Lucifer S02:E01 Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer Recap


Alright, alright, alright! Luci is back for Season 2! And good old Mum is on the loose from Hell!

Let's see what shenanigans our Devil has in store on Lucifer, recap starts now!

Downtown LA and a jewellery heist is in progress, until our favourite brothers interrupt and stop the masked men in their tracks. Luci googles his eyes and sweet talks the leader, determined to make him admit that in addition to being someone who just wants their freedom, to break the shackles, be reborn; he is in fact their mother hellbent on revenge. The robber is in agreement with everything Luci says, until he gets to the whole Mum inhabiting a dead body bit.


So, not Mum then. Amenadiel freezes time, as they agree that it's not her. As this was the last guy on their list, what now? Time for a new plan, but not before a little punishment, or fun as Lucifer calls it.


Lucifer goes to see Dr Linda, and he tells her the story. Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met and fell in love. Sexy times followed, all good apart from the whole "celestial beings" bit. Anyway, the Big Bang took on a whole new meaning and the Universe was born. A litter of kids followed, they built Heaven and things were good, for a while.


Mum grew more and more distant, and eventually the kids, or one kid in particular starting acting out. Luci ended up pissing Dad off so much he kicked him out, and Mum just stood there and let it happen. Couple of millennium down the track, and he kicked Mum out too and sent her to Luci in Hell. Where he did the same for her, zilch.

Lucifer and Chloe are at a crime scene, on the set of a popular kid's tv show. Chloe is still trying to determine what Lucifer really is, and how he didn't die. She has a sample of his blood now, and she's getting it tested. Lucifer tells her to have at it, and begins to ask for Chloe's help finding Mummy Dearest. He's stopped in his tracks by the sight of the victim, two metal rods sticking out of her head like horns. Looks like Mum got here first.

Jillian Taylor was a stand in for the main actress on the show, and we meet a new character Ella Lopez (The lovely Aimee Garcia from Dexter), a crime scene tech. She tells them the victim was strangled and already dead when the killer went all stabby stab (technical term) on her head. AND the body was moved, the killer's trying to send a message. Some magical hair catches Chloe's eye, who could it possibly belong to? It's Dan, and he's been reinstated, although demoted to only assisting on cases for now.


Lucifer introduces himself to the newbie Ella, and she is totally not bothered by his name, she had a friend Adolf once. She religious, but open minded. How terrible were the things that the Devil did after all? Offering a naked lady an apple? Pffft.


The star of the show Amy arrives with her boyfriend, and Luci has a new idea for who Mum is hiding in. Innocent child star turned evil? Bingo!

They head out to Jillian's house, and meet her landlady. A set nurse who got Jillian the job on the set, and now feels guilty for getting her involved in whatever Amy was in to. Drugs mainly, apparently. Then there's the big wad of cash hidden in Jillian's couch, maybe not so innocent after all?


Lucifer opens up to Chloe and explains that this is his fault, seeing as his mother's soul has overtaken Amy's body and whatnot. Chloe's not buying anything Lucifer is selling, so he tells her to test his blood and then they can have a real conversation.

Amenadiel is at Lux, and our favourite chocolate angel is drowning his sorrows over Maze, who has yet to reappear after blasting them both a new one. Amenadiel is worried that maybe she helped their mother escape, but that hardly sounds like something a demon would do, right? Besides, Luci has found mum AND he's going to convince Chloe once and for all who he really is. Amenadiel can't believe his ears, how can angel blood ending up in a police database be a good thing? Chocolate Angel, clean up on aisle five!


Star of the show, and prime suspect, Amy, is hoovering up some lines in her trailer when Lucifer appears. He's determined to draw his mother out, but Amy has other ideas, she's tired of being a good girl and everyone thinking she's so innocent. She's in Lucifer's lap with her shirt undone before Lucifer know's what happening. Thank Dad, Chloe chooses this moment to appear and Lucifer assures her that for once this is not what it looks like.


Chloe has footage of Amy and Jillian fighting and has come to the conclusion that Jillian found out about her drug use and was blackmailing her. It's the not the case, Jillian was Amy's sober coach as well as her stand in. And apparently not very good at her job. Amy was not willing to be treated like a child and has sourced herself a new supplier, one that Jillian was trying to take away. Amy hands over the number of her dealer and Chloe sets her Assistant Douche on to finding out who the number belongs to.


Luci is now convinced the drug dealer is Mumsy, and Chloe can't believe he still thinks this is all about him. He tells her to just test his blood, what is she afraid of?


Amenadiel makes his way to the cop shop for Lucifer's blood sample, stopping time on his way in. Just as he gets to Chloe's desk time restarts and he gets busted. So now Amenadiel is losing his powers too?

Lucifer goes to see Linda and lays the blame on everyone, apart from himself of course. Linda points out that he might be missing someone, and he realises that she's right. If Linda had fixed his existential problem earlier none of this would have happened! Now Linda has really had it and questions whether their sessions are of any benefit to anyone anymore.


