DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E3 Blood Ties Recap


DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1E3 Blood Ties recap starts now! Spoilers ahoy!

Ancient Egypt 1700 B.C. We see Vandal Savage in his first incarnation as Hath-Set, a priest, in his chambers. A masked, hooded man enters and attacks him from behind. Savage fights back with his staff and when at an impasse, asks "who are you?" The man unmasks himself, and it's Rip Hunter! "The man who's here to kill you" he says to Savage.


Leipzig, Germany 1975. The Waverider comes in to land, and Gideon tells the crew that this is the current location of Vandal Savage. On board the ship, Kendra is still in the medical bay, her condition not having improved. Fragments from the knife that stabbed her are still in the wound and are gradually making their way through her bloodstream to her heart. Jax suggests they travel into the future to get her better medical care, but Rip explains that this ship is from that future and has the best available equipment. Leonard chimes in with, "she wouldn't survive the time jump anyway." Rip gives him a look, and Leonard snarks back with "I pay attention."


Rip asks Gideon to tell him about the ship's status, and she tells him that the Jump Ship has sustained damage and cannot be flown until repairs are made. "Wait, wait Jump Ship?" asks Jax. The Jump Ship is a small expeditionary ship in the belly of the Waverider. Rip enlists Jax, an auto mechanic to have a look and see what he can do. Mick asks what the rest of them are supposed to do, just sit? "Capital idea Mr Rory" says Rip. "You're not nearly as thick as most people say."


Rip is at his desk, looking at his pocket watch that contains a picture of his wife and son. Sara comes up behind him and says "is that your son? He looks like you." Sara confronts him about not having any sort of plan to apprehend Savage, and that if they can't kill him then perhaps they can slow him down instead. Sara says that back at the weapons auction, Savage was trying to sell the nuke. Money is power, realises Rip. Take away Savage's fortune and he is just a regular guy with a very long life span.

Martin and Ray are with Kendra trying to come up with a way to stop the minuscule fragments. Ray decides to shrink himself down in his Atom suit and enter her bloodstream and shoot the suckers. Martin tries to get him to wait, to test their theory first, but Ray tells him there isn't time, he's going in.

They find out that Savage keeps his money in the Brumberg Group, the world's oldest bank. Rip decides to go alone to case the bank, as he doesn't want anymore blood on his hands. Sara refuses to let him go alone telling him, I'm not giving you a choice, I'm coming with you to that bank. Cue Leonard.


"Your skills are not required" says Rip "this trip is purely reconnaissance." Mick also has overheard, "we know how to case banks, we're practically bankers." "Except we take the money out" adds Leonard. "If I need someone to steal something, you'll be the first I call upon" says Rip. Mick fronts up to Rip, and Leonard comes in to separate them "we're all on the same side here." "We're just trying to be helpful." "Duly noted" replies Rip and leaves with Sara. "Should have let me punch him" says Mick. "But then we wouldn't have gotten this" replies Leonard showing him a key.

In the medical bay, Ray is suited up and ready to go. He shrinks himself down and Martin injects him into Kendra's bloodstream. He flies up her artery (that sounds so wrong) and tries to find the fragments. Martin tells him they should be as visible as icebergs. He finds and blasts the first fragment, success! The second one shatters and damages his suit and he is forced to get out before it fails.


Rip and Sara head out into 1975, and make their way to the Brumberg Group. They get to the front desk, where they are told that the bank doesn't accept deposits less than $10 million. Rip, produces a briefcase containing coins he tells her are worth $10 million, each. They are taken back to see a manager, who takes the case away to put in their safety deposit box and will come back with the paperwork. Rip gets on the dinosaur of a computer and tries to locate Savage's account. He can't find the money, only something listed as The Vessel. Sara tells him that it doesn't matter, they've been made. The receptionist had a gun hidden behind the counter, the two guards have scars behind their ears that mark them as South African mercenaries, and the manager has callouses from extensive sword training. They turn to find six bank employees behind them armed and ready to fight.


