Wentworth S2:E12 Fear Her Recap


This is it, we've reached the season two finale of Wentworth! I've been advised to watch this and the season three opener one right after the other, so it's gonna be a Wentworth Correctional Day, y'all! Rolling S2:E12 Fear Her after the break.

We left last time with Bea Smith roaming free. We all know she's going after Brayden Holt, I'm just hoping she has a better plan than last time.

OHHHHHHHHH the Previously On explains the wrist gashes Bea made after her fight with Franky. The guards don't use handcuffs on slashed wrists, which Bea knew because she saw Sky in Medical after she tried to dive off the roof.

I love this fecking show; the level of detail, the intricacy of the writing. I understand some serials like to put on a full product from start to finish that doesn't build a backstory and I respect that if it's kept interesting enough. For example, I did not find HTGAWM interesting enough, although I LOVED the cases themselves and thought it would have been better if they had done that. I thought it fell victim to Too Many TimeSlips Syndrome.

Bea's been sleeping outside in a graveyard, jeez, lady, look for cover!! Oh I'm sorry, it's at Debbie's grave and I get that. She says sorry, arranges some flowers, and is on the move. That's the thing, she's in a huge city and nobody is going to snag her, and they don't. In almost every other show, you see a successful manhunt completed within the first 30 seconds. I WILL say that it's odd that isn't the first place they looked for her, Will saw the brochure of where Debbie was being buried and we got a great slow screenshot of it, so I'm surprised they didn't just meet her there.

Bea steals a wallet on the street, which is risky but probably necessary and is successfully ignored by police.

Will is getting raked over the coals by Ferguson, but that's just the tip of the iceberg: EVERYONE is feeling the wrath of the Governor.


I've never seen Ferguson lose control before. Dory and I don't know where to look.

Vera's figured out about the package to Liz, I hope Bea makes it there first. Miles and Fletcher gossip about the escape when Vera comes in to collect him. He's required in the Governor's office and ooooohhh he's in so much trouble!!

They know about Bea using his swipe card to get the box-cutter; he swears the cord must have been cut. He appeals to Vera, but that ship has sailed, Fletch. I'm sure he smells like leftover vagina and yesterday's booze on a 24-hour shift, so. Ferguson threatens to sandbag Fletcher with the Walford Governor, she just wants him GONE. And she doesn't even hate him as much as she hates Will!

I worry for Will.

The girls in the yard are all very impressed with Bea's long game, Franky finds very quickly that whether Bea is there or not; she's no longer in charge. Even Booms won't help her make a run on Maxine. Ferguson's content with that, at least, and she shores up her support on the board with Channing.

Kim's trying to cheer Franky up, but Franky's not really in the mood.Oh but she is!


She's still got Kim, yeah, she's still got her, oh but she doesn't. Kim's getting paroled. Is Franky happy for her? Errr. Let's just think about that for a second. Franky throws a temper tantrum, calling Kim a Gate-Gay (which must mean Gay Of Convenience) but she hasn't ever treated Kim properly. She talks about Kim using her, presumably for protection, but she's the one always tossing her aside when she's angry, bored or busy and using Kim as an outlet for frustration when she's none of those. Franky is ALL about Franky. I've had friends like Franky, so tough on the outside; all paranoia and all they they see is what they can get to protect themselves and they just use the people around them while fixating on threats, real or imagined. I may have been Franky at some point in the recent past.

I still love Franky.

Vera's signing Fletcher out. Hey, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you!


Aww, he misses the old Vera, you know... the one he liked to attack and ignore and mock and say things like "fuck you, Vera" and all that. She and I do not miss the old Vera.

Fletcher's walking out when he sees Jesus Kelly being led out in street clothes, she's being transferred to Barnhurst. Fletcher jumps into the van with the guard, he REALLY wants to find out what's going on with Jesus Kelly and the Governor.

Liz is enjoying the fresh air and a smoke when Bea comes up and scares the life out of her. Where's the gun? Liz swears she got rid of it, but no way. Liz makes me laugh when she says "you don't even know how to use it! You're a hairdresser for godsakes!" Let's just say that is not an argument that works in the United States, I saw a program where sandwich artists were packing in Subway. I bet a stylist in the States would be required to have an AK-47

Liz begs Bea to reconsider, but honestly, I'm on Bea's side. She's going to spend the rest of her life in prison anyway, all she has left is her revenge on Brayden. Er, um, except for the part where you should never kill anyone, any life is a life, sorry, sorry. I'm the worst lapsed Buddhist EVER, I swear.

Bea climbs out the window just as the police make it to Liz's flat, Liz's parole depends now on her ability to lie convincingly. Bea had to threaten the creep who's been attacking Liz, though, so it depends on his ability to STFU as well. Liz makes me laugh when a cop holds up her knife - what's that? "It's a steak knife, love." What's it for? "Waiting for a steak."

Bea is back in the wind and now she's armed.

