DC Legends of Tomorrow S1:E10 Progeny Recap


We're heading to the future! Where's my hoverboard?

DC Legends of Tomorrow S1:E10 Progeny Recap starts now!

Spoilers ahead!

The crew is on the way to the year 2147, the best place to get ahead of Vandal Savage, twenty years before he takes over the world. Rip goes to see Mick, and apologises for sending Leonard to kill him, if he is going to want to kill anyone it should be him.


Gideon sets a course for the Kasnia Conglomerate, corporations now run the world after the fall of the government system in 2080. There is a meeting due to take place with Savage in attendance, and Rip plans to be there. Kasnia is the stepping stone for Vandal's world domination and Rip thinks if he can figure out what he is up to early, they might be able to stop him.

Stein is of course amazed to be in the future, and it does look all silver, shiny and clean. Rip tells them the people of Kasnia are living at the world's Zenith and they have a good five years left to enjoy it. before Per Degaton, the son of the current leader Tor Degaton, unleashes the Armageddon virus on Earth, and most of them die.


As they walk along, the witness several autonomous robots in Ray's exosuit taking down a thief. This is how Tor Degaton keeps the peace in Kasnia, and Ray wants to get a closer look at how they made it autonomous. Ray, Jax and Martin go to check it out, and Rip takes Leonard and Sara along to the meeting.

He puts some fake eyeball contacts in and gets through security, his accountant (Leonard) and bodyguard (Sara) are refused entry though. At the meeting Savage is trying to convince the board to use a virus to take care of the population growth outside of Kasnia's walls. Tor Degaton is not interested in genocide and dismisses the meeting.


Savage leaves and meets Per Degaton, a fourteen year old boy, and they chat about his education. Savage acts as his tutor, and mentor, and has convinced the boy that his father is weak and is grooming him for world domination. So Dr. Evil.

In five short years Savage will have Per Degaton release the virus, and then kill him and take over control of Kasnia. Rip can think of only one solution to this, and Leonard is in agreement.


Martin and Ray agree that if Rip decides to do this, he's no better than Savage, who goes on to kill his wife and child. Rip tells them that Per Degaton goes on to have the same kind of historical reputation as Hitler, and they can't risk it. Jax is also on Ray and Martin's side, so Rip proposes that they just abduct him instead. Infanticide to child abduction, progress. Rip, Sara and Leonard will head up Kidnap Baby Hitler, while Jax, Martin and Ray nominate for Team Robot Army. Kendra can't let Savage know she is there yet, so she stays on the ship.


Kendra starts having flashbacks of her and Carter living in 1920 with their son Aldus. She has a feeling that Savage is close to finding them, and thinks they need to move on. Kendra organises them new passports and they make plans to move on. Aldus has overheard them speaking about Savage, and they make the decision to tell him everything. Uh oh, there's some feels coming up here.

In Kasnia, Leonard is disgusted by the lack of crime and cleanliness and can't wait to leave. He puts on his super new fangled glasses and instantly gets data on everything happening around him. Sara is on the roof with her sniper rifle, and when Per Degaton and his bodyguards begin to make there way down the street, she takes a back one out and Rip takes his place. Leonard steps out and fires on them, giving Rip the chance to herd Per away and the abduction is a success.


The others go on a tour of the robotics factory, and Ray is shocked to discover that Dr Bryce is a descendant of the founder of the robotics corporation. She shows them a huge bust of Ray's head inscribed with the name Palmer. This means that he is pretty much responsible for the creation of the bad robots, that will eventually level the world. He is more taken aback by the fact that he was a father, and didn't know it. When he left 2016, he left behind a child he didn't even know existed. If he hadn't left, his child might have had a better upbringing and Palmer Tech wouldn't have gone in this direction.


Per Degaton is in the medical bay on the ship, in a dream state under the care of Gideon. Rip asks her to check the timeline and see if taking him out of the equation changed anything. Unfortunately, nothing much has changed. It seems that Savage just finds himself another way. Leonard wants to drop him in the Stone Age, but even that will have no effect. Something that big, can't be changed that easily. Martin tries to convince Rip that he's wrong to want to kill him, and Jax suggest that they just go and talk to the kid. Sara thinks she might be able to get through to him, she is the poster child for change, after all.

