The Night Manager S1:E6 And Boom Recap

The NIght Manager cover

This is it! We're at the end of The Night Manager (finally! Talk about dragging one's bum) and we're about to find out just how deep our Tom/Jonathan/Andrew is...rolling S1:E6 after the break!

The Permanent Secretary (Katherine Kelly) is I Told You So-ing all over Angela Burr (Olivia Colman)'s face, "poor and corrupted intelligence" and she's extending the meeting so they can REALLY get down to the bones of it. Sometimes: Evil wears a bureaucratic mask and unrealistic kitten heels.

Poor still-extremely pregnant (how long is this gestation?? for REALS?) Angela protests that she had seven documents showing there were WMD sales ongoing, oh good, Drumgool (Tobias Menzies) is there to explain those away. And how does she have them anyway? Those were classified, Angela! Who's this Boatman who leaked for you?? Oh no, she's never heard of such rubbish, she got them "from an angel. With a halo."

You know, Halo, like Drumgool's secret name when he helps Roper!

Are we really going to go through Angela getting her hand slapped around every turn in the longest meeting ever? Cut away, cut away! Show us HiddleBum, we can fill in the tongue lashing Angela's about to get, she doesn't even care: she's fourteen months pregnant, for the love of Thor!

Oh they're gonna poke her for her source until she bares Those Teeth at them, I get it now.

Everything has been cleared out of the International Enforcement Agency, nothing but piles of cable in the middle of the floor where Rob (Adeel Akhtar) sits all alone.


The office is being closed for good in two weeks, he advises her to go home, have her baby and be a teacher's wife. That's what they tell all agents, don't they? Go raise your family, settle down with the little lady, be a teachers husband. It's almost rote.

Grace (Simona Brown) comes in to say goodbye, but Angela brushes her off, the phone. It's Jonathan, and he's looking for Sophie. She misses the voice at first (she must not have listened to May I Feel? as many times as I have), but the message sinks in: he's alive and staying at the same hotel! In fact, Richard Dickie Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie) is staying in the exact same suite where Sophie Alekan lost her life.

Poor Jonathan (Tom Hiddleston) looks so stressed out, he's back where he might be recognised at any time, he's lost all his support due to Dickie's sleight of hand and he's dangling by a thread due to his relationship with Jed.

Dickie and Jed (Elizabeth Debicki) will be busy (as in bizzay), Dickie suggests Jonathan take in some of the sights! See Cairo since he's never been there before. But first he's arranged some company, the Langbournes are here. Huh. Well, last time we saw Caroline Langbourne (Natasha Little), she was trying to beat the shit out of both Dickie AND her husband Sandy (Alistair Petrie) so I guess they had some grade-A marriage counseling over the weekend.

Marriage is complicated, y'all

Dickie monologues a bit about how he misses Corky, he could have accepted a traitor, they can be forgiven. Be double agents, even, oh and here's Freddie Hamid (David Avery), hi! You know, the young man who threatened our Jonathan with a gun and then dragged him all over from pillar to post to get into Sophie Alekan's room before he killed her? That guy! I do remember Freddie looking away from Jonathan a lot during the scenes in the hotel suite, and thought it was odd, but perhaps it will serve us well now.

Freddie welcomes Jonathan to Cairo, let's have some fun! I can buy that a rich and entitled heir in distress might not notice the Help.

Omar Barghati (Nasser Memarzia) and entourage are there to seal the deal; who's ready to sell some WMD? Sandy is! Lawyer Kouyami (Bijan Daneshmand - he is DISHY) is not so sure: he'd like Richard Onslow Roper's personal assurance that this deal will go through without a hitch. They were slightly spooked by the US Army converging on Roper's trucks on the Syrian border. He gets Roper's guarantee.

I know this is all very high tech and the lot, but a bunch of businessmen awkwardly passing around laptops looks rinky-dink.

Jonathan's sneaking a minute with Jed at the bar, she can't take it, she doesn't want to sleep with Roper one more night, she wants to GO. He sells some more Greater Good and throws in a hand squeeze, but I think Roper caught the tail end of that.