Chloe arrives at Lux, where Amenadiel has tricked her in to coming to see him. He tells her that she needs to know the truth about Lucifer, and in fact he will show her right now.


He's fine of course, and Chloe starts to blow out, almost believing what she's seeing. Until sneaky old Amenadiel shows her his bulletproof vest and the blood capsule. Same set up that old trickster Lucifer used! He's a beer short of a six pack, hard childhood and all that, it's all a game for attention! Add in his talent for the power of suggestion, and you have one convincing act of performance art. Hmmm, who's the actor Mr Amenadiel?

Chloe and Lucifer attend an AA meeting, the location that the dealer's phone has been tracked to. They need to try and identify him, and Luci decides to draw him out.




The AA leader reminds him that the theme for the day is actually his lowest point, at which Lucifer reflects on his mother and the feelings of abandonment he has. He also feels guilty for abandoning her in turn. He wonders what she would actually say if he took the time to listen. After, Lucifer is disappointed that things turned out the way they did but Chloe tells him that she's actually impressed. And so is the dealer who approaches them right that very moment. A quick game of show and tell involving a bag of devil emoji drugs and an LAPD badge follows.


Chloe shows the dealer the crime scenes photos, and he promptly vomits pretty much discounting him as a suspect. She demands to know who else it could be, and he tells her that Amy had a dealer before him. One who would not be happy that he stole his best buyer.


At Lux, a hooded man approaches Luci from behind with a knife. Mazikeen appears out of the shadows and promptly kicks his ass. It's Amy's boyfriend, jealous from seeing Lucifer go into Amy's trailer.


Lucifer tries to get out of Maze where she has been, and if she has been helping his mother. She's shocked to hear of her escape, and reflects that Luci's mum is the only one she has never been able to break with her torture. Maze tells him that she's been with a friend, someone who has been helping her do some soul searching. Now they are stuck here she needs to find out where she fits in.

Amy's boyfriend is just chilling, hanging from the ceiling and gagged. Lucifer gives him a chance to talk and he tells them about Amy's last drug dealer, Bobby B. He heads off to tell Chloe, and the BF asks if he can possibly, maybe, go now?


At the LAPD, Chloe is looking for the other dealer, she has a feeling it's a medical professional seeing as the bulk of the drugs sold were prescription. Luci grudgingly agrees to help, and takes a look at some of the booking sheets from the set. Lo and behold, the very first one he looks at is Jillian's landlady, the set nurse Roberta Beliard. Bobby B.


Amenadiel goes to see Maze and she explains her journey of self discovery, and her need for space from he and Lucifer. Amenadiel gives another great acting performance, and tells her that he agrees.

Chloe goes to see Ella in the lab, and asks her her thoughts on her religious beliefs. Like, does she believe in angels, Heaven, the Devil? Ella tells her that part of her faith is doubt, questioning things, but she is happy enough to not know for sure. Chloe asks if she had the opportunity to find out, by means of angel blood or some other evidence conveniently lying around, would she want to know? Amy tells her that she probably wouldn't, that that's what faith means to her. Belief without the need for proof. *physically restrains self from typing something potentially offensive*

Something clicks for Ella, and she realises that the evidence she has been looking at points to the metal rods in Jillian's head coming from a garden. Garden implements, lawn decorations. Flamingos

Luci has got to Ms Bobby B's first, however.


He tells her not to bother denying it, skip it and get to the good stuff. All she has to do is admit she stole the drugs from the hospital, sold them to Amy, and killed Jillian when she got Amy to quit the drugs. She then set up the new dealer to take the fall. Lucifer is furious she acted like a mother figure to Jillian, then sacrificed her like she was nothing. Plenty of mummy issues coming to the forefront right now. Bobby goes for a poker and what follows would earn her a lucrative contract with the UFC.


She full on kicks his arse, and he seems to be having trouble with the whole invincible, unkillable thing. Is Chloe about? She gets him in a choke hold with the poker, and sure enough Chloe is at the door. They continue to struggle and Chloe hears, kicks her way in and tasers Bobby. Lucifer gives her an extra burst for good measure.


Later, Chloe tells Lucifer that Amenadiel explained everything to her but she ain't buying. Either story. All she knows is that they work well together, he makes her a better detective and she knows that Luci will always have her back and that's enough for now.

Luci goes to see Linda and tells her that she was right, he's been throwing blame around left, right and centre when he really should be taking a good, hard look at himself. He never took the time to find out why his mother acted the way she did. He's thinking now that maybe it isn't revenge his mother is seeking? But if not that, then what?


Lucifer sings All Along The Watchtower as we see Amenadiel losing his control.


Maze and the friend helping her find her way




Mum (Tricia Helfer) begs Lucifer to help her, and collapses in her arms. What was in her hand, the sample of Lucifer's blood?? Looks like we have to wait until next week to find out, til then here's a tweet from Mum!