The People v. O.J. Simpson S1:E7 The Conspiracy Theories Recap


Episode 7 of The People v. O.J. Simpson opens with Gil giving Shapiro crap and Shapiro telling reporters that the LA police are mostly fine people, just a few bad eggs. Clark walks by with her newly straightened hair and Gil says he loves it. She tells him to never talk about her hair again. Word.



Dershowitz tells his students that if the trial is a circus, Cochran's gotta be the ringleader. He wants them to put all kinds of different ideas and theories out there to think about. He then sends him a fax to ask the detective if he knows what a "Colombian Necktie" is (a drug related death where the victim's neck is cut almost entirely off like Nicole's) and it puts another theory in the jurors' heads just like he planned.

Kardashian is still torn, and he asks Cochran what he thinks about it; he wonders how all the evidence could have been planted. Cochran says the truth will come about. Someone tells Cochran his ex is on TV and they go see that she's being interviewed and she's talking about being assaulted by him. He unplugs the TV and says, "It's Shapiro! FUCK!" HaHa

The detectives go and get Nicole's Visa receipts. They show Clark that there were only 200 Model 70263 gloves in America at the time and she purchased 2 pairs at Bloomingdales. They are convinced that they own this case now.

The reporters ask Cochran if he beat his ex and he masterfully diverts their questions. Clark is disgusted, hoping he was going to get his. Darden asks her if she wants to accompany him on a drive to Oakland to visit his friends for some drinks, and she accepts since her ex has the kids.

Shapiro walks into court with a LAPD solidarity pin and it pisses Cochran off no end. Talk about a pissing contest those two are having!

At home Cochran's wife is also pissed about what happened with his ex, Barbara. I guess they were never married though. Sure, she knew about what had happened, but now everyone knows and that's different. She tells him, "You made the world your stage. You wanted the attention. Now you got it. Now you got it."

Shapiro tells Kardashian about the receipt the Prosecution has and begs him to talk to the others about a deal. Shapiro doesn't want to. He tells him he's telling him because he may have disposed of the murder weapon in his garment bag; there's video of him walking out with it. Shapiro implies he'll use that info against him if he won't do what he wants him to.


Kardashian runs straight over to the garment bag where A.C. is waiting. They start to open it and thoroughly search through, nervous as all hell. They both breathe several million sighs of relief when it comes up clean. A.C. crows about how he knew he didn't do it. Kardashian wonders who actually DID do it. He can't believe there's no other suspect, nothing out there at all.

Shapiro visits O.J. in jail and O.J. asks him where his "I love cops" pin is. He wonders why he's undermining Cochran and he yells at him that the whole thing was his idea in the first place. He says he doesn't want to hear his bullshit. Shapiro hollers back that he came to him first because he's the best. O.J. ain't having it anymore.

Cochran and Clark meet his buddies in a bar for his friend's birthday. Clark is charming and funny and impresses the buddies. They all start partying and loosening up with some shots and the friends start talking about the case. Darden's friends start talking about how the cops framed O.J. and how they planted the glove. Clark dazzles all of them with a recreation of if they did plant everything and it Blows. Their. Minds. One says, "Maybe." Another says "you're real good. When this is over you should go work with Johnnie." Hahaha


Darden's friend says he should make it happen with Clark, she's a real trip. They've got the weekend, why not? Darden's like, uhhh, I dunno...As the two walk down the hall tipsy to their hotel rooms they laugh and stop at Clark's door. They look at each other longingly. She says "Well, this is me..." and they stare and stare. She practically BEGS him to come in and do her with her eyes, but he instead backs up and TELLS HER GOODNIGHT! FAIL, DARDEN. Clark goes inside, turning cold as ice. Darden walks off, disappointed in himself.

Back at the office Darden brings Clark a coffee and she's completely stand-offish to him. He's clueless, of course. He tells her they should just make it happen. Do what, she says? Make O.J. try on the gloves, duh, he tells her. She says no freaking way, man. We have everything we need, that could be a disaster. Just NO.

During recess in court, Shapiro tries on the notorious gloves they left out and he tells the team his idea. "The gloves are too small." The team is worried it won't work, but O.J. wants to do it. Bailey is for it too. He even goads Darden into the whole thing so it looks even better to the jurors. "You sir, have the balls of a field mouse. If you don't ask him to try on the gloves, I will."


Darden gets up and asks O.J. to try on the gloves even though Clark had JUST told him AGAIN that under no circumstances should he do that. She is stunned and worried. As well she should be. O.J. waltzes up to the jury and makes that huge laughable show we all know and remember so well. Pretending to put them on and MAN, they just won't fit! What in the world?! So tight! Goodness, they are just so small! So, so teeny tiny! Isn't this just plain silly? I'm O.J.! Of course they don't fit!


Darden tells Clark that he was making them not fit; keeping his fingers stiff. I've not seen a better evil-eye than that one in quite a while.

Darden leaves a message for the Goldmans to apologize for what happened. He's in deep shit with quite a few people now. Good job, playah.