Wentworth S4:E8 Plan Bea Recap

Hi everyone, it’s Wentworth Prison Wednesday for me, can anyone explain to me why they call it Wentworth Prison when the facility is called Wentworth Correctional? Oh, it’s because I’m a pedant? Totally makes sense, rolling S4:E8 Plan Bea after the break!

Awww Bea (Danielle Cormack) and Allie (Kate Jenkinson) are so cute, flirting surreptitiously in the cafeteria. By that I mean completely obvious to anyone with eyes, like Maxine (Socratis Otto) who thinks it’s awesome too!

Allie finishes her shift in the kitchen, smiling at the clock while at the exact same time, Bea is smiling at nothing in the yard. Awwww. Sorry, they’re so sweet together! Dory (Shareena Clanton) isn’t together with them anymore, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) makes me laugh with her “Look at Doors. I bet she’s real bored. She looks bored, eh?” Liz (Celia Ireland) agrees, but Maxine knows why: Kaz (Tammy McIntosh) gives a 20 minute speech every day about power and oppression. Sounds like a laff riot! No, Dory doesn’t have “post-natal oppression”, Booms.

Bea makes her way to the kitchen for some alone time with DJ Allie Cat, it’s so cute because she’s so happy! But has no idea how to move anything forward, settling for grinning nervously at Allie and heading into a backroom with lots of glances. Allie gets the ball rolling with a move on first base but Bea is really at her wit’s end: she doesn’t know what to do! I’m not laughing at her, I swear I’d be the same, all jokey and trying to figure out what goes where all stealthily.

They start by sitting on the floor, how was your day? NO TIME FOR THAT! Okay, what were you into, Bea? I’m going to guess not a whole lot, but Allie is very sure

Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) listens outside the door with a sly smile before heading out to round up Kaz in the yard to go over their Killing Bea Smith Plan. She has to push Kaz pretty hard, they’ve never killed anyone before.

So here’s one for you: the Red Right Hand has never actually killed anyone but for their first homicide as a group against the oppression and abuse of women, they’re choosing not only a WOMAN, but the woman who inspired the very group itself.

Seems legit.

Ferguson makes her way over to Tina Mercado (Charli Tjoe) to ask for some Roofies, WHAT is she planning? Hm.

Boomer’s got a plan, too! She wants to be Maxine’s Support Person at the hospital and she has a whole speech written on her arm and everything! Governor Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) and Bridget Westfall (Libby Tanner hay gurl hay!) listen with as straight faces as possible, there is no way to not love Boomer. She’s like a giant toddler, sincere and goes violent lightning fast and then melts your heart with a well-timed kiss to the belly.

Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) listens to the ladies in HBlock scheming to get Maxine’s hand held (okay I teared up too, you know you did!), Liz notices that she’s pulled away and follows to chat a bit. Sonia lost her husband to cancer 7 years ago, but the worst part is that he disappeared first. I immediately assumed she killed him too, although I sort of grudgingly like Sonia. Her work during the vote counting warmed my pedant heart. I think she suspects that Liz is being more than just solicitous, however.

Bea and Allie are breaking up their makeout sesh, just ten more seconds, Mom! Allie wants to know if they’re going to go public or just keep hanging out in a closet? It’s hard for Bea (Allie’s hand goes up her shirt just then) but Allie says it’s hard for her too! She’ll be telling everyone (ear nibble) she’s with (hand gliding into bra) the person who turned them in.

*record scratch*

Bea’s done making out; what’s this about her shopping the Red Right Hand and getting them sent to prison? She doesn’t care what Kaz thinks, what does ALLIE think? She can’t believe Allie doesn’t believe her! She may or may not come tomorrow at the same time, she’ll think about it.

Bea’s witness statement is ready, she just needs one more little thing before she signs it…

Like a good little psychopath, Ferguson is having a checkup with Nurse Ratchett (Madeline Jevic) before she goes and tests the Rohypnol on herself. She’s so organized, I remember how impressed I was with that in the beginning before all the murder-y parts. It takes 32:43 for the roofies to kick in.

The next day, Ferguson stops by and riles Boomer up as she’s packing for Maxine, WHY does anyone listen to a word she says?

Ah now we know the time of the attack; after Maxine leaves of course.

Kaz can’t do it, she can’t kill a woman. Ferguson chides her. She’s just creating a distraction, not killing anyone and anyway one day it will come down to her or Bea, they’re just making sure it isn’t her doing the dying.