This show really is the most beautiful tripe.

Caroline's trying to embarrass Jonathan for his closeness to Richard, but he knows what's up. Why she back then? Perhaps a traitor brought back into the fold to spy on Richard's girlfriend perhaps? Have fun shopping, ladies! Caroline admits it to Jed, Richard threatened to keep her children from her if she didn't.

Joel (David Harewood) flags Jonathan down in the hallway, he has a message from London. It's Angela, yay! He's so happy to see her! She warns him, if he wants out, she can do it right now. She's lost her army, it's just her and Joel now and Joel thinks he's playing both sides. Jonathan plugged the leak by killing a man, he's not going anywhere, or remembering proper English.


Jonathan makes his way into the kitchen of the hotel to see his old friend Youssuf (Amir El-Masry) who he asks to speak to about a recipe for Tourli. Really, he needs to ask if Youssuf's brother is still active in the Resistance movement, he's putting a plan in motion.

So is Jed, she finagles the number to the safe lock (seriously? The super secret top shelf scary WMD documentation is in a hotel room safe?) as Jonathan mingles with the Langbournes below.

Jonathan and Jed are taking too many risks, too many long eye-cuddles behind Roper's back. He's not a stupid man, he's just so far a predictable one. Just like Sandy, reminding Caroline that he's got the money and she better toe the line and keep an eye on Jed.

Freddie's trying to make friends with Jonathan, want a girl? No, none for him, fanks, he's driving and absolutely not, there's no reason Freddie should think they've met before. Let's play roulette!

Jed manages to pass Jonathan the safe's combination through betting; he texts it to Angela who goes charging off. Joel tries to give her his gun and she makes me laugh when she says "bloody hell, don't be silly, Joel, I'm English!" She finally takes it, he's not letting her go without it. She waddles down to the suite, getting the key from Youssuf disguised as a room service waiter and  finds the documents! Yay Angela!

Tabby (Hovik Keuchkerian) has come back to the room early, though, shite! Angela hides in the bathroom and is saved by the phone ringing just in the nick of time. Somehow Joel figured out she was in trouble and called pretending to be an international courier.

Freddie is having a rough night, drinking too much and losing a LOT of money in his dad's casino. I wouldn't say Richard usually works with amateurs like this, does he? Jonathan just keeps feeding Freddie alcohol, better that than have him grow a memory.

Richard is VERY suspicious of Jed it seems, she's being too nice and he knows that ain't right. His suspicion is heightened when Jed seems overly concerned with Jonathan being the one to put Freddie to bed.

So now it's just Freddie and Jonathan, it's just a matter of time until Jonathan kills Freddie, yeah? After all, as much as Richard Roper was responsible for Sophie Alekan's death, it was Freddie's hands that delivered the blows.

Jonathan continues to drug Freddie and now it's time: Jonathan asks about Sophie, was Roper in the room when he killed Sophie? He was and Freddie's usefulness is at an end.


He gets back to the hotel, soggy pants and all, Angela left the certificate at the desk for him. For why? He asks for a car, it's Youssuf; he must be planning to incite the revolution with this document? First he's going to check on the shipment personally with that certificate. He lets everyone else in the back door of the military compound while Angela waits anxiously at the hotel.

They have a plan, Youssuf's brother Ahmer (Aymen Hamdouchi) and Jonathan, he's to call a number to get the party started and we'll see what that means shortly!

Jed awakens to a polite knock on the door, it's breakfast time! Inside the newspaper is the certificate for her to return to the safe but...the combination has been changed. I'd just throw it behind and pretend it fell out, but she looks petrified. Richard already suspects that she's up to no good. That courier that didn't exist twigged his and Tabby's brains and they must have changed it after she went to bed.

The other problem is that those safes are SUPER noisy and beep-y, Richard already knew what she was up to from the get-go. He just wants to know WHO she let into the room to steal from him. Time is up for Jed

Andrew's doing some telephone banking, but he looks worried. He knows he's left another of his women at risk in the hands of Richard Onslow Roper.


He transfers all the money away and that's it, everyone's fate is sealed.

