Unforgotten S3:E06 Finale Recap

Hi everyone, this is it!! This is the series 3 finale of Unforgotten, I have my suspect firmly locked on and am indubitably wrong. Unforgotten likes to throw twists as others throw glitter at a disco, but I have committed and will stay the course. Let's find out for realsie reals after the break!

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Unforgotten S3:E05 AHA!! Recap

It's getting so tense on Unforgotten, I almost forgot to moon over Nicola Walker's best-half-smile or Sanjeev Bhaskar's lustrous locks...ALMOST. Rolling our penultimate episode of our third series of cold case corruption of the soul, I was just thinking that I like this series the best so far. Season two had some standout performances (Mark Bonnar stole it like he drove it) but it was almost impossible to sympathize with/understand the victim and that's sort of key for me most of the time. We're into it after the break!

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