great, and he tries to schmooze and show off by acting magnanimous. Darden isn't having it. "The cops are still going to beat us and arrest us." "This isn’t some civil rights milestone. You haven't changed anything for black people here. Unless you’re a famous rich one in Brentwood.”


Cochran and team celebrate, and they turn on the TV to see President Clinton talk about race and change and listening. He says that that’s the victory he wanted.

Darden is ready to resign. Image, politics, career, he just can’t do it. Clark tells him she was raped in Italy at 17 years old, and when she got her first rape case it came back to her after she had shoved it away. But it gave her something. A vengeance. She has this thing where she wants justice for victims and she shares it with the jury. She can’t believe this jury didn’t want justice for Nicole and Ron. Why were they even here? They weren’t there for them. So why was she? What happened to the waiter, he asks her. Same as what happened here. So what now? Too early for a drink? They walk out arm in arm.

OJ walks out of the court and sees Kardashian. He hugs him and gives him back his bible as a special gift while Kardashian looks sick to his stomach. On the ride home he tells him he's got a “rager” of a party planned tonight and a magazine is paying $400,000 for it. He arrives home where his family welcomes him. He takes a cleansing shower, stares at his guilty face for awhile then sits and cries. His grown son interrupts to bring him a puppy, to “make sure you always have a friend.”

The rager starts, and O.J. interrupts to make a statement. He says his first priority are his children, but then after that when everything settles down someday, he’ll hunt down the person that slaughtered Nicole and Ron. There’s a shit-ton of side-eyeing, and a tiny smattering of applause. He then cheerfully says Okay! Let’s get this party going! Kardashian is done. He drops the bible on the nightstand as he leaves for good.


O.J.'s son tells him that The Riviera won't make reservations for his dinner party the next night. O.J. looks like he's been slapped in the face by this new reality, and then he tries to shake it off, "The hell with The Riviera. I'll find another place.” He walks outside and stares at his statue, hearing cheers for him of days long gone while "Ain't not Sunshine" plays in the background.