Wentworth S3:E12 Blood and Fire Recap


Everything is coming to a head on Wentworth, the Governor is losing it, Fletcher is regaining it and Bea is the puppeteer / victim behind it all. Will Franky get her parole? Will Dory lose her baby to evil Jess? I will be looking for these answers and more in the season three finale of Wentworth. Rolling S3:E12 after the break

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Wentworth S3:E8 Goldfish Recap


Hi guys! I swear, I was all set to do the final Rose and Maloney and realised at the last moment that I didn't actually have it...so Wentworth it is! Yay! I like this show and I missed it and CG has been freaking me out on Twitter with non-spoilery comments about Season 4, so I'm going to try to plow through as fast I can. Let's roll into S3:E8 Goldfish!

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