DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E13 Leviathan Recap


We're off to meet Vandal Savage in the year 2166

Let's hit the DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1:E13 Leviathan Recap

The Legends are running out of time to save their younger selves and have no option but to confront Vandal Savage at the height of his powers in London, 2166. It's three days before Rip's family is due to be killed by Savage, so they will only have one opportunity to stop him. The Waverider arrives and finds itself under immediate fire from Savage's army below. Gideon takes evasive action and they land on the outskirts of the city, close to a rebel camp. Rip makes his selection from the crew and they head off to find Savage.


Savage is giving a speech to his troops, and it's very Hitler x General Hux, complete with a Nazi-esque salute. Rip, Sara, Leonard and Mick are in the crown listening, a fall out with the others when the speech is over. A female lieutenant is by Savage's side and Leonard is positive that she has made them as she walks by.

Kendra is watching from the Waverider and notices that the lady is wearing her missing bracelet, the one she was wearing at the time of her first death. A possible weapon to be used against Savage by Kendra.


The Legends are at the back of the group of soldiers and Mick and Leonard decide to play it like Chicago, whatever that means, and trips Rip so he falls flat on his face. Everyone turns, and Leonard and Mick go for Savage while Sara and Rip take care of security. Sara ends up fighting the lieutenant, and Kendra tells her over the comms to take her bracelet.

The fight is going nowhere and they can't get close, so Rip calls on them to fall back. As they run, Leonard has the chance to shoot the lieutenant, but seeing something in her, lets her go.


Rip cannot believe what just happened back there, but at least they found out about Kendra's bracelet. Kendra explains to the others what powers it may have against Savage, it might be able to be used to kill him. But how do you use it as a weapon?

Gideon has picked up a signal of someone moving towards them, and she believes it is what is left of the resistance in the area. Rip, Ray, Martin and Ray head out to meet them, while Sara stays back to help Kendra work out how to use the bracelet.


It's night, and the darkness is suddenly lit up as they are surrounded by the rebels. Rip tells them about his wife and child being in Whitechapel when it was bombed, and convinces them that they are on their side. They head into camp, and see all the Whitechapel refugees and pledge whatever help they can offer. Jax and Martin have a look around, and Jax sees a young child and offers her a chocolate bar he has in his pocket. They are soon surrounded by a pack of kids, and decide to go back to the ship and bring whatever supplies they can.

Ray and Rip talk about his family, and Rip tells him that this isn't the first time he's tried to save his family. And every time, they have died. He's watched them die over and over, and is not confident that this time will be any different by he has to try. Ray tells him he doesn't believes in fate, he believes in choices.


The rebel leader comes up and asks what is going on, she's run their retinal scans. Rip doesn't exist at all, and the others have been missing for 150 years. Rip tells her that there's no time to tell the whole story, the only important thing is that they find Savage as soon as possible. She tells him that after an attack Savage has gone to ground in his bunker. There's a sudden distress call over the radio, Delta camp has been attacked and pretty much wiped out by the time they arrive.

Back on the Waverider, Rip and Ray discuss what kind of weapon Savage could have used that would wipe out so many people, so quickly. Ray volunteers himself and Martin to study the site, and analyse what's left and try and come up with an idea of the weapon used. Sara asks what the plan is for the bracelet, hoping that they're not going to tell her they're planning on going to the Citadel and taking it from the lieutenant's wrist.


Kendra needs to work out how to weaponise her bracelet, if they do get their hands on it. Rip suggests she look over her son Aldus's notebooks, but she thinks that if there was something like that there, she would have seen it already. She and Sara go to look anyway, and discover Carter's suit and mace in a box. The mace triggers a memory of when Carter gave her the mace in 1941. He wanted her to be ready in case he died, and Kendra had to face Savage alone. Kendra knows how to use the bracelet.

The lieutenant is training, kicking everyone's ass. She dismisses them, and Mick and Leonard stroll on in weapons at the ready. They tell her they just want the bracelet, and an alarm starts to sound. She asks, "what now Mr Snart?"


They capture her and take her back to the Waverider, Rip incredulous that they've managed to kidnap another person. Leonard tells that this one is totally worth it, she knows who they all are. She confirms this, and Rip scoffs that Savage has been very chatty with his lieutenants. She smirks, and tells him he must be even stupider than she's been told.


The Legends get together and discuss what they should do with her, Cassandra Savage, and the bracelet that they got from her. Kendra tells them that she has her part figured out, but she'll need Mick's help. As for the girl herself, Mick suggests sending a few fingers to Savage, much to Martin's disdain. Mick tells him he'd rather maintain his life, than his honor. Sara suggests that they try and get information out of Cassandra about Savages forces and weapons. Leonard agrees.


He goes to see Cassandra and asks her how he should go about getting the information he needs. She tells him that she's Savage's daughter and there's nothing she's not trained to withstand. Leonard tells her that his dad sounds like his, they express their love with their fists. She disagrees, and tells him that her father stepped in to save the world after Per Degaton released the Armageddon virus. She's been thoroughly brainwashed by her dad, who left out the part where the virus was his idea and doing.