She goes to see Mick on the way, and talks to him about change. She tells him about the way Leonard spoke about him, when they were trapped in the cold. He told her everything about them, and what Mick means to him. Mick isn't moved, but tells her that killing a kid isn't very hero like.


In Kasnia, Tor Degaton has picked up Rip, Leonard and Sara as not having genetic material on file, and Savage tells him that he knows exactly who they are. But they will not kill him, they are weak, and he will get his son back. Rip wakes Per Degaton from his sleep, and escapes with him on the Jump Ship. He's turned the transponder off so no one can stop him from killing or hurting Per Degaton.

Kendra is in her room thinking about Carter and Aldus when Ray comes in and asks her what's up. She tells him about her flashbacks, and that they're making her feel like she's cheating on Carter, with Ray. All of her old feelings are coming back, and she doesn't know what to do with them. Ray is hurt, but understands, he knew what he was getting in to. She has fallen in love with Carter 206 times after all. She asks what's going on with him, and he tells her about the child he didn't know about. And the army of Gestapo robots his descendant has built.

Sara finds Leonard and tells him that he needs to suck it up and go and talk to Mick. He tells her he doesn't have any feelings about Mick, he's still the same son of a bitch when they wanted him to put him down. She tells him to stop being an ass, and go deal with it.


Rip has taken Per out of Kasnia, and pulls his weapon on him, telling him he has no choice but to kill him. Per tells him that Savage has taught him how to recognise a killer, and Rip isn't one and he knows he won't do it. He's like his father, weak. Rip can't do it, and warns him that he is only Savage's pawn, but Per won't believe him. Rip tells him that the reason he can't kill him is goodness, not weakness, and hopes that Per has the same thing inside himself. Be the man his father wants him to be.

Kendra gets a vision of Savage, and he and Tor Degaton's forces have surrounded the ship. their shields and weapon systems are down so they gear up and head outside. Ray tries to draw the robots fire but they are faster than him, and shoot him out of the sky. Firestorm fends them off, while Kendra and Ray head to the command centre to try and take them offline.


At the command centre they meet Dr Bryce who wants to know where Ray got his suit from and pulls a gun on him. He tells her that he designed to robots, and she is incredulous that he's trying to tell her that he's Sydney Palmer. Sydney Palmer? Ray's stupid brother, who must have gone to work for Felicity after he disappeared, and sold the technology to the military. So, no kid after all. Kendra convinces her to help them and the robots start to drop from the sky.

Savage gets a knife to Sara's throat, and Rip arrives to trade her life and safe passage for Per Degaton's life. Per tells his father to kill them all, but Tor wants peace and agrees to the exchange.


Leonard goes to see Mick and offers to fight him, instead of having a heart to heart that won't change anything. If Mick wins, he can take the Jump Ship and make his escape. But if Leonard wins, well, Mick thinks anything is better than being locked in his glass cell. It is on like Donkey Kong.

Kendra and Ray talk, and she tells him not to give up on them. That she might have spent lifetimes with Carter, but she tells him that this time might be different, she never met Ray before.

On Kasnia, Savage tells Per the story Oedipus Rex, and the vengeance he had on his father. He became a great and powerful King, but great things are never easy. Savage hands him a dagger, and Per uses it that night to kill his father. Gideon tells Rip that their deeds have only sped up the timeline, and that the virus will now be released in a matter of days, not years. Savage is also now acting as Per's proxy, due to his young age.


Gideon assures Rip that he did the right thing by not committing murder, but Rip is not convinced.

Mick and Leonard fight and Leonard gets the shite beaten out of him, but Mick can't finish him off. Mick tells him that he doesn't know what he wants anymore, and it doesn't even matter anyway. He's a dead man. The Time Masters have decided they need to bring Mick in as he failed his mission, but not back to the Vanishing Point. They are sending The Hunters, mercenaries to track them all down, and then kill them. Rip asks if Mick has any suggestion for what they should do.