Lucifer S1:E12 #TeamLucifer Recap


Lucifer S1:E12 #TeamLucifer recap starts now!

We’re at some kind of Satanist convention, a lovely blonde lady blindfolded and laid out on the altar. The leader makes an incantation, and brings his knife down into her chest. She screams, and the crowd sighs. She bleeds out, and another super Goth member scoops her up and carries her out of the chamber. Once they are out, he lays her down and starts to run his fingers through the blood on her chest, which obviously tickles a bit and she is miraculously not at all dead. They kiss, and he tells her they should make this even hotter with the real Lucifer. He replaces her blindfold and tightens her ropes, she starts to get scared when she hears him draw a blade. She releases her hands and raises her blindfold, in time to see a real blade sink in to her chest.

At Lucifer’s, Maze is throwing various blades at his chest to try and find out what his kryptonite is. Maze tells him that it’s obviously Chloe, but Lucifer wants to make sure it is only her that makes him vulnerable. Maze tells him she is still sleeping with Amenadiel, keeping him happy and thinking she’s on his side. Lucifer isn’t convinced that Chloe isn’t being used as a weapon against him, and tells her to keep him on side. He gets up to leave, and stubs his toe, drawing blood. looks like Chloe has arrived!


She walks in and demands to know why he is avoiding her, she been calling him for three weeks! He tells her he’s been busy, he is a very important business man doncha know! No rest for the wicked and all that. She tells him that she has a case she can’t do without him and he reluctantly agrees to come.


They found the victim, Rose Davis, in an old theatre and need Lucifer to take a look. Lucifer walks 5 steps behind Chloe, not game enough to get too close. A street preacher sees him walk past and announces to the crown that evil is here! Lucifer brushes past, and in to the theatre. They showed him the body, and he is still not convinced, until he sees the Hail Lucifer carved into her back.

Lucifer is horrified that his name has been brought in this kind of atrocity. In Lucifer’s words, all Satanists are misguided cult knobheads with frisbees in their earlobes, lol. The street preacher bursts in and starts yelling, but Malcolm is there to drag him off. Malcolm comes up and makes all friendly with Lucifer, pretending he doesn’t know him in front of Chloe. Chloe walks off and Malcolm suggest a drink, maybe some pool much to Lucifer’s disgust. Chloe discovers that the victim has sub dermal implants, and Dan tells her that he and Malcolm will check it out. Chloe tells Lucifer that they’ll head to meet Rose’s father at her place, and he grabs the address. He’ll take his own ride, thank you very much.


At Rose’s, her father hasn’t been close to her for a while, she’d changed recently. Chloe notices a bookshelf has been moved and discovers a secret staircase leading up to an attic. She heads up, gun drawn, but it’s empty. Apart from the creepy candles, ropes hanging from the ceiling, Satanic objects and chicken bits in a bowl. And I’m not talking nuggets right now unfortunately. They find a book inscribed to her Corazon, the Spanish word for heart. Is it someone’s name perhaps? Chloe gets a call from Dan. They’ve found the girl who gave her the implants, and her boyfriend was indeed called Corazon. No clue to what the sub dermal implants mean, though.


Amenadiel ambushes Malcolm in the parking garage, demanding to know why Lucifer is still alive. Malcolm forgot to tell him that he knows that Amenadiel isn’t allowed to kill him, he’s made a deal with Lucifer instead.


Chloe is trying to put the implants in to some sort of order, she thinks that  they are letters but can’t make a word. Lucifer inches closes enough to take a look, and arranges the letters to form the Latin word Filii Hircus . Roughly translated to Children of the Goat. Lucifer is not impressed that he’s always associated with goats, he doesn’t even like their cheese for crying out loud! Chloe does a search and finds a website for the Church of The Dark Prince. You too can join, for the low price of $200! Chloe tries Filii Hircus as the password, and is taken to a page listing the address of their next meeting. Lucifer has already gotten the address and is off before she offers him another lift.

