Kingdom S2:E10 Traveling Alone Recap

It's been quite a while since we checked in on the Navy Street gang, let's see if Alvey found Chapas yet and how Ryan's dad is doon. Rolling Kingdom S2:E10 Traveling Alone after the break.

Christina Kulina (Joanna Going) was also in trouble last time, I think she may have overdosed. That would break Jay (Jonathan Tucker), so I hope not. Nate's (Nick Jonas) storyline is at a very slow burn right now, I hope it picks up and he gets a line or two.

We open in the bathroom with Ryan (Matt Lauria) listening to someone hurl in a stall; he's not going out there to fight, Alvey (Frank Grillo), screw that! Let them sue him! He always has bad pre-fight jitters, hopefully he didn't do blow to calm himself down this time. Also because that makes no sense.

Alvey has HAD it with going through this alla time, "you're f*cking fighting, so f*cking deal with it!" They debate the relative merits of imported and local p*ssy (dis show) until Alvey gets serious. This is the time of Ryan's clarity of purpose, he's gotta get out there! This is his time! Then Alvey will get him a job in a cubicle after; Ryan is up and chanting "DATA PROCESSING!!" while I laugh my arse off.

Jay's calling a (hopefully) passed out Christina, he wants to show her his belt! She's not picking up, so he tries to talk Nate into calling her, but this is when Ryan is supposed to be walking into the ring. He stops to record a video for his dad. Alvey takes a call from Chapas (who took his 30K investment and BLEW) and it's chaos! This is not how you walk into a fight, all distracted and shite! Everyone looks irritated and not the least bit focused as they walk in. Also blue.

I don't have my usual fight watcher with me, so I'll do my best from between my fingers. I think his opponent is Fake Equis!! The guy who pays films / shows to be on them! Right now he's getting his arse kicked around the octagon, just think DATA PROCESSING, RYAN!! I'm impressed with how realistic the fight looked, Ryan takes it in the first round by knockout. Ryan makes me laugh when he calls his win "straight professional violence" during the post interview with Kenny Florian (Kenny Florian).

He takes a moment a moment to do a shoutout to his dad and nudge Jay back in the corner. He really doesn't want to fight his best friend Jay.

Kenny is lining up the interviews with Lisa (Kiele Sanchez) after the fight, he'd really like a crack at Nate but that ain't happening. He isn't getting Alvey, either, who has an address for Chapas (Mark Consuelas) and is hot on the trail.

He doesn't waste a lot of time, as soon as Chapas opens the door Alvey hits him with a flurry of punches and holds a gun on the topless hooker snorting up in the bathroom.

Alvey follows that up with some more punching and searches his luggage, looking for his money. He pours a drink: this is gonna be a long f*cking night for Chapas.

Jay gets home with pizzas, looking for his mama. Instead, Nate has shots! He knows what Jay has done for him, his whole life.


They drink to "bitches and money" *dis show* while Ryan shows the fight to his pop. Rick (M.C. Gainey) with the liver failure just wants a drink, yeah? They bond and Rick breaks the news of his moving to a facility while Jay knocks on Christina's door.

Nate comes in at Jay's screaming and tries to help wake her up, she's breathing! That's good news, I didn't think she was! Jay injects her with something from Mac and rubs her chest, this is not looks good after all. Wait, her eyes are open!! Nate does not want to be involved.

Chapas wakes up to find Alvey with a gun on him, he has a bag behind the fridge filled with Alvey's money, can he get it? He may! Chapas used Alvey's money to pay off some people that wanted to kill him, but he couldn't do Alvey like that. Take the money.

Jay flushes Christina's gear down the toilet, well, not the bit he snorts, but maybe the rest of it. Nate is convinced this is gonna happen again, why does Jay think it'll change? He's gotta try, though.

Chapas doesn't want any of that money back from Alvey, no matter how many times he tries. He may have killed his wife, too, it's a little murky. He said something about causing her death the night they got busted but he doesn't explain any more.

Alvey goes to leave and Sean takes his gun, but he's not threatening Alvey. He's at the end of the road. He shoots himself in the head as Alvey screams.

Ah Alvey, you should not have decided to erase your presence. It was clearly suicide and the hooker saw you and can probably identify you and the gun you held on her, dude!

Jay and Nate do more shots by the pool; Jay's feeling philosophical, probably because he's awake. He had a good fight and everyone is alive, let's drink to that. Jay apologizes to Nate for not stopping him from taking that shady fight in Fresno, that was a big mistake. Christina joins them and it gets quiet.

Alvey arrives him to find Lisa dropping off her key (in the middle of the night?), she notices how shaken he is and presses. He spills about Chapas, she's mostly worried that they could trace the gun back to Alvey, since he left it there.

Christina is feeling a little down after her near-death experience, Nate's HAD it.

And yet: Jay almost died injecting her heroin to try to get through to her. Jay tries to interrupt but Nate has lines and he's gonna say 'em ALL. He is not losing his brother over her. Clean up or GTFO.

Lisa is back to cold with Alvey, she's going. Alvey pushes her to think about them together, just one more time. He wants to get married, he wants to raise this baby with her, he wants her and this life and please don't leave.

She asks if there is anything else? None of this was about her and the baby, it's all about Alvey and his feeling his mortality with his friend killing himself in front of him. She's not wrong, but DAMN is she cold.

Rick's taking a turn for the worse, waking Ryan and sending him searching for pills. But which one? How would he know? His dad cries and begs Ryan to kill him, no no no!!! We're good, Ryan, we're good! Just kill me. Ryan doesn't want to kill his dad, no no no!! This is Ryan's real fight, hiding in the bathroom while his dad screams his name in anguish.

He calls Jay. He makes it through a conversation without really saying anything, when Jay hangs up he's left alone again, on the bathroom floor. At least his dad has stopped screaming.

Then he goes out and kills his dad.

Nate is walking Lisa out, sending her off with a pink "MAMA" mouthguard and the assurance that he'll water her plants every day. Well. Not every day, Nate. She cries as she drives away.

Jay's shopping for rehab facilities for Christina, who is not an interested as he is. They all sound expensive, but he will FIND the money. How about this one with Psychodrama? That does not sound like a good time, but it puts a smile on her face.

Alvey gets to the gym, ahhh Nate will be taking over for Lisa. He thinks he'll be training soon, so Alvey'll have to find a replacement but close that door, Nate. Let's think about your future! Because Alvey knows that Nate is not a fighter at heart.

It's not ability, it's a mindset and Nate doesn't have that mental illness. Alvey backs away from telling Nate he doesn't have the heart for it, he encourages Nate to think past him: do more than his old man. Nate leaves to train, taking none of that.

Alvey finally does the interview with Kenny; what's better? Winning as a coach or as a fighter? As a fighter, always for Alvey. That's when he has clarity of purpose. His mind goes quiet. Not still, but quiet. He chases that every day. And we're oot. Until next time.