DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E12 Last Refuge Recap


DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1:E12 Last Refuge Recap starts now!

The Pilgrim has just received her orders to take out the Legends from the Time Council. She heads to Central City in 1990 where Mick Rory as a teen is watching his house, and parents, burn to the ground. The Legends are there looking for him, and he's watching from afar. Ray stops The Pilgrim before she can kill him, and they take Young Mick back to the Waverider. They place him in the cargo hold, and Mick orders Jax to keep an eye on him.


Sara and Kendra talk about Ray and Kendra's relationship. Kendra met a woman in the West last week, and it turned out to be her in another life. She told her that every other relationship she has with a man will not end well. The only man she can be with, happily, is Carter. Until Savage finds them, at least. Kendra is now having doubts, but has decided to hold off on telling Ray until she's decided what to do.


Rip explains to the crew that The Pilgrim can't just go and round everyone up whenever she likes, she still has to respect the timeline. She only gets one shot,which means they also only have one chance to stop her. Gideon has tracked The Pilgrim to Starling City in 2007. It's young Sara Lance's turn.

Teenage Sara is at Starling City PD, being shown the ropes by her father Quentin Lance, in a very fetching wig. Like a pet, almost. He is showing her what can happen if she gets on the wrong side of the law, and has her cuffed to the desk. Bad idea, as The Pilgrim has arrived and is taking out cops left, right and centre. The bullets they fire back seem to have no effect, and bounce right off her. Lance runs back to uncuff Sara and she runs out to the back corridors. She finds herself cornered, with The Pilgrim aiming her gun at her, until present day Sara arrives. Young Sara looks on in disbelief as they fight, and Mick stands guard over her. Sara starts to lose control, until Mick steps in and blasts her away with his Heat Gun.


They put her in the hold with Young Mick, and Sara assures them that even as a young girl she could take care of punks like that. Rip tells them that they have contact with The Pilgrim's trail, she has obviously received some extra help from the Time Council. Kendra should be safe as she can reincarnate anyway. And Rip himself isn't worried, taking him out would cause too many ripples in the timeline. Ray wants to know how they can be sure she's not killing them all right now, could they already be dead and not know it?


Kendra goes to see Ray who is in his cabin thinking about he and Kendra. He's been remembering the two years they spent together while they were marooned. He goes to get out the ring he had planned to give her when he suddenly collapses. Bruises are starting to form and Gideon informs them that he is suffering from internal injuries. She tells them she has picked up a disturbance in Ray's timeline on December 19th 2014, at Palmer Technologies. They plot a course immediately and arrive in time for Firestorm and Rip to save Ray from The Pilgrim, by using a prototype weapon from Ray's suit.

Kendra is with Ray on the Waverider, and when he wakes he asks her to find the ring that he has  dropped. While he was out a minute ago, he heard her say that she needed him, and would never leave his side. Taking that as her feeling the same, he asks her to marry him. Caught up in the moment, Kendra says yes.


When Martin and Jax were fighting The Pilgrim as Firestorm, she managed to turn their fireball back on them and Martin wants to know how. Rip tells them she is able to control time in her immediate vicinity, and is turning time back on itself and using their weapons against them. So that leaves Leonard, Martin and Jax to track down. And the best way to do that now they have lost The Pilgrim is to grab them as newborns. The only problem will be getting everyone back to where they belong before time starts to set, and everyone they ever knew starts to forget them.

Kendra tells Sara that she is engaged, but she's not so sure she has made the right decision. Marriage had never really entered her head. Sara offers her a distraction and requests her help, afterwards she'll help her decide what to tell Ray. They leave, and Ray enters the room having heard everything.


Sara and Kendra head for a hospital in Central City, 1972. They're there for Leonard, and they both melt when they see his cute widdle chubby cheeks. They get him out of there, and present Mick forces Young Mick to look after his future criminal partner, and he's better not drop him or he's in trouble.

Martin and Jax are next, and Martin would love to go and hold himself as a newborn, experience what his father must have felt when he was born. Jax tells Martin that his father shipped out with the army just before he was born and died fighting in Mogadishu two weeks later. He never got the chance to meet his father.

