DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E6 Star City 2046 Recap


The Legends have landed in Star City in 2046, but where's Oliver Queen?

And who is Connor Hawke really? DC's Legends of Tomorrow S1:E6 recap starts now!

We pick up where we left off with the team temporarily stranded in Star City in the year 2046. They have just met Green Arrow, who is decidedly not Oliver Queen, and he starts to attack them. "Is this guy a friend of yours? I don't like him," yells Mick as they dive for cover. They fire back, and realise that this guy is nothing like the Green Arrow they know, "Whoever he is, I don't plan on getting shish-kabobbed by this dude," says Jax, and Rip calls the retreat back to the Waverider.


Back on the ship, Rip tells them that time is constantly in flux, and there is no guarantee that this particular future will come to pass. Rip tells them the best thing they can do is repair the ship here in 2046, and then head back to 2016 and make sure none of this ever happens.

Jax takes a look at the engines and tells Rip he would be able to make repairs a lot faster if he had some help. Rip tells him to enlist whoever is free, he has a neuro-morphic interface in need of repair. In fact, Gideon can't function without it. Ray tells him that Palmer Tech was working on a similar interface back when he was there, and surely by now Smoak Technologies (as it is now known), would have had success in making a prototype. Rip tells him that he and Sara need to keep away from this particular future, as it is their future home, "In any case, there's a reason why I recruited individuals adept as misappropriating other's property."

Mick tells him "It's not money, it's not jewels, it's not a valuable artifact. You're just lucky I'd steal anything right about now." "We'll get your gizmo, you just get this bucket flying again" says Leonard. Sara insists on coming, she is not having Rip tell her what to do any more. It's not just his future that's important. She knows Star City better than anyone, and tells him "Either I'm coming with, or we can find out if the Time Masters are as good at teaching people to fight as the League of Assassins." Gulp.


Jax tries to line Kendra up to help him fix the engines, telling her they could do with some loving, obviously looking for a bit of action. Totally oblivious Martin offers to help him, while Ray and Kendra work on repairing Gideon. They get to work, and Jax and Martin can hear the other two working and having a friendly, slightly flirty chat. Jax is not happy, and Martin cracks it at them telling them to shut up. He stops himself when he realises that it is not him upset, it's Jax. He works out that Jax is crushing on Kendra, and tells him that he just needs to have more confidence in himself. "Put yourself out there, good things will happen."

In Star City, Sara tries to find familiar landmarks, and when Leonard queries the fact that her father was a police captain she says, "My father, and everyone else, would never have let this happen, unless they were all dead." They are heading for Palmer Tech, when fighting breaks out around them and they head to an abandoned bus for cover. The Green Arrow appears and joins the fight, and Sara sees him shot down. She goes to find him, and Rip follows.


Leonard and Snart decide to go back to a bank they passed on the way, but are held up by some gang members. They take them on, and Mick shoots the leader down with his heat gun. He takes the leader's fur coat, puts him arm around his girl, and takes leadership of the gang. Leonard tells him they have a mission, but Mick disagrees and tells him that this world is everything he has ever dreamed of. He rides off on a four wheeler, and Leonard reluctantly follows.


Sara finds the Green Arrow in an alley, and finds out that Oliver Queen is presumed dead, he hasn't been seen since after the Uprising fifteen years ago. He tried to band the people of Star City together to fight but everyone evacuated and left the city to burn. Sara asks who led the Uprising, and a man steps around the corner "I did."

It's Deathstroke, who Oliver and the team defeated previously and imprisoned on the island of Lian Yu. Sara refers to him as Slade Wilson, but he removes his mask and reveals himself to be Slade's son Grant. He calls in reinforcements, and Rip also arrives to back up Green Arrow and Sara. Green Arrow shoots up a zip line and they fly themselves up out of the alley.


Back on the Waverider, Jax decides to use some of his natural charm on Kendra and try and win her over. Martin tells Ray that he has noticed his and Kendra's flirty conversations, and that he has spotted her giving Ray some sidelong glances. Ray hasn't noticed and hadn't really thought of Kendra in that way, and Martin convinces him that hooking up with a team member is not a good idea, especially as Kendra is still getting over the death of Carter.