Bridget’s doing her Welcome Wagon stop in Sonia’s cell; her door is closed which is a no-no. She doesn’t want to mix with any of the women, except Liz, who she calls a “nice tea lady” and I don’t know what that is, but it doesn’t sound good, yo.

Sonia’s best friend Liz is in with dishy Don Kaplan (Steve Bastoni) again; he’s brought treats! And the information that Sonia’s husband was a suspected homicide and Sonia was indeed a suspect in his disappearance. She got off thanks to her lovely friend Helen vouching for her, you know, the missing woman Sonia is suspected of killing. Man, my radar is ON POINT today!

So now Sonia’s a serial killer, Don hopes he hasn’t undermined Liz’s progress? What’s her cover story for these meetings, anyway? Ohhhh Liz, you can’t use Bridget as a cover, she’s in with Sonia! ALSO, Bridget is not a bore, you hush.

I miss Franky

Will Jackson comes in for his shift to find a naked Jake Stewart (Bernard Curran) wandering around with a towel, asking questions about Vera, of all things. A clearly uncomfortable Will parses out a bit of information about Vera’s sex-life: straight, dated a prison guard, before bolting just before Jake drops his towel. I’m guessing Jake is a sex symbol on this show, given how much skin we just saw. I am further supposing that he wears a speedo whilst he sunbathes.

It’s time for Maxine to go for surgery, Boomer’s application to go with is denied. Everyone cries and hugs and even Sonia comes out for a cheek kiss and I was good until she told Bea to go for it.

All the tears. Ferguson makes her move, riling a devastated Boomer up that extra notch against Vera not fighting Channing for her so Bea’s backup muscle gets slotted just before lunch.

Jake wants to know about “Vinegar Tits” what’s up with that? Vera brushes it off, it’s just a nickname, they all get one, he will too. He makes me laugh with his “but Linda’s is Smiles…?”

Liz makes a little headway with Sonia, who’s willing to talk about her husband’s disappearance a bit. She’s very credible! She’s like a duck, all the movement is under the water.

Bea’s asked for a session with Bridget, she needs some lesbian assistance! Bridget dated men in her twenties, so she’s seen both sides and so have many women. Bea wants to know if “gate-gay” is real and Bridget’s no dummy, she can sort where this is going. Bea makes to bolt, Bridget stops her with advice she would give to a woman who maybe has fallen in love with a woman and is panicking.

It’s time.

Ferguson slips the roofies into some juice, time for Kaz’s distraction. Bea bites hard on Kaz’s bait and Ferguson gets her chance to switch out the glasses. 32:47 until it’s go time.

Bea’s too distracted by the fight to drink her juice, though, walking away then…back she comes and drinks it all in one shot as Kaz and Ferguson watch. Kaz unsure, Ferguson gleeful.

Kaz and the women gather Allie and drag her away, time to make a stand for Maxine! Ferguson stays in the kitchen, all the better to meet Bea alone.

Should I mention the significant difference in Ferguson and Bea’s bodyweight? Re: timing of the drug kicking in? Nah

Ferguson covers Bea’s screams with kitchen fans while Kaz and crew stage a sit-in and Allie stares at the clock. Ferguson waits outside the door until she hears the screams stop.

Ferguson monologues about what’s happening to Bea’s body as the Rohypnol takes affect, ending with “that’s it, just let yourself succumb.”

Will’s been banished to watching the sit-in from the Governor’s office (too many run-ins with Kaz already), so he’s the one who receives Gareth (Richard Piper) the prosecutor who has that information for Bea and needs her signature. Let’s go track her down!

Like NOW!!! Since Ferguson has dragged her inert body onto the sink area in the kitchen, I thought Ferguson was running water to cover the noise of Bea screaming but now I see she had an entirely other use for that water. The worst part is that Bea is fully aware, just not able to move at all. AND having to listen to Ferguson’s bullshit, I mean, come ON.

Gareth plays the 911 call that had Kaz turned in; it’s so clearly Ferguson that we both stare

He rabbits right away to the sit-in as FERGUSON STARTS TO DROWN BEA!!!!! WHAT THE FARK YOU GUYS!!

Then Kaz is in and upon her and Allie is saving Bea’s life and Kaz has Ferguson’s face pushed in the deep fryer and then Ferguson’s hand is in the oil and AAHHHHHHH FARK!!!! The skin is all split and Will is there and is Bea dead???? Is she??? What????

And we’re out now??????? Are you joking!?!? Oh come ON!!! Dang it. Okay fine, until next time, but BEA BETTER BE OKAY, FERGUSON!! I’m warning you!!