Rip and Mick grab Martin after he's born in his father's car on the side of the road, posing as doctors. Martin and Ray head to Central City in 1993, to get Jax. Martin is stopped in his tracks by the sight of a soldier in full gear and with his kit bag, looking at a newborn through the windows. His bag says Jackson, and Martin rushes back to the ship to get Jax.

Martin gets him there and encourages him to go and talk to him, it'll be his only chance. Jackson approaches him nervously, and starts a conversation about his newborn. Jackson Sr's flight got delayed and he made it just after he was born. He tells Jax that he can't wait to see what his son is gonna grow up to be, and that every man should get to experience becoming a father. He asks Jax to give the nurse a message for his wife, that he saw his son and he couldn't be more proud or happy. And that he'll be home soon. Jax almost tells him about his death, but decides not to mess with time and lets him go.


The Waverider arrives at a Tudor looking house in England, and he greets the lady who opens the door as Mother. The house is a orphanage of sorts, for young children who have been identified as future Time Masters. A safe place for them to be until they are old enough to undergo their training, and a safe place to leave their younger selves. Rip reveals that he was an orphan himself, and was raised by his adoptive mother.


 Martin goes to see Jax who is upset after leaving his father without telling him what happens to him, he could have saved him. Jax has spent his whole life wondering what his dad would think about what he was doing, and how he was living his life.

Ray and Kendra talk, he tells her he overheard she and Sara earlier. She tells him that they can't last, and tells him about meeting herself in 1871. Ray tells her that was that lifetime, and that they hadn't met each other then. He tells her to let him know when she decides.

Gideon has intercepted a beacon, it's a message for Rip from The Pilgrim. She has captured a person that they all love, Leonard's sister, Martin's wife, Ray's dead in the present fiancee Anna and Jax's father. She drags his dad in front of the camera, and warns them they will all suffer and die unless they surrender their younger selves. Rip asks Gideon to hail The Pilgrim, and offers up his younger self in place of the others. Get rid of young Rip, and none of this ever happens.

At an abandoned Time Masters outpost, the team arrive to meet the Pilgrim. Rip's mother arrives with young Rip, who was a child at the orphan's house. She leaves them to it, as The Pilgrim arrives. The team are all there, apart from Ray, Sara and Leonard who are hidden around the outpost.


As a show of good faith, she offers one of her prisoners as an exchange for the boy, and she beams down Jax's father. Rip tells his younger self he'll be okay, and as he walks over to her Ray in his Atom suit hitches a ride on her shoulder. He expands and attacks but she stops time before his fire hits her. One by one the others all attack and she does the same to them all, until they are all frozen in a circle around her. Feeling triumphant, she has taken her eyes off the smallest one in the room. Wee little Rip sneaks in and stabs her in the belly, allowing the others to fire on her until she is just a pile of ash.

It seems young Rip was a force to be reckoned with, and he knew what he would do if she tried to harm him. Leonard thinks they're lucky he didn't forget his roots, but Rip informs them that he has spent his life trying to do just that.


Even though the Pilgrim has been taken care of, there is still kill orders out on them all so their younger selves will still need to be protected. Mick goes to see his younger self, and tells him he spent years blaming and hating himself for what happened to his parents in the fire. He tells him it's not his fault, he was just a kid. He tells him he can't change what he did in the past, but he can change what he'll become.

On the ship all their loved ones are being returned to where they came from, and given amnesia pills to undo any damage that might have been done. Martin's wife is already starting to forget who he is, and Rip tells him that time is beginning to set, and soon it'll be like they never existed to the people they love.


Jax and his father talk, and his dad has worked out that Jax is his son. He tells him that the day he was born was the scariest thing he's ever been through. But now he's seen him, he knows he must do something right and he can't wait to watch it all happen. Jax breaks down and warns him that he doesn't make it home, and that he needs to watch out for an IED and to please be careful. He tells Rip what he did later, but he tells him time wants to happen, but you never know.

Kendra goes to see Ray who is dealing with Anna, and she tells him that she loves him and wants to marry him. She has realised there's never going to be a right time, so they should embrace the time they have together, right now.


Rip tells them all about the danger they now face, and that they have run out of time. They need to go directly to Savage at the height of his powers, and the era of Rip and his family. They're off to 2166.