Mick has settled himself in as the leader of the gang, and is holding court in a Mad Max style bar. He's got his fur coat, his chalice and all the criminal chaos he could possibly desire. The place is pumping and Mick is in his element, but Leonard is not so happy. He wants to go back and help Rip and Sara, not put down roots. Mick refuses, wraps his arm around his new lady, and walks off.


Sara asks Green Arrow about Smoak Technologies, and he tells her that everything was put into storage when Felicity and everyone else left fifteen years ago. He knows where it's being kept, and tells them he'll take them there. It's the old Arrow bunker, abandoned and left in ruins after Oliver was exposed. The begin to look around, when they are told in no uncertain terms to leave by a man in the shadows. He shows himself, and it's Oliver Queen. Old, long hair and beard, one armed.

Oliver tells the Green Arrow to put down the bow, and refers to him as John. John Diggle Jr. Green Arrow tells him that his father is dead and because he couldn't save him, he doesn't deserve his name. He goes by Connor Hawke now. Oliver asks him why he is parading around in someone else's outfit, and Connor tells him that someone has to, because the last time he checked, Oliver was dead.


Sara asks Oliver what happened to everyone, and he tells her that they're all dead, or gone. He says that they had no chance against the Uprising, especially seeing as Sara and Ray chose to leave in 2016. They could've used their help, but they never came back. He tells them that Felicity put all her things into storage at a warehouse when she left, and where they can find it. Oliver tells them they need to go, "You found your way in, you can find your way out."

On the Waverider, Martin tells Jax that he has managed to dampen down anything that might be happening between Ray and Kendra. Jax decides that he will have another crack and leaves. Ray comes in and thanks Martin for mentioning Kendra, he would never have thought of her in that way, but now is thinking about it after all. Way to go, wingman Grey.

At Mick's gang headquarters the party continues, Leonard looking like me at a bar at 3am, sleeping upright at a table. Deathstroke Jr and his soldiers enter the bar and tell them all that there is a bounty on the Green Arrow's head, as well as the leather clad girl and the Brit. Mick is not interested in co-operating but Deathstroke Jr points out that he is in fact the one in charge here, that the whole city does what he says. Leonard tries to convince Mick that they need to go and help their team, but Mick has found his dream home and will not leave without a fight. Mick asserts that Leonard is not the boss of him, but Leonard disagrees and says that is exactly what he is. Leonard proposes a deal, he and Mick help the others, and then they can talk about their future together after.


Sara, Rip and Connor find the warehouse and start searching for the interface they need to repair Gideon. Sara finds a case and looking through it, begins to smile She takes it and keeps searching. Rip finds the Smoak Technologies gear and eventually searches out the interface. As he goes to tell the others, Deathstroke's army appears and the fight is on. Sara and Rip fight their way through them, but it takes Mick and Leonard arriving to finish them off. They realise that Connor is gone, leaving his bow behind. He's been taken by Deathstroke's soldiers.

Rip tells them they need to get back to the ship, repair Gideon and get the hell out of Star City. Sara is not willing to leave Connor, or Oliver. Star City is her home, these are people she knows and loves and she is going to stay and help. Mick and Leonard begin their talk, and Mick is defiant and wants to stay. He wonders why Leonard doesn't, and Leonard tells him there is too much competition. Mick says they can just wipe them all out, including Grant Wilson. "Take a look around Snart, living the dream." Leonard agrees, "Yeah. Speaking of which. Sleep tight, buddy." He knocks him out with the butt of his gun. He tells Rip and Sara they had a difference of opinion, and Rip tells them it's time to get them all back to the Waverider.


Jax can sense Martin's anxiety and guilt over Ray and Kendra, and Martin admits that his plans backfired. Jax accepts it, he realises that he never really had a chance anyway, but he will still try and have confidence in himself. Rip and the others return, and Jax tells them that they have managed to repair the engines. Martin asks Sara if everything is alright, and Sara tells him that all of her friends and family are dead, except for Oliver Queen. She tells them about what happened, and how Oliver is now. Sara insists that she needs to go back and help, and Jax and Martin agree, they signed up to be heroes, after all.

