Billions S3:E11 Kompenso Recap

Sorry I'm late with Billions, a new show called Dietland just started Monday and I got a little...distracted when they dropped two episodes at once. And hey, guess what? Our Bonnie Candela (Sarah Stiles) is on that show too! So we've waited long enough, let's get to our Richie Riches and Self Made Men without further ado!

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Dietland S1:E01 Pilot Recap


You guys. YOU GUYS. I have been waiting for Dietland the series forEVER!! I absolutely adored the book in a way I hope that the author Sarai Walker understands, and now we getta see actual fat women on screen! IN LEAD ROLES. I KNOW!! I will be as impartial as possible (ahahahahahaha), let's roll S1:E01 after the break, because we've waited long enough!

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