Wentworth S3:E1 The Governor’s Pleasure Recap


This is part two of my Wentworth Sunday Double / Triple Header; EVERYTHING happened last episode, let's see where the chips fell. Rolling S3:E1 The Governor's Pleasure after the break.

So. Last time, Bea escaped and killed Brayden Holt, to be taken into custody WITH Will Jackson, who had been returning her to the prison. Ferguson came somewhat clean to Vera but threatened to tell on Vera's euthanization of her mother if she said anything. Fletcher put it all together and was killed immediately by Ferguson's thug. Franky's given up the women to Bea, in effect turning down Ferguson's offer.

We open with an update on Bea; she plead guilty (and unrepentant) and was sentenced to life without parole. Vinnie Holt had a heart attack and died after Brayden's funeral so that's one entire crime family wiped out by a meek hairdresser who took ages to stand up to her abusive husband. Don't ever discount people.

Bea has a LOT of support on the outside, including a very loud blonde woman watching her televised perp walk from the courthouse. Our friend, Jovanka the reporter, gives Bea a minute of air time and Bea uses it to rail against the Governor's removal of prisoner privileges.

Governor Ferguson is under review by the board, it's not going well. Thank the gods she managed to push Channing so firmly over that barrel or she'd be out on her arse. The question of the day is: how will Ferguson keep control?

Bea's back.

She's brought into Wentworth Correctional and then into the Strip Search room, where Vera AND Ferguson are waiting. Bea's words to Ferguson echo Franky's first words to her "like to watch, do you?"

Ferguson remains dispassionate throughout the strip search, dryly commenting that Bea's concern about the privileges that have been revoked might be better spent thinking about Liz, who's back in Protection, which means alone.

Dory's visiting Liz at least, showing her the sonogram pics and filling her (and us) in on what's happening in the prison. No phone, no TV, it's been MONTHS for the prisoners and at least Vera understood that you have to keep the prisoners somewhat happy. Franky seems happy though! She's got a new gig in the kitchen, which is a good fit for her background, and a new ladyfriend


I didn't quite catch her name, but she and Franky seem really good together. Franky's come up with a new way to bring in drugs, inside chickens. I fear her ladyfriend's lack of poker face is going to be a problem.

Vera interrupts to bring Franky to see Ferguson, who is understandably edgy, given that she won't be getting rid of Bea any time soon. It seems Franky and Ferguson DID come to terms after all, I must have misunderstood last time. At least they HAD an agreement, Ferguson's calling it over now, Franky's on her own.

May I say? A year's hiatus has done wonders for Franky, she looks even more gorgeous than usual!

Bea's led back into the yard, Maxine is the first to greet her. She's grown her hair out! Cindy Lou (Who?) (Miles Paras) and her henchwoman approacheth: Franky isn't letting them use the kitchens off-times as she's supposed to, is Bea going to sort that? I think Maxine knows Korean / Mandarin / Cantonese?

Bea's back in H2 being met by an ecstatic Dory who's handing out sonogram pics to all and sundry. Hey, how did it go this morning?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I legit laughed for a full minute

Maxine looks great with dark hair, that butterscotch didn't match her colouring at all!

Ferguson is giving a pep talk to the guards. Hey look! Will's back! He had a four month suspension but didn't get fired. Will take. If only he'd answered one of the calls from Fletcher.

Oh and the prison is instituting a non-smoking policy; I remember when that happened here in Canada. Ferguson is not taking the recommended 3 years to implement, they're starting today. No cigs. Miles pushes back, but Ferguson isn't really the collaborative type. She doesn't care how the women take it.

A new staff member is in the lunchroom, it's Bridget Westfall (Libby Tanner) and she's a forensic psychologist on full time to work on recidivism programs. She wasn't invited to the staff briefing this morning and she wants to see Bea, is the Governor going to obstruct? Ferguson warns her to watch out for manipulator Bea (pot? Meet the giant obliterative kettle!), but Bridget knows what's up. She's used to all types.


I think I like this Bridget!

Franky has come to see Bea, who is VERY much in charge. She sorts out the Cindy Lou (Who? I'm sorry, I can't not! It's like a tic!) and sets Maxine up on the kitchen roster against Franky and Boomer's wishes.

