Dietland S1:E03 Y Not Recap

Hi everyone and welcome back to my new favourite show (sorry RPDR!) Dietland where the women are fab and aplenty. A warning, I've had 6 hours sleep in the last two days and am subsisting solely on Diet P*p*i (don't drink your calories!), Smartpop (100) and Twizzlers (120 fat-free) so I definitely talked too much. Rolling after the break!

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Dietland S1:E01 Pilot Recap


You guys. YOU GUYS. I have been waiting for Dietland the series forEVER!! I absolutely adored the book in a way I hope that the author Sarai Walker understands, and now we getta see actual fat women on screen! IN LEAD ROLES. I KNOW!! I will be as impartial as possible (ahahahahahaha), let's roll S1:E01 after the break, because we've waited long enough!

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