GingesBeCray Has a Patreon!

GingesBeCray now has a Patreon!

GingesBeCray Patreon Link!

But honestly, nothing is going to change on the site, it's just some bonus stuff, like newsletters and ad-free advance recaps and choosing and that kind of thing. There is absolutely no pressure or anything uncomfortable-making, levels start at $1/month and zoom all the way up to $10, but that's quite a lot of GingesBeCray, if you know what I mean.

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Fleabag S2:E06 Finale Recap

This is it, the Fleabag finale and I'm so conflicted! I want to find out what's going to happen but argh, I am not ready to lose my Fleabag forever! Regardless, I've thought about almost nothing else today (except for some exciting family news!) and I can't wait any longer. What's going to happen?? Rolling Fleabag S2:E06 after the break.

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Happy Valley S1:E05 Recovery Recap

I've been missing our Sarah Lancashire and feeling a little bit guilty for dipping on the ghastly MotherFatherSon; that means it is definitely time for some more Happy Valley. Let's roll into the penultimate episode of the first series, I've forgotten how ugly it gets before it turns a corner. See you after the break!

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