Below Deck Mediterranean S6:E10 Burning Down the House Recap

I’m late!! Below Deck Mediterranean is back tonight and I’m running under the gun. We’ve got a new charter coming this week, are you excited? A whole other deck stew too, who even knew that was a thing?? Let’s roll into my recap of Below Deck Med S6:E09 Burning Down The House after the break!

We’ve got redhead Delaney Evans joining Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 as a deck/stew, but really: she’s just here to help out the interior crew. Chief steward Katie Flood has been struggling with service as her second steward Lexi Wilson’s work ethic has been in the toilet, Delaney is an extra in addition to third steward Courtney Veale who has been working her adorable bum off. Now forget all those rankings, second third whatever, Katie’s decided everyone is equal and everyone better pull their damn weight. I wish her well. She hasn’t been able to manage Lexi at ALL.

I’m not going to get all political or feminist or anything else that I actually am, just gently point out that Lexi has a university science degree and apparently she can make better money being chided for folding bedsheets incorrectly.

Delaney seems smiley and friendly, right?

Deckhand David Pascoe is the first to meet her, he directs her over to the Bridge.

Rumour has it Delaney has a Captain’s license, she’s about to hit the laundry room with all those stripes! She tells us a story about her seven year old self; she exacerbated her own speech impediment to get treats. That is an excellent example of second grade logic and why she can’t say her ‘r’s to this day.

She went to Berkeley but I’m not going to lump her in with Sunshine from Below Deck just yet.

Captain Sandy Yawn goes over Delaney’s work history; as a deck/stew Delaney is much more Deck but that’s not what’s needed right now so she’ll have to figure out how to fold towels super fancy.

Katie wanders in around then, Captain Sandy tells her in front of Delaney that it’s up to her if she keeps her or not. Jaysus, send her downstairs for a cuppa while you decide her fate at least!

Of course Katie’s going to keep Delaney, even with her zero experience as a stewardess. They’re already paying her and they have a spare bed, it’s really just a matter of splitting the tip a little bit farther which sucks.

Off she goes to meet everyone, starting with her new roommate, Chef Mathew Shea. Courtney and Lexi are friendly, as expected but Courtney later breaks down in tears. She feels like she’s working her ass off and now she’s going to be demoted because Lexi isn’t doing enough. There’s no way Delaney is going to be taking anyone’s spot in the interior crew, she doesn’t even know you’ve got to check mirrors for spots from 11 angles!

Of course the deck crew is trying to figure out the chances of romance/bangability for David, since he was shot down by his boss, bosun Malia White, he apparently needs to get back on that (work)horse. As he can’t even remember her name 15 minutes after meeting her: I’m guessing Delaney will not be next on his rota of shame.

Our next charter is almost here, it’s all ladies!¬† Besties Halie Porter and Niki Wiley are co-primaries, friends Kristol Yeager, Sarah Hyden, Andrea Coughtry, Danielle Stratton, Ashley Brown and influencer¬†Bailey Hancock will be with us as well. Well, one of them is an influencer, not sure which.

Courtney explains laundry to former high school valedictorian Delaney, I’m sensing a theme in very smart women doing basic tasks whilst looking fetching, gross, right?

Not that I have anything against basic tasks or ‘menial’ labour or any of that, I just thought doing really good in school was supposed to lead AWAY from that.

Provisions arrive then suddenly we’re on the dock with deckhands Lloyd Spencer and Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers in our dress whites waiting for 8 rich women to roll up.

They’re all gorgeous and ready to let their vaginas hang out on the sundeck! They said that, not me!

Mat looks very, very nervous. There are people that eat like kids on this charter and some that make my high maintenance suburban friends look like rookies. He’s in for it.

I love that Courtney is training Delaney every moment so far, directing her carefully and quietly and hey: she may be a third stew usually but look at how much she knows about her job to pass on to people! Ask a valedictorian if they do that in their jobs every day!

Primary Danielle is 100% Mariah Carey. 100%

We’re asea after a smooth de-docking, why is everyone twerking randomly at food? And at risk for going overboard? Courtney has to step in to save our Mariah in the pink animalprint leggings.

Katie, you know I think you’re awesome but your management style…Delaney has to keep reassuring Katie that she’s willing to do whatever the boat needs, she’s there to help! Katie keeps Lexi on breakfast shift again, Courtney gets the preferred evening shift and Lexi is mad. That was definitely a good call and maybe it will help Courtney understand that all her work is definitely valued.

Lexi: pick up the pace.

Mat has created a deconstructed lunch to accommodate all the special food preferences of our lovely guests, it’s kind of like Japanese food with lots of little choices to select.


Zee is manning the swim platform after lunch, he’s got his hands full but he’s great with guests. He’s super chill and respectful, if slightly distracted by how beautiful the guests are.

Speaking of distracted, Mat’s freaked out by how different everyone’s preferences are and as he’s prepping for supper he sets himself on fire. Something catches fire in the oven and when he uses his bare hands to throw it in the sink, it sets fire to his jacket and arm.


Use your apron!!!!!!!!

Okay, super easy to Monday morning quarterback it from here, I know, but STILL. His hands are going to be burnt to shit. And they are.

I’m not taking a picture of that, you’re welcome.

Captain Sandy calls a doctor to the boat and it would sure be a shame if we got Chef Luka in to spell him until he felt better.

Delaney does her first round of drinks for guests ever, she’s brought the fun!

Dr. Tea has brought the cream for Mat’s second degree burns, 90 minutes until supper!

Supper is served with a lot of pain but no Danielle, who’s still looking for her room in her bathing suit. Lexi is now training Delaney in turndowns, woooo!

I hate that Mat got a store bought birthday cake. Hate it.

More trouble; apparently men and women cannot share cabins unless they are in a committed relationship according to the Lady Michelle’s management company so someone will have to move. Chief Officer adorable Marten will share with Mat and Delaney will have his cabin? Katie has to figure something out, which looks like every single person in the crew has to move to accommodate this new person. During charter.

Zee is still focused on ‘getting to know Courtney better’, we’re at Stage Love Potion.

I…like you, Zee, don’t say ‘panty’ ever again.

Primary Danielle makes it down finally just in time to give David a lapdance.

In a…suit of some kind. I just love her face there hahahaha.

Bedtime! It passes quietly in bad weather, that makes for a bummer morning boooo. Delaney is up early and at laundry in between learning from Lexi, it’s going well.


Katie has decided the cabin arrangements are too much of a pain and she’s not sure she wants to keep Delaney after all. Katie is the type of manager who’s more likely to give someone a tonne of opportunities to quit before actually firing anyone, you know, wishy washy.

It’s bullspit.

You already committed to her staying, ride it out for two and a half charters!

Awww Maureen the Magical Unicorn has been shanked, she’s come to a natural end. We get a stirring montage of rich drunk guests humping Maureen then she’s put out of her misery.

Bai girl!

Katie is so stressed out about the Delaney situation that she vomits just thinking about it. She makes her decision: Delaney is out. Telling Delaney is more difficult than she expected, maybe that’s the vomiting. She brings up the ‘stew’ on Delaney’s resume, that’s total shite but Delaney was super clear in person: she had no experience.

Katie decides Delaney can stay until the end of the charter, then they’ll discuss again. of course Delaney is upset after, she’s been trying her hardest and being told you’re more trouble than you’re worth sucks arse.

Speaking of sucking, the weather is awful. The rain is pounding the Lady Michelle, the guests are afraid and we’re trying to pull anchor in the middle of a storm.

We’re out with To Be Continued splashed across our screens, eeeep. Until next time!