Sara pulls a knife from under her skirt and flings it into the receptionist's chest. She produces more knives and takes on the next one in line. Rip joins the fray and attacks the guards with his fists and a handy coat rack. Sara gives into her blood lust and kills everyone she comes into contact with, Rip manages to stop her before she kills the manager, saying that they still need him to get the information they need off the computer.


Back on the Waverider, Rip confronts Sara about her killing spree. "What the hell happened?" he asks. "You know I'm a killer" she says "that's why you put me in your little team." "I didn't just witness a killer" says Rip "what I saw was an animal." Sara explains that being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit causes an insatiable blood lust and calling her an animal is too generous. "I'm a monster" she says.

Jax is in the Jump Rider, running through some repairs when Leonard and Mick join him. They ask him to give them a hand in getting to Central City to steal a large emerald they know about. Jax refuses asking them if they think about anything but themselves? "Yes" says Leonard "money." "Even if I wanted to help, and I'm not saying that I do, this thing needs a key" says Jax. Leonard produces the key he took from Rip and says "you can't tell me you don't want to see what this baby can do."

Ray is trying to fix his suit when Martin comes in with some new suggestions about going back in to Kendra's bloodstream. Ray tells him there won't be a next time. Martin says he can't be discouraged, scientists learn from failure. Ray tells him that she is not an experiment, and Martin agrees, but says he needs to have confidence this will work. "Are we not empirical thinkers, how many have you lost?" "One" says Ray. "Who did you lose?" asks Martin "who was she?" Ray tells him about his wife who died in front of him, and he couldn't save her. He built the suit to make sure he was always able to help people. Martin tells him that Kendra needs him, he just needs to get his confidence back and put his mind to it.


Rip and Sara have the banker hostage on the ship. They interrogate him to try and find the whereabouts of Savage's money, and what The Vessel is. The banker recognises Rip as the legendary man who almost killed Savage 4000 years ago, as seen at the beginning of the episode. Rip punches him out before Sara can hear anymore. She follows him out and questions him about what the banker is talking about. Rip tells her he had the opportunity to kill Vandal when he went back in time to Egypt but hesitated and failed. This failure to avenge his wife and child made him more of a monster than Sara.

The Jump Ship arrives in Central City and Leonard and Mick successfully steal the emerald. Leonard tells them they have one more stop on the way: his childhood home. It turns out his father has plans to steal the emerald, plans that will eventually land him in prison for five years. Five years in which he changed into a man who is violent and emotionally abusive toward his wife and children, Leonard and Lisa Snart.


Back on the Waverider, the banker tells them that The Vessel, is in fact Carter's body and Savage is having a party tonight and the body is at the centre of it. He tells them the address in the hopes of getting them to go and get themselves killed. Rip tells Gideon to take them to the party and gather the crew around. Gideon tells him that Jax, Leonard and Mick are no longer aboard.

Leonard returns to his home and walks through, soaking up the memories of his childhood. Little Leonard comes down the stairs looking for a glass of water. "I'm Leo, are you friends with my daddy?" "Kind of" says Big Leonard. Big Leonard says "can I tell you something Leo? Don't ever let anyone hurt you, ever. Not here, he says, pointing to his head. "And especially not here" he says, pointing to Little Leo's heart. "No matter what you always have to look out for yourself. Understand?" There the sound of a gun being cocked, and Leonard's father says, you get the hell away from my son. Big Leonard tells Little Leo to go back upstairs to bed and turns around to speak to his father. Leonard pulls out the emerald and tells his father that he knows of this plans to steal it, but he has done the hard work for him. He tells him he would have been caught and sent to prison for five years. He warns him never raise a hand to his wife and child, he knows who he is and the man he will become. He tells him it's all he can do to keep from ending him right now, but if he does his sister will never be born.


Jax and Mick are waiting outside the house for Leonard. "Looks like you didn't write yourself out of the timeline" says Mick. "I thought maybe things would feel differently" says Leonard. Mick replies that Rip says that the timeline takes time to change. "Let's get of of here" says Leonard.

