DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E14 River of Time Recap


So we left off last week with Vandal Savage in custody on the Waverider. Surely keeping him alive is way too dangerous?

The 2166 era Carter has no memory of Kendra and sees her as an enemy, is also on board.

You in danger, Legends. Let's check out the DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1:E14 River of Time recap!

On the Waverider Mick, Leonard and Sara are not at all happy that they're not toasting Vandal Savage's death. wasn't that always the plan? As long as he's on board and breathing, he's a threat. Ray and Jax have been looking at the tech used for Leviathan, and it's a lot more advanced technologically than possible in 2166. Rip can't believe it, Savage has learned how to travel through time, and there's now a reason for the Time Council to take Rip seriously. He asks Gideon to plot a course for the Vanishing Point. Time for justice.


Rip goes to see Savage and confronts him with their evidence, and asks how he learnt how to travel through time. It was Rip himself who showed him himself in the 1970's, and he spent the next 200 years working it out. Rip finally understands why they had so much trouble tracking him through time, because he was on the move.


Kendra goes to see Carter, but he still has no idea about who he really is, and has been trained to see her as his enemy. Savage has wiped his mind, and trained him well. He remembers nothing though, and refuses to believe her. She gets too close, and even though he is cuffed, manages to take her down. Ray steps in to help, and knocks Carter out.

Rip has set the ship to maximum speed and it is barely holding up. Sara is worried about the ship, but Rip assures her that time is of the essence and they must get to the Vanishing Point. He knows the ship better than anyone, he knows what it can handle. As it starts to blow up around him, and the Time Drive fails. Rip sends Jax to go and have a look and see if he can fix it. Martin is stressing about what happens if they can't fix it, but Rip assures him that the Jump Ship has an emergency jump to 2016 programmed in as a fail safe if they get stuck.

Sara goes to check on Savage, and he asks if she's talked to her sister Laurel lately. She still doesn't know that Laurel is dead, but doesn't take the bait at this time. Savage reminds her that Rip is doing all this for HIS family, and will cast them all aside if necessary. Looks like mind games are the order of the day.


Rip tells Jax to reroute the power to the Time Drive, and asks Gideon to check the levels of radiation in the chamber where Jax is working. She tells him that it is 3% above the highest level, and Martin is horrified that Rip is letting Jax work down there. Jax manages to get the Drive online, but is blasted by a burst of radiation that knocks him off his feet.

The Time Drive is back online, but Jax has received an extreme amount of temporal radiation, and there's nothing Gideon can do to reverse it. The side effect unfortunately is that his internal organs will age at an accelerated rate, and the rest of him will follow shortly.

Mick and Leonard appear to be friends again, and are hanging out while Mick snacks. Leonard has a bad feeling about all this, it's reminding him of a job that went badly back in 2016.


Gideon advises Rip that the system needs a reboot, and he approves it. Sara confronts him about what Savage said to her, and Rip admits to her that he probably would sell them out to save his family. He tells her about Jax, and that he knew of the risk, but sent him anyway. Rip is worried what he is turning into, and when he started only thinking of himself.

Ray goes to see Savage and asks him how to restore Carter's mind. Savage is shocked that this is what Ray really wants, after all Carter is all that is standing in between he and Kendra being together and happy. Savage himself knows how this feels, in one lifetime Kendra didn't remember Carter at all and she and Savage fell in love. Ray knows he's trying to turn him against Carter, and shakes him off. But the seeds have been sown.


He goes back to Carter's cell and finds Kendra reciting a love poem to Carter, in hopes of bringing him back. Ray turns tail and leaves, and Kendra chases him. She was just trying whatever she could to help him remember. Ray knows the deal, but can't be Carter's place holder anymore.

Jax's blood chemistry has him at the level of a 63 year old man, and Martin, Mick and Leonard are shocked that Rip has let this happen. The crew is starting to doubt their leader, and Leonard and Mick have decided to get on that Jump Ship and book it out of there. They go to tell Rip, who tells them to keep the faith, but they have made up their mind. Rip tells them that the mission is voluntary, and they can leave whenever they like. Sara has decided to stay, she doesn't run from a fight.


Martin goes to see Savage next, wanting to know more about the night they saw Savage using Carter's body to share immortality with his followers, hoping to save Jax. Savage tells him that that only worked due to Carter's blood, and perhaps Ray would be the person to approach about spilling some more. Martin knows what Savage is trying to do and will not be playing that game. He does get a sudden idea though, and thanks him for his help.

Martin gets Jax to follow him to the Jump Ship, drugs him again and straps him into a seat. Sending him back to 2016, and with a few adjustments Martin has made, will reverse Jax's condition. Jax tells him he can't do it, if they're separated Martin will die. Martin tells him that he's already lived his life, and now Jax must live his. He launches the Jump Ship, and Jax disappears into the Time Stream *sniff*.


Leonard and Mick round the corner, ready to go in the Jump Ship. The one that just left. Martin tells them he did what he had to do, and they have to help repair the ship and deliver Savage to the Time Council.

Ray goes back to see Savage, and is goaded by him enough that Ray opens the door and starts to punch on. Savage eventually gets the upper hand and chokes Ray out. He uses Ray's hand print to open his cell, and he is out.


Gideon informs Rip that the ship is back online, when Ray runs in and tells them that Savage has escaped. Gideon informs them that he has also freed Carter, and then she fades away as Savage take her offline. Rip tells them he'll have to drive old school, and sends Ray and Mick after Savage. Rip gets out his maps, and puts Martin on engineering, and Sara is to be the navigator.

Mick, Leonard and Ray suit up and track Savage to a corridor. They start exchanging fire, and Savage demands to know who they think they are. Standing against Vandal Savage, the Destroyer of Empires!


Kendra joins Ray and the others, and it's not long until Carter appears behind them brandishing the mace. Vandal takes down Mick, Leonard and Ray, and he and Carter advance on Kendra. Rip steps in and takes a laser blast for Kendra, but it's not enough to keep her safe. Savage gets his hands around her neck and she begs Carter for help.

He starts to have memory flashes, and remembers in time to save her. He spreads his wings and fights Savage off Kendra. Savage strikes back with a knife to his gut and Carter drops to the floor. Kendra's fury rises, and she takes Savage on, knocking him out cold. Rip checks on Carter and he's alive, and he tells Kendra that she just saved them all.


The ship approaches the Vanishing Point with Sara in the driving seat, she loses control as a beam hits the ship and starts dragging them in. The Time Council has taken cover their guidance system, and advises them to prepare to be boarded. Rip requests an immediate assembly of the Time Council, telling them he's there to justify his crimes, not answer to them.

They appear before the Time Council, and Rip presents Savage and his evidence against him. The leader of the Time Council orders Savage to be released and sent back to Earth in 2166. Rip realises that Savage and the Time Council are in league, and they tell him that he has never been able to see the bigger picture when it comes to time and history. Rip is dragged away, and the Waverider is ordered to be boarded and the others captured.

Martin, Mick, Kendra and Ray are taken but Leonard is still on alert and tells Sara they have to hide when he hears them being boarded.


Savage comes to see Rip and reminds him that he's been waiting a long time to meet his family. So it looks like maybe we've got Leonard and Sara saving the day next week, those #captaincanary shippers just wet their pants. Not to forget Jax, who would never let his Grey die. He's gotta find his way back somehow.!