Frisky's drowning Jed in the bathtub while Roper enjoys a Cafe Latte in his silk robe, come on, darling! Better to give it up! She's already bruised and beat to shit and it's gross because she's also wearing a white chemise and one of her breasts is out and the other one may as well be.

Cuppa break.

Roper knows all about her and Jonathan; he saw that look in the casino.

Rob's got Drumgool over a barrel with the image of that certificate, what do Rob and Angela want? They want him to stay out of the Egyptian affairs, no safety net for Roper, nothing. Lord Edmure looks angry but stuck.

The next morning, the game is on. Roper and Jonathan smile in the back of the car while each waits for the other to make their move. Sandy's been through the list of every single hotel guest and they all check out except for guess who? NO, GUESS??!! Frisky is to take care of it.

Jed is still alive, but beaten badly and shaking. Frisky will be taking her with him when he delivers room service to Angela.

Roper, Tabby and Jonathan arrive to look at the weapons...and all they see is a chair. A chair for Jonathan to sit in and be punched by Tabby. I wouldn't go in, but that's just me. I'm allergic to being punched, makes me swell right up.

Richard's disappointed, he really trusted Jonathan! He saved Dickie's son's life and everything! More monologuing then he shows Jonathan a picture of Jed beaten and looking like a drowned cat.

Ah, they don't want to kill him yet, he still has to meet and be the face for the buyers. They just need his cooperation and the pic of Jed is meant to do that. Her life is based on his selling this act to the buyers


Jed is being led to Angela's room when Joel sees Tabby has a gun on Jonathan, get out, Angela! Go! Too late, Frisky's there already, thank goodness Angela got that gun from Joel! He's using Jed as a shield, but Angela manages to get a shot off into Frisky's leg, I hope that's near the artery, you sadistic wanker! Angela grabs Jed and runs

The buyers check the cargo, Kouyami is entirely content! (And DISHY!) Time to transfer the rest of the money! Instead of having his iris checked, Jonathan pushes in the launch code....and everything goes boom.


Houyami would like his money back, please. The merchandise wasn't as inspected and he'd like to return it. Oh, but the first payment is gone too, shame that. Oh and Richard Onslow Roper will not be pushed around by "little brown rats" like Houyami, he'll get his money when Richard's good and ready!

That's the first time Dickie's raised his voice, he must be REALLY mad. He might even break a sweat soon!

He puts a gun to Jonathan's head; Jonathan will get him the money if he lets Jed go. (It's okay, you don't gotta do that, Angela's got Jed, she's fine!) They go back to the hotel to find Angela waiting in Roper's suite. After introductions (the English are sooo polite, it must be where us Canucks get it from!), Jonathan runs off to get Jed and Angela squares off with Dickie.

Dickie doesn't have time for her, who is she in the grand scheme of things anyway? He's calling Halo, who...isn't answering. High and dry is our Dickie. I hope he doesn't raise his voice again.

Now it's Angela's turn to monologue! The Sports Day in Kurdistan comes up, but Dickie covered his arse by putting every company in someone else's name. Like Tradepass belongs to Andrew Birch (who's reallu Jonathan Pine, of course, I just didn't want to keep typing Jonathan/Andrew all the time and you knew what was going on anyway, right? The Hiddles!).

Joel enters and has the Egyptian police arrest Roper, just after he indirectly threatens Angela's baby, but hey! At least we get to see the bad guys in cuffs! It's all looking very regular until Houyami and his entourage roll up and put some bad guys in with Roper, who suddenly looks scared for the first time. Then we get this glorious sight.


Jed and Jonathan are reunited and nekkid and deliriously happy to be together. She's going home to see her kiddo! She's worried that her son won't recognise her, but Jonathan will fill him in if he doesn't. He's gonna come visit soon. They kiss goodbye like they've just fallen asleep


She drives away and that's it, our Night Manager has avenged his lost lady love and has a new life to look forward to, without bogeyman Dickie Roper hanging above.

Thanks to everyone who read along, sorry it took so long, I hope to see you on another series soon! Cheers, mates!