ACS: The People vs. O.J. Simpson S1:E6 Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Recap


We open this episode of The People vs. O.J. Simpson with Marcia Clark on the other side of the courtroom. Her ex-husband is fighting child support payments, and the judge isn't having any of her lawyer mouthiness. "I'm not Lance Ito," she tells her.

Nicole's sister, Denise is on the stand and she tells the court how O.J. grabbed Nicole's crotch and bragged how it was where babies came out and it belonged to him. She says that Nicole acted like that was a daily occurrence, a normal thing. She's sobbing and O.J. asks what that has to do with anything. Cochran says it's backfiring on the jury because of her tears seeming to be on cue. Clark and Darden think she was a strong witness.

Clark comes home and smokes a cigarette in the back. She watches the TV through the window and hears the smack-talk about her appearance. Her little boy walks out and they have a sweet conversation and hug. She walks in the house and looks at her hair, pulling on a curly strand ruefully.

Clark's ex files for primary custody and she is livid. He says it's only temporary until the trial is over, but she says he knows she a great mom, he's said so himself. He counters that the kids are always at the sitters and they never see her. She tells him she has to support her family and walks away.

Cochran twists everything around to make it seem like the detectives went to tell O.J. about his ex-wife's murder because they automatically thought of him as a suspect, instead of them just wanting to inform him. It's a slick move, even though the detective denies it.

Cochran then asks him what he did with Simpson's shoes that were evidence. Did he submit them right away? He tells him he put them in the trunk of his car and took them home for about six hours. Oh, so you took them to Simi Valley first, which is where the officers that beat Rodney King live, he says. He keeps saying Simi Valley to hammer that in to the jury.


Shapiro asks him how many times he's taken evidence home with him, matter of fact, has he ever done that before? He answers no, he hasn't. It's pretty damning, and the prosecution feels it.

Darden thinks the defense is looking forward to Fuhrman, but Clark doesn't think so. She thinks he'll do great. Darden tells her she needs a break and turns on some music. She tells him to stop it, and they start to chat. Turns out Darden has a 15 year old daughter, he tells her. He has regrets, and he wants to fix things. Don't we all? "Who's That Lady" comes on the radio and he grabs her up in a dance. These two have great chemistry. Phew! Hotness!

The next morning Darden is getting ready for the day and hears the DJ on the radio ask for callers to vote Marcia Clark "Bitch or Babe?" He calls and puts a vote in for Babe.

The prosecution calls Fuhrman, and Cochran tells the judge they have a problem. He says his witness, Rosa Lopez, can only be put up today, so Ito excuses the jury. Ito says the court will go late, but Clark says she can't stay. Ito asks why and she has to say that she has to take care of her kids. Everybody looks at her like, WHAT? It's terrible. Judge Ito awkwardly clears the court until the next day.


Gil talks to Clark about what happened and then tries to sympathize with her for how the media is talking about her appearance. He says it's awful and sexist, and then he has the gall to offer to set her up with some media consultants. Everyone in the office just stares. She growls at them to get back to work. I can't even imagine how this woman suffered during all this scrutiny. It's just appalling.

Judge Ito asks if Lopez will be able to appear in court this day and Cochran smarts off about barring any childcare problems it should be fine. Clark stands up and lets his ass have it. She tells Ito that she is offended by his words, he doesn't know what it's like to work 70 hours and have a family to take care of. Don't make light of her situation. Asshat.

On the stand, Lopez says she doesn't remember anything when Clark deposes her. She basically admits that Cochran has coached her. Total fail on the defense's side.

Marcia's ex goes on TV and says that when she had to leave early she lied, that the kids were actually with him the whole time. She's livid that he's talking about their private life.

Cochran calls his ex wife and implies that the LA Times are wanting to talk to them about some domestic abuse items. He offers her the profit on real estate that he sold to keep her quiet.

O.J. throws a tantrum about the Lopez situation. He tells them from now on he wants to know what's going to happen beforehand.

Clark is at a salon and tells the stylist that she wants something different. Something softer. He tells her he'll do what he did for Farrah for her, all while "Kiss From a Rose" plays in the background.

While Darden, Dunne and another guy talk about race and O.J., Clark waltzes in with her new shorter tight curled 'do. She looks so confident and so happy with it. Random dude says, "God Damn. Who turned her into Rick James?" As she walks in the courtroom so confident, it is dead silent and everyone is staring. Shapiro gives her a shifty thumbs up and Ito says, "Good morning Ms. Clark. I think," sarcastically. Darden writes on a notepad that he thinks her hair is fantastic and he loves it. Her eyes are filled with tears by now, she's completely deflated and it makes me want to slap the hell out of all those asshole men. No one ever says a thing about the men's hair or clothes. I swear Sarah Paulson can act the shit out of a role. Hot Damn! That was heartbreaking.


Fuhrman is finally up, and he tells Clark how they found the victims and then the glove. He found the bloody footprints, and a bloody fingerprint like someone had fled the scene. He had then spotted the blood spot on the bronco's door and saw a parcel that had O.J.'s name on it inside the car. He says that they became worried that O.J. was injured as well and went to Kaelin's guest house.

Clark asks Fuhrman about the glove he found. He says it appeared sticky like it had blood on it. It looked like the one that was found at O.J.'s house. Bailey asks him about his duties as a Marine, because, you know, Marine to Marine and all. Then he asks him if he wiped the bloody glove onto the Bronco. He denies it. Clark objects. He bluntly starts asking him over and over if he's ever used the N- word, but he uses it as the full word. It's very startling. Fuhrman denies it completely. We all know how well that will turn out for the case. Yeah.


Gil calls Clark into his office and she starts saying don't worry about Fuhrman, but it's not that. He shows her a magazine. There's a nude picture of her on the beach that's surfaced. She says no way that's possible, but looks and realizes it is her. He asks if her ex did it and she says she actually had a husband before him and walks out.


Court is in session, but Clark's eyes are filling with tears again. Judge Ito sees she's about to lose her shit and he mercifully adjourns the court until the morning. Darden finds her later, sobbing in her office on the floor. She says she's not cut out for this public life and she can't take it anymore. He says she'll be alright, she'll do just fine. "And if it helps, you do look mighty good in that picture." She laughs through her tears as he takes her hand and she rests her head on his shoulder.