Fletcher's making the most of his last day at Wentworth, he's got Jesus Kelly cornered in the van. Ohhhhhh, Ferguson was having a sexual relationship with Gianna, who killed herself when Will took away her baby. Jesus Kelly saw them together "doing stuff" and I didn't pick up a sexual vibe at all! I was surprised at the level of caring Ferguson had for a prisoner, seeing as she has ZERO now, but huh. A relationship? Fletcher immediately puts together the connection to Will, but Will isn't picking up.

Dory's pissed that Nash hasn't come to see her, he's been out for four days! I don't want to be overly pessimistic, but in prison, she was one in a million and in the outside world, she's one of millions. It's a matter of access. I hope I'm wrong! He's adorable and seemed sensible.

Franky gets shoved just then, it seems moves are being plotted all over. Ferguson would like to see the toppled matriarch. Now.

Ferguson offers the same deal she offered Bea to Franky; no bites yet. Nash is trying to get in to see Dory (yay for Dory!), which distracts Miles enough that she gives Fletcher her swipe card so he can go see Ferguson with the recording he made of Jesus Kelly's revelations.

He bursts into Ferguson's office, he knows it all! She's not a Governor, she's a psychopath. If so, he'd better consider his moves carefully, hadn't he? He's going straight to the department with this and that's it; Fletcher's time is up. He tries to explain to Vera, but she's not having it. Her lack of imagination probably will help her in the long run. Ferguson makes a call.

Nash has taken to wandering around the parking lot shouting "Dory", maybe she'll hear from the yard! She does!!! She hears it and they shout back and forth and then she ends with "I'M PREGNANT" and we all wait with baited breath to see what he says...


I cried, oh shush, you know you did too!!

Everyone does except Jess


What's her game? Was she thinking she was going to end up with Dory's baby?

Vera would just like to confirm that Fletcher was talking out his arse earlier about Blackmore, perhaps Ferguson would be kind enough to explain? Oh but that's not what Ferguson's going to do, she always makes decisions, tough ones even, for the greater good. Just like what Vera did with her mother, right? The implication is clear.

Franky gets a status update from Boomer, Cindy Lou (Who?) from CBlock is getting a crew together to make a run at top dog; Franky is left with one option. Ferguson.

LIZ IS ORDERING A DRINK??? WHAT???? DON'T DRINK THAT!! Good decisions do not come from GIN AND TONIC!

Will walks in just then; tell him before you drink a drink!! She tells him Bea is headed to the airport, he gives Ferguson an update while making that run.

Ferguson throws Will all the way under the bus with the police, calling him complicit in Bea's escape and calling them "involved," armed and dangerous" She asks for and gets confirmation from Vera. Oh Vera.

Oh Vera. Of all that went wrong, that felt the worst.

Bea's staked outside of Brayden's business, he's inside about to shoot up another young miss as she looks for a way in.

HOW WOULD THEY NOT GO TO BRAYDEN'S PLACE TO LOOK FOR BEA?? She already made an attempt on his life!

Bea makes it in JUST before Brayden injects the young woman, she seems in control. I just hope she's fast, because she let the young woman go and no way she's not calling the police. Bea wants to hear Brayden say it; why he killed Debbie, and he does cop to his mom ordering it. Bea orders him to inject himself the same way he injected Debbie but he won't. She'll have to shoot him. She lines up and

Will walks in, he lied to Fergsuon! Ah Will, don't let it end like this, she had to end it on her own. Being forced to let him walk away isn't going to help her at all. Brayden makes the fatal mistake of smirking as he's walking out and that is the last thing he does. She shoots Brayden right in the temple and legit: this was me.


And now it's done.

The police have the area surrounded, I'm so worried that they'll kill Will too His phone keeps ringing, it's Fletcher but


Me again:


Will brings Bea down to surrender, he does NOT understand why he's being treated like this. I think Ferguson was hoping he'd be killed in a shootout.

Everyone watches on the TV and ohhhh. Liz drank the double G&T. Oh Liz. Boomer doesn't understand why Will is being brought into custody but Franky is thinking ahead.

Liz only had enough money for one drink anyway, she's being brought back to Wentworth for her role in Bea's escape.

Bea is brought back in and the REAL game is set: Bea against Ferguson, the two players in this.


Bea isn't to be put into isolation, though, straight back into H2 where Franky will welcome her with open arms. Bea isn't afraid of Ferguson any longer.


I'm counting crew members as Bea is brought in; she's got Jess and Maxine at least. Franky comes out of her cell to welcome her back, AND pass over her crown. "This is Queen Bea. She's the top dog now, anyone got a problem with that?" Nobody does. Heavy wears the head that wore the crown, she's more than willing to hand it over.


And we're oot. Holy FECK!! On to the next. I'm sorry there are so many gifs, I find it almost impossible to resist capturing every move Ferguson makes. She's CAPTIVATING.