Kingdom S2:E9 Living Down Recap


Can you believe it's been a month since I last recapped Kingdom? Me either! Did you further know that there are 20 episodes in this season???!!! 20!! What? There better be some boy on boy SOON is all I gotta say. Rolling S2:E9 Living Down after the break.

We open with Alvey (Frank Grillo) packing dangerous: he's taking the assault rifle but leaving the handgun? I wonder if he's going after Sean Chapas (Mark Consuelos) although that could just be living in LA. Plus you probably want the handgun for Chapas, get in close.

Woot, Jay (Jonathan Tucker) survived injecting his mom's heroin, he's on the bike next to Ryan (Matt Lauria) but I'm pretty sure he's still high AF.

Awww, they're motivating each other during cutting! Jay's done pretty well moving down a weight class but he and Ryan have 6 and 7 pounds to lose in the next 24 hours. From WHERE?


Lisa (Kiele Sanchez) and Alvey are meeting for lunch to discuss the baby who is minutes away from being born, Alvey's totally a Neanderthal, right? He asks how she likes the new "girl", which apparently refers to Lisa's new ob-gyn. She's going to San Francisco, she's had it.

I see where she's coming from with regards to Alvey's recent and prolonged erratic behaviour, but does she really think running back home to daddy is the BEST thing a grown woman can do? What about her managing career? Her fighters?

Cristina (Joanna Going) is apartment hunting, she finds a dump for $1700 but there's lots of interest, hurry! She's got to fill out an application and pretend to have a stable work history, though. I wish her luck. I bet she tries to sweeten the pot with her bum

Hey Alicia's (Natalia Martinez) sponsor has given her a car! After one fight-for-show that didn't count! Guess how the boys feel about that?


Nothing's for free, Alicia

Oh! Alvey's selling his guns! Good thinking. He gets almost what he wants for them, what's his play? It was one of the things Lisa was freaked out about, so maybe he's making a decent run at making things right.

I love watching Ryan and Jay cut weight, I hope we get another "this is what we do!" song from Jay! They have such great banter. Nate (Nick Jonas) goes outside and tears Alicia a new arsehole for squealing about her new car when her teammates are undergoing a hard cut.

Alvey gets into the gym to find a frantic Ryan, his dad's kidneys are failing and he's gotta go. He might be late for the weigh-in.

The landlord is already making side deals for arse for the apartment, Cristina finds Ted (Evan Arnold) having sex with his wife in the kitchen of the vacant apartment. She spins a yarn about her being a stay at home wife and not having work history, but he doesn't care. Have her ex co-sign on the apartment! She's not getting that place.

Lisa's breaking the news of her departure to Jay, she's really sorry, she's going, but Jay's too high and physically wiped to understand a lot right now


Ryan's made it to his dad's place, it's worse than Rick (M.C. Gainey) let on. He's in renal failure and having dialysis three times a week. He's not going to be at Ryan's fight.

Alicia is PISSED that Lisa's leaving, she threatens to fire Lisa because she's "trying to eat" here. Lisa has only more bad news: Alicia is going to have to give the car back: Drew gave her that so Slaughter Water didn't have to pay her. As her manager, I bet it's tough to get 10% out of a car. The tires, maybe? They looked nice! Alicia agrees to stick it out with Lisa a bit longer, see what happens.

Alvey and Nate have a tense conversation; they haven't been getting along for ages due to Nate refusing to let his body heal in between fights. Alvey doesn't think Nate has the required killer instinct, which Nate's been trying to disprove by getting himself killed in unsanctioned fights against yahoos.

Weigh in time! Jay makes it, woot! Congrats you veiny bastage!


I think Ryan makes it, but gets into pushy-shovey with the other fighter: so unprofessional.

Jay is eating ALL THE FOOD now that he's made weight, Alvey would really like to reach Sean. Cristina calls him instead, she will need his help to get an apartment officially. He can do that, right?

Ryan can't take one more second of Keith (Paul Walter Hauser), not one more, he'll figure out the Will Call for tickets for his fight or he won't, GAWN!

Cristina is taking the advice of creepy landlord Ted and asking Alvey to be on her rental application; she needs some short-term help. He tries to pay her off with some cash, but that won't help. She needs to show stability and cash isn't it.

Alicia complains to Ryan that she finally found a manager worth something and she's off having a baby


I laughed FARĀ  too hard at that.

Alvey warns Jay about Cristina: don't get sucked in. Everything Jay is doing to help his mom: Alvey's already done. I feel bad about Jay, but Alvey is right. Addiction is a BEAST and an active addict can take down EVERYONE.

Fight time!


It's all very exciting and looks like so much more legit than whatever mess Nate was in. Lisa comes by to pump Ryan up, they used to be engaged and sometimes I have to remind myself of that. She's sorry about his dad and he's gonna miss her. There's hugging but I thought maybe a kiss...? Nope. I guess Ryan was thinking that too.


That seems like a really not-good way to pump up for a fight, talk about depressing shite and then not make a move.

Jay preps for his fight while Cristina prepares an extra-large batch of H. Is she giving up? While Jay's not there? While he's walking into his fight??

The song lyrics "I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory" playing loudly would suggest they're both in danger, him because he cut so much weight and her because she's having trouble seeing the light at the end.

Jay is NOT doing well, he's a bloody mess and his opponent is doing pretty much whatever he wants to. He squeaks out of a bad hold right at the bell; Alvey points out a flaw in the other fighter's strategy and Jay uses it to knee the other guy in the face. Or so I hear: I hate the blood, y'all

Jay gives his victory speech; is he gonna keep that belt at the lower weight? He'll have to defend it if he does. "You cannot kill me." One more thing: Ryan Wheeler, he's coming for you.

Alvey does a post-fight hugathon with Jay; he has no intention of letting Jay fight Ryan, but I don't know if that's his decision right now. I hate how sad and vulnerable Jay looks around his dad, little boy lost. He takes off the belt after his dad leaves.

Jay calls Cristina, but she can't answer; she's passed out on the floor and looks like she'd OD'd. And we're oot.

Join us! One of us! One of us!