Rip tells them that meddling with the future is more dangerous than changing the past. Sara hits back with Rip's family, and how what he is asking them to do is no different. "I am not just trying to save my family, and I am not just trying to save one city, but the entire world. I'm not the one being selfish, Sara." Rip gives her an hour in Star City to try and save Connor, any longer than that and the ship will leave without her.


Leonard has Mick in a cell, and talks to him from outside. Mick is furious with him and can't believe he lied to him. Leonard tells him he lies to him all the time, and it's kept them out of prison several times. "I'm the brains, you're the muscle, that's how it's always been." Mick tells him he knows it's not about the score for him anymore, he'd rather save the world than be his partner. Leonard tells him if they manage to take out Savage, they'd be the two baddest sons of bitches of all time. Mick doesn't want a ticker tape parade, he just wants to watch the world burn. "You lay a hand on me again, you'll burn too." Mick says to Leonard.

Sara goes back to the Arrow bunker and calls out Oliver. She tells him that Deathstroke Jr has Connor, and Oliver tells her he can't help, he's not the same person anymore. "Look at me, Sara. I am literally half the man I used to be." Sara says she is on her own now, but she can't do it by herself. She pulls out the case she found, and in it is Oliver's Green Arrow suit and bow. "This city will always need a Green Arrow."


Rip asks Gideon if the ship is ready, and she tells him it is but there is a mob gathering close by to witness the execution of Connor Hawke by Deathstroke Jr. Martin lectures Rip about thinking of leaving without Sara, that he is becoming as immoral as Savage.

Deathstroke Jr leads Connor Hawke through the mob, and up to a execution block. He tells the crowd how fitting it is, seeing as it is where he took Oliver Queen's arm. He goes to chop off Connor's head, when Sara appears in the crown having been captured by a soldier. Deathstroke tells her the League of Assassins would be embarrassed, thinking that she could just turn up here and kill him. Sara tells him that was not her plan at all, she's just a distraction.


Oliver is back as Green Arrow, bad ass mechanical arm and all. Oliver starts taking out his soldiers, and Connor manages to break free. Deathstroke Jr and Connor fight, as Oliver makes his way towards them. Connor goes down and Deathstroke moves in for the killer blow, but Oliver arrives in time to put an arrow in his chest. It slows him down enough for Connor to escape, and Oliver takes him on. They fight and Oliver has not lost a lot in the way of skills, not bad for an old bloke.


The rest of the Legends arrive and help Sara and Connor out against the rest of the soldiers. Oliver throws Connor his bow and fights Deathstroke at close quarters. He goes down, but Connor shoots Deathstroke with a wire arrow that wraps him up, and Oliver lands the knockout blow. The fight is over, and the remaining soldiers run. Oliver says hi to Ray and Kendra, and thanks the others for the assist. Oliver says to Connor "That's good shooting, John." Connor goes to give him back his bow and tells him his name is Connor. Oliver says "Either way, it's Green Arrow" and hands him back the bow.

Back at the Arrow bunker, Oliver decides it's time to get back to work. He and Connor will work together to clean up the city, and fight off those that will now move in on Deathstroke's territory. Sara feels confident enough now to leave them, and tells them to both be careful, and says to Connor "You watch his back."


On the Waverider, Ray makes his move on Kendra, with Jax eavesdropping in the corridor outside. Kendra tells Ray she is not ready, having been through a lot in the past few weeks. Ray takes it well, telling her "If I was a reincarnated Egyptian priestess, I'd probably feel the same way." He leaves her alone, and meets Jax acting totally not suspicious in the corridor. Ray knows he overheard, and he also knew that Jax was keen as well, telling him "She would have picked me, by the way."


Sara goes to talk to Rip, and thanks him for sending in the others to help her. He tells her she was right, that every future is worth fighting for. Rip has calculated where they should go next, and tells them that they will be hitting Savage when he least expects it, and sends the ship on its way.