Wentworth S2:E11 Into the Night Recap


Welcome back to Wentworth Correctional, carrying on through my binge-recap. Rolling S2:E11 Into the Night (great movie!) after the break.

We open with a bloody Bea being wheeled into medical, her hands and face are covered. I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out if she was jumped at the end of last episode, but I don't remember ANYTHING! She must be trying out the coagulants and smeared herself with her own blood. Or it's a timeslip

We're watching a clean Bea work out in her cell, she's meditating and doing dips and taking more of those coagulants from Margie the hemophiliac.

In the lunchroom Bea tells farty-Dory (pregnancy is hella gassy - true story) she wants something from Toni again and is motioned over to join Franky at The Big Table. You know, since Booms isn't there. Why isn't Boomer there again? Oh right, Bea goaded her into a fight at the phones, where she was trying to arrange to have Liz bashed. Franky asks what Bea could possibly have said and this is too beautiful to not be attached to Bea's face.


You see



Then she leaves. This whole exchange is being watched by Governor Ferguson, who looks more powdered than normal.

Toni can't make it to the prison, so Bea tells her to bring what she ordered over to Liz in Standshead house. I hope it's something like a sign that says "BOOMER IS TRYING TO HAVE YOU BASHED. BE CAREFUL" in glowing neon or a gun.

Liz herself is practicing for job interviews, but she's having a hard time with the situation with her kiddos and it's derailing her. Bea strongarms Dory into calling Liz so she can warn her and it's only noticeable in it's ferocity. Franky won't be running things by the end of the day?? She just told Franky that was all in her head! How is she planning to set up a drugs network and take Franky out in 8.5 hours?

Bea tells Liz to make sure she's there to receive her special package and WHAT'S GOING ON?? Liz was trying to tell Bea about her visit with Sophie and Bea's being all weird!

And why does everyone physically push Dory around; she's pregnant!!

Fletcher's doing intake, Kelly (Christen O'Leary) thought her name was a saintly one because that's the only way she ever heard it - Jesus Kelly! She makes me laugh and I like her already, even if she thinks she's a bit off the norm.


She stops dead mid-cough and freezes when she sees Governor Ferguson, which Fletcher notes. She looks like a rabbit caught staring down a wolf.

Franky and Sky are shaking down Jess; has she heard anything about this move of Bea's? Or does she wanna hump? Franky will take either info or bum, but Jess doesn't know anything. Jesus Kelly's arrival breaks it up and Jess takes the opportunity to make a move on Fletcher. It's his last day! I'm quite surprised she hasn't been quietly pushed up against something uncomfortable, she's been putting the time in. He asks her to keep an eye on poor wee jumpy Jesus Kelly and in return she suggests he pop a mint. Smells like he's been celebrating already.

Bea's spacing out in the laundry room when Franky goes into Phase 2: talk Bea out of coming after her job. She knows Ferguson's setting Bea up against her, and she warns Bea, but since she played the EXACT same game with Bea and Jacs, you can see how Bea might take it with a grain of salt. I wonder if the spacing out is due to the extremely thick blood?

Just then, Bea gets called to Ferguson's office: what's the hold up?? It's been 3 days! Topple the Matriarchy already! Boomer being in the Slot is the perfect time to do it! Bea will do it when she's ready and not before, Governor, LIKE SHE DONE TOLD YOU.

Boomer's losing it in the Slot, she's been focusing on bunnies and puppies as much as she can, but it's not helping. Her medication is late! Ferguson comes in for a visit and it's kind of genius, watching her mimic Franky's facial expressions and speech patterns.


And just like that, Boomer's out of the Slot.


But. Why would Ferguson do that?? I mean, she JUST said Bea should strike while the Boomer was chilling in the Slot, why release her? Bea should never, ever trust the Governor. I mean, I assume she doesn't anyway, but never expect anything from that one, Queen Bea.

Fletcher presses Jesus Kelly some more about Ferguson but she's not about to trust a screw. Instead of an intellectual disability, I'm wondering if she falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, given her first words to Peer Worker Dory: "you're an aboriginal," not hi, how are you, hey, what's up?

Jess comes up and if she says anything else like "you smell good enough to eat" to Fletcher, who looks like a dumpster, but not as clean, Imma need a minute for the Gravol to kick in.