Sara and Rip use the banker to get in to the party, leaving him in the trunk of the car. At the party they take to the dance floor to fit in while they scope the place out. While dancing Rip tells Sara he doesn't think she's a monster, that he believes she has to power to control her blood lust and be a better person. Sara spots more mercenaries and they follow them up a hallway pretending to be drunk. The guards tells them that this room is restricted and Sara says she was just looking for the ladies. He falls drunkenly onto one guard and then headbutts him, spins and kicks the other in the head. They enter the room and find Carter's body lying on a table. They make a plan to get Carter's body out, Sara mentions that she just wishes they knew what Savage was planning to do with the body. Creepy lackey appears and asks them "why not stay and find out?" The banker appears with a few other henchmen and they take Rip and Sara captive.


Martin and Ray have another crack at destroying the knife fragments in Kendra, this time Ray just goes with the flow, so to speak, and successfully destroys them all. Martin tells him well done, and he couldn't be prouder.

The banker and his men take Rip and Sara into another room. Rip asks what they have planned for Carter's body "oh you'll see" replies Creepy. He also tells them that money is not the source of Savage's power. "Well what is? asks Sara. "Let us show you" says the banker. They enter a room filled with red robed, chanting people surrounding an altar with Carter's body placed on it. Vandal Savage is at the centre waiting for them. He and Rip finally come face to face for the first time in 4000 years, and Savage tells him he looks well. He tells them that although he already has Carter's life essence, his blood also has power. He slits Carter's throat and catches the blood in a goblet. He drinks the blood and passes the goblet around, telling them that the blood allows a normal man to live an extra one hundred or so years.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Blood Ties" -- Image LGN103B_0254b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Casper Crump as Vandal Savage and Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall/Hawkman -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

On the Waverider, Kendra is talking in her sleep, chanting the same chant as Vandal's disciples. She becomes distressed and tells Ray and Martin that they have to save them, Rip and Sara are in trouble. Martin asks Gideon where they are and she tells him they left for the party. Ray asks "whats going on?" "I don't know" says Martin. He asks Gideon to get him Jax, and she tells him that he is also not on board, but on the Jump Ship with Leonard and Mick. She patches them through, and Martin gives them the coordinates for the party and tells them to go and help Rip and Sara.

Savage asks Rip why he tried to kill him, "what could I have possibly done to deserve that hatred in your eyes. Did I take something from you? Someone?" Savage takes Rip's pocket watch and finds the picture, tells him his wife is lovely and his son has his eyes. "I'll be sure to keep the picture close, I don't remember killing them, yet. Seems like I have a lot to look forward to." Savage then tells them how powerful he his, what a god he is, yada yada when suddenly there is a flash of blue light. Sara and Rip exchange glances and they duck for cover.

Mick and Leonard burst in with their hot and cold guns and start taking out the disciples. Jax weighs in with a few punches, and Mick releases Rip and Sara, and hands Rip his laser gun. They continue to fight their way through to Savage, and make moves to get Carter's body out of there. Savage blasts the room, taking everyone down, and Rip tells the others to go and he'll take care of Savage. They fight and Rip gets the better of him and slits his throat. As Savage is dying (well not for long), he tells Rip that he knows their names now, and he will make it a priority to hunt down his family and that he will not rest until he has had his revenge. Sara has the banker and appears to be stabbing him over and over again. Rip looks over at her and she stops, and we see she has been stabbing the floor beside his head, taking control of her anger.


Back on the ship, Rip asks Gideon to check if the timeline has changed. She says no, that Savage's immortality has kept things the same. Rip asks her to work out where they can find him next. Kendra is awake and feeling better, and she thanks Rip and the others for bringing back Carter's body. Leonard also asks Gideon to see if his timeline has changed, but it appears he father may have avoided being arresting for stealing the gem, he was arrested for trying to sell the gem on to an undercover officer. Five years jail, and the timeline remains unchanged.

The crew then gives Carter and Aldus a burial and Rip speaks their acts of heroism, and how they are an inspiration to them all. A reminder that one person alone can't save the world. They leave one by one, and Kendra lays flowers on Carter's grave and tells him, "come back to me."

Gideon tells Rip they she has located Savage in 1986 "better break out your parachute pants" says Ray. "What the hell are parachute pants?" says Jax. Ugh, kids these days.


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