Mick melts the bracelet down for Kendra and she coats the mace in it. Mick doubts that she has it in her to kill Savage, but she insists she does. He tells her that she better be or she'll end up like the last person to use that mace.

Ray and Martin have come to the conclusion that the super weapon isn't an explosion. They have found images from an abandoned satellite, and what look like impact craters, in fact are not. They're footprints.


Savage's crew informs him that the Leviathan is on it's way to the Waverider. He tells her to ensure that his daughter is rescued, but to make sure the Legends burn. On board the Waverider, the shaking gets more intense, and Cassandra tells Leonard that he's coming for her.

Martin and Ray head out to get a closer look, and the camp is in full on flight mode. They lead all the remaining refugees on to the ship, much to Rip's disdain. He resigns himself to it, and asks Gideon to power up and get the weapons system on line. The ship takes flight, and the weapon is finally visible. Apparently his name is Leviathan, hey there fella!


They fire upon Leviathan but it swipes them out of the sky and throws them across the country. The ride is a bumpy one and they're all a little worse for wear when they hit the ground. The ship has sustained a lot of damage, and Leviathan should reach them again in about an hour. Their engines aren't working so they're stuck. Rip tells Gideon to ready the jump ship, but it only seats seven. What about the refugees? Martin refuses to abandon them, but is suddenly aware that he has been injured. In the med bay, Jax comes rushes in and Martin insists that he help the refugees and make sure they're protected, before Gideon sedates him and he's out to it.


Leonard goes back to Cassandra, and lets her out. He decides to show her, just how terrible her father is. He shows her the refugees but she's unmoved, insisting that they are rebels and deserve what they get. He finally asks Gideon to show her footage from a meeting in 2147, where Savage orders the release of the virus.

Rip can't do anything in 30 minutes to repair the ship, and is losing hope. Going back to the idea of choices over fate, Ray tells him they need to fight. Kendra tells him that she has worked out the bracelet, and Leonard's new bestie will get them inside. And Ray has an idea of his own on how to fight Leviathan.

Ray and Kendra give each other a pep talk, and they both head out. Jax is working on Ray's ATOM suit; reversing the polarity of the dwarf star alloy on his suit. They're not sure whatever they are planning will work, but Jax tells him he's a hero anyway for trying to help save all those refugees. Ray tells him to stand back, like waaaay back and . . .


And then . . .Tommy get your flute, it's time to go, go Power Rangers!


They battle it out, and this is a pretty cool scene. The effects are so awesome that I can overlook the absolute ridiculousness of it all. Meanwhile, Savage gets the news that Cassandra is back and goes to greet her. He notices the bracelet missing immediately, and is not fooled when she lies to him that she must have lost it. He knows that they've turned her and is furious. He asks where the others are, and Rip, Sara, Leonard and Mick step out. She tells him that they told her the truth, and calls him a monster. His security team arrives, at the same time he gets a vision of Kendra.

Jax is watching Ray fight, telling him it's time to use his weapons. He does, and blasts the Leviathan. He takes it down, and attacks it with a handy electrical tower. The Leviathan shoots back, and knocks Ray out.


Kendra swoops in and takes Savage away from the others. She attacks him with the mace, and it's having an effect every time it hits him. The others are fighting their way through Savages guards, with Cassandra on their side. A guard makes it through to Kendra and shoots at her, distracting her from killing Savage. She manages to take him down, and his helmet falls off. It's Carter, this era's Carter. Savage got to him before he remembered anything and locked his mind away. Kendra attacks Savage but is unable to land the killing blow, while Savage gives her hope that he could make Carter remember who he is.


Ray is still flat on his back, while Jax tries to get him to wake up. The Leviathan is approaching fast, and Jax tells him to remember that surviving this is a choice, and get the hell up already! Ray wakes just in time, and raises himself up. He runs at Leviathan, and ATOM SMASH! He shrinks himself back down, triumphant!


Rip arrives and asks Kendra what she's waiting for, and she shows him Carter. Rip tells her that she has to make the choice between saving Carter, and saving his family. She can't do it, and steps away from Savage. Rip knocks Savage out, and takes him and Carter back to the Waverider.

Back on the ship, Ray goes to see Kendra asking her what happened. She tells him that they need to talk, and that's never good, old boy.

Martin wakes, having slept through everything, and asks straight away what happened to the refugees. Rip tells him that they're safe, and Martin replies that it's only temporary, time wants to happen. Rip replies that for once, time seems to be on their side.

Rip goes to see Savage, who is quite cheery for a prisoner. Rip is confident that things might go his way this time, but Savage informs him that he is a fool to think there is still hope for his family.


Well then! That was cool! I'm such a dork *sigh*. The last few episodes have been a bit lacklustre, so this was a great change of pace. I think there's only three episodes left, so things are setting up nicely for a big finale! Til next week!