Fletcher has not only run out of razor blades, but also fucks to give. He keeps interrupting the Governor as she's addressing a staff meeting; she must have really scared Jesus Kelly. That's all in a day's work for Ferguson.


Franky and Boomer are watching Bea like Tweedledee and Tweedledum hawks; the rules are that anyone making a run at leadership has to take on the top dog one on one, so Boomer doesn't get to play yet. They know about Bea's hidden shiv, though, so Sky makes sure Bea sees her with it.

Just like that, it's on. Bea chases Sky, who leads her to a showdown with Franky. Guess who has the shiv? If you guessed Bea, you would be wrong! Vera and Will break it up just in time.

They know something's up, especially when they find Sky taking bets in the yard as to whether Franky and Bea will win. Boomer and Franky verbally attack Maxine, Boomer almost spitting: Franky was trying to help her! Maxine's answer could not be more apropos.


I'm starting to think Jess is stalking Fletcher


She must be looking for someone to blame her pregnancy on. And now we have our uncomfortable place settled upon:


HAHHAHAHA oh no, she's doing it for BEA! She's lured him into the showers so Bea can grab his access badge while it's on the floor with the rest of their clothes! How did Bea convince her to do that??

Bea goes on an access spree across the entire prison, making it to the mailroom just in time without being caught. Ah she was after a shiv and she got a good one, what we used to call xacto knives and what are now known as box-cutters.

Jess implores Fletcher to finish inside her and that takes him right out of it into the present; he shouldn't be here, he's gotta go. Where's his swipe card? He LOSES it


I am very worried for Jess right now, but then he cries and we're both confused. She finds him stuck at a door that he can't open, he needs help. Like, a LOT of help. Bea comes running up and there's a slow moving moment, beautiful, really, while she moves through the doors he can't. What has she done? She's right in that he can't really say much about that, can he? I knew Jess was putting it on, but her hardness after "he's f*cked up" took me aback all the same.

Bea's short time now, she's hurrying to make her body armour. She duct-tapes a bunch of magazines together, presumably wrapping them around her body and then heading out. The two gangs are on the move: Bea against Frank, Boomer and Sky.

Vera's not her most observant today, asking a clearly messed-up Fletcher if she's noticed any weird tension between the women. She goes to Ferguson to ask for a lockdown, Ferguson won't have it, she needs her revolt! And she'd like Jesus Kelly brought to her, fanks.

But not in her office, Jesus Kelly is brought to the basement boiler room and if I walked in and saw this


I too would be terrified. Almost as much as Jesus Kelly


More eye-cuddling in the laundry room, the time is nigh. The guard is distracted and we're on.

Franky is doing a lot of stabbing, but Bea's getting a lot of good shots in, so it's Franky's blood flying everywhere. Franky's shiv fails and now Bea's is on the floor. Franky gets a slice across Bea's forehead, we all pause to see if it's going to be a problem, but no, just a bleedy one. The thing is that Bea doesn't really know how to fight. She's strong, fast and lithe, but does not know her way around a knife fight.

Bea gets Franky down and proceeds to to pound the shite out of her face eeeehhhhh I can't be the only one that was thinking "DON'T KILL FRANKY!!! DON'T KILL HER" and Bea doesn't. She holds the blade to Franky's throat and makes her tell everyone Bea's the boss and then Bea gets up and slashes herself all over the arms including a long slice up her vein. What?? They both slump over on the ground, bloody, as the alarm sounds and everyone watches, as confused as I am.

I am not giffing any of that

We're back to the beginning in Medical with Ferguson hovering over Bea, she's gonna be transported to the hospital.

Fletcher and Vera are investigating the fight scene, Vera recognising the mailroom box cutter immediately. Ferguson's off to look into that while Fletcher wants to know why Jesus Kelly was moved into isolation. Probably to heal.

Will's asking Bea what happened, but Bea would just like a lemonade, please!

Ferguson's in to taunt Franky, who sets her straight: Bea did that too herself. She could have killed Franky, but instead she cut herself and that propels the Governor into action.


She knows Bea was planning an escape; she calls Will, who's out getting that lemonade: get back to her! Bea's gone.

Self-inflicted or not, those injuries were enough to slow Bea down significantly; keep moving Bea!!!! She's not running, but she's on the move and Liz is opening her package and what could it be? A gun? That's what I thought!!! She's going to need that if someone's uncle is coming!

Bea is in the wind, into the night and we are oot.