Unforgotten S4:E1.6 Recap Part Two

Alright, I’m going to try to finish Unforgotten series 4 off tonight. I won’t lie, I found it very distressing and it led to taking a few months off. Okay, it wasn’t JUST that but it wasn’t not that either, so there. Rolling into the second part of my Unforgotten S4:E1.6 recap with Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar after the break.

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Unforgotten S4:E1.5 Getting There Recap

Welcome to the penultimate episode of Unforgotten series 4; I hear it’s a doozy. I also heard other things that I very much did NOT want to, what do you suppose leads people to post spoilers on social media, hm? Do you think they like to snatch candy from children in between posting a cliffhanger as quickly as possible in order to spoil as much as possible? My dear friend Old Ain’t Dead @oldaintdead doesn’t care, but I sure get cranky about it. Don’t make my hand hover over the Unfollow button, spoilerers!! At any rate, let’s see what all the fuss it about in my recap of Unforgotten S4:E1.5 after the break!

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Unforgotten S4:E1.4 Secrets Recap

Welcome back to Unforgotten where we’re thisclose, I mean THISCLOSE to finding out cause of death! I know!! It’s going to be miserable and we’re going to feel terrible for our suspects when they truth comes out, so we have to enjoy the excitement of these baby steps while we can. Because it’s always like that, isn’t it? Never a clean win, except maybe series 3. Forget that guy, for real. Anyway! Rolling into my recap of Unforgotten S4:E1.4 where we find out how MKW lost his head.

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