Julia S1:E01 Omelette Recap

credit TVInsider

I am so excited that my very favourite actress Sarah Lancashire is back on my screen, this time for American audiences! Okay, all the audiences, the whole world is watching this main stage and I’m very happy to be here. Let’s roll into my recap of Julia S1:E01 Omelette after the break so y’all can listen to me carry on and on about how absolutely fantastic Sarah Lancashire is in everything she does. Continue reading Julia S1:E01 Omelette Recap

Mrs. Fletcher S1:E05 Invisible Fence Recap

We’re more than halfway done Mrs. Fletcher from HBO and I don’t know about you, but I have no sense of where we’re going yet. I assume somewhere clothing optional, right? That’s a given. But will our poor, lonely Mrs. Fletcher find what she needs? Let’s find out in Mrs. Fletcher S1:E05 Invisible Fence after the break.

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