Will comes and collects Bea then, she awkwardly makes small talk which he does not answer. He's taking her to see Bridget, though, not Ferguson as usual. Let's see how these two hit it off!

Hey! Bea's got a new 'do! Is that an undercut?


Bea stumps a bit for the women, they need their privileges reinstated! Bridget lets slip that the Governor is under her own pressures, ahhhh says Bea. She's got it now, Ferguson has to be seen to be tough against the women since Bea's escape and homicide made her look bad. Bea takes her leave, no offense, she's glad Bridget's there, but she doesn't need this type of help. Cheers

What the inmates really need is to not have their smokes taken away, Bea organizes a smoke-up in yard, no work until the smokes are all gone. She stares down Ferguson, she's just gotten life without parole, what else can she do to her?

I would not ask that of Governor Ferguson. I would not.

The Governor's opening salvo is Liz being released from Protective Custody; I hope you have enough power to protect her life, Bea. Bea blows it immediately by getting angry and loud and saying Ferguson can't do that, of course she can. She's slotted for insubordination, I hope Maxine's able to keep Liz safe.

Poor Liz, she's nothing but a plot device or a pawn.

Lucy (Sally-Ann Upton) is just WAITING in HBlock to murder Liz, but Maxine manages to get the message out before being escorted away to Medical. Bea said nobody better touch her.

Liz waits all alone in her cell, waiting for the first comer, which is Boomer. Thank you for not showing me that. Bea screams in the Slot as the Code Black alarms go off.

You know I love Boomer, but Bea better make an example of her.

Holy shite, Fletcher's alive. And Vera's in to see him in rehabilitation. He has brain damage as well as physical impairment, but he's retained enough to know that he wants to see Will.

Ferguson's in to gloat over Liz's injuries. She'll live but she's hurt and it's as though Bea STILL doesn't get it. She can't understand how Ferguson can put someone's life in danger to prove a point.

Boomer's bragging about her exploits in the kitchen, ah ah, Maxine's there now. I hope Maxine takes Booms out, as much as I like her, that was not right. Bea managed to scratch a note on the back of her tray, it says NOW

Maxine is gone and organizing, it leads to a bonfire in the yard and some scared guards


Oh god, Liz's face is beat to shite.

Ferguson sussed immediately that Franky spit into her food and she doesn't so much as touch it. She's too busy yelling at Channing for not doing a better job of advocating for her on the board. That's interrupted by a radio call from Will about the yard. Channing follows her down to see the absolute chaos in the exercise yard.

She wants to let it burn out on it's own, sod the SAS team, but Channing pushes. If the board finds out...

Vera's on her own, oh NO!!! She's grabbed by a half dozen women completely covered up, I can't tell who they are!! DON'T YOU HURT VERA!!! SHE'S HAD A REALLY HARD GO OF IT!!

Are they making a run on Liz????

Bloody hell, they ARE!!! No, no, it's okay, they're just going by.

They're all sort of portly, if that helps?

Franky is frustrated in the kitchen, she can't unload the food with the drugs innit because they're in lockdown.

Ferguson FINALLY realises how much trouble this riot really is once the portly abductors start spraying cameras, the fire is a diversion and she should have called for backup as Channing's been screaming.

The radio pings, they give their ransom demands and show Vera being contained. Is this to get Bea out of containment?

They've got a needle at Vera's neck and are demanding access to a door but Ferguson won't allow it. She does not negotiate with terrorists and Channing has had ENOUGH. He snatches the radio from her hands and gives the portly abductors what they want. Ferguson seethes


They let Bea out of the Slot and put Vera in her place, I think Bea did that so she can protect Vera. Vera sits in that cell and wipes blood from the needle off her hands, that was very close.

The prisoners in the yard want to speak with Ferguson. Oh and BEA is there too now!


Bea knows that the only thing Ferguson can't have is outside knowledge of her failure, Bea has her right where she wants her. Ferguson doesn't run this prison: Bea does.


And we're out. Welcome to the new age indeed. Long Live the Reign of Queen Bea! She's different than the other people who've run the prison this far; she has the respect of the women because she takes care of them. Franky ruled through drugs and information, Jacs through fear and Ferguson through intimidation; I bet Bea does better. Cheers you lot, until next time!