He meets her at fancy mansion, and she confronts him again. She tells him that the whole vulnerable thing was that she felt she could trust him, nothing weird. They bang on the door and a hooded man declines to let them in as there is a private ceremony taking place. Chloe insists that they will want to let the real Lucifer in, and the guy asks if he has any identification. Lucifer asks Chloe to get it from the car, and shows the guy his real ID, a set of glowing red eyes. The guy shrieks and runs, and Lucifer waves at Chloe that they can go in now!


A memorial for Rose is taking place, and the same leader is taking them through a ritual to embrace Lucifer, and to let the blue light of his power flow through them. They begin to chant for Lucifer, and a guy wearing a giant goat mask enters. That’s it, Lucifer has seen enough and bursts in and lectures them all about the nonsense they’re participating in. The crowd loves it, embraces the new anarchist style Lucifer and begin to chant his name. Lucifer refuses to let anyone be recognised for killing in his name and tells them they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Chloe follows the leader as he slides out of the room, and he tells them that his real name is Onyx, uh no, it’s really Mitch Watson. He’s fed up with this gig, he joined the Church several years ago and he’s somehow ended up as High Priest. He is distraught about Rosie and tells them he tried to keep her from getting too involved. But her boyfriend encouraged her to get the implants, and he’s a real creeper. Wanted to start using animals for real sacrifices. The knife they usually use is a fake, but there is a real one. And it’s missing from its box. He leaves to get Corazon’s address, and Chloe and Lucifer study the Devil art around the place. He sees a painting that reminds him that only another Angel can hurt another, and he’s suddenly looking at Chloe with different eyes. And gives her back a squeeze looking for scars.


Maze goes to see Amenadiel, and he’s not happy with himself. He’s failed to do the one job he was sent to do, in fact he’s made things worse. Maze tells him that she believes in him, and the thing they have going on is different to what she usually gets involved in. She tells him if he’s not happy he should go, but Amenadiel can’t face his Father as a failure, he has to stay.

Lucifer has accompanied Chloe to her home, trying to find some more information about her. She goes to shower and he immediately wakes Trixie and starts to question her. Is she adopted? Does her mother have any scars? Special powers? Lucifer offers chocolate cake, but Trixie demands cash. Clever girl. Trixie tells him that she has a scar on her butt where she got bit by the Kraken. Right. Chloe comes back downstairs and tells him that’s her mother’s dog. She sends Trixie back to bed, and asks Lucifer just what he’s up to. He tries to get her to admit that she’s been sent by his Father or brother, but she doesn’t really understand what he’s asking. He asks to see her back, and she works out that this is all to do with his scars, and agrees to show him if it sets his mind at ease. Sure enough, no wing scars.


They’ve found Corazon, and meet Dan and Malcolm at a deserted warehouse. There’s no one there, until Chloe feels a drop of blood hit her hand. There’s Corazon, strung up above them, and very dead. There’s also red paint strewn around, and it looks like there’s more letters. Chloe and Dan step back and the letters form an anamorphic print, Morningstar. Dan thinks that all this is a fan letter, and demands that Lucifer be removed from the case, that there’s a conflict of interest. Lucifer also might be involved personally. Lucifer overhears and can’t believe that they think he’d been involved in a murder, he’s not a monster.


Lucifer goes to see Linda who tells him that intimacy is not a bad thing, and that letting Chloe get close doesn’t mean that he’ll get hurt. He tells her he doesn’t want to push her away, and Linda’s advice to him is to stop doing it then.

Maze in in bed with a sleeping Amenadiel, and she pulls out her blade, ready to have this all over. He catches her and is hurt and betrayed, he thought what they had was real.

The street preacher confronts Lucifer outside of Lux, and he snaps pushing him back and grabbing him by the throat. The crowd grows and there is people with phones filming. Malcolm steps in and follows Lucifer in to Lux, hoping for a drink.


Dan and Chloe are working the scene, and find a monogrammed M cuff link. M for Morningstar? Dan takes this as more proof of Lucifer’s involvement, and they take it back to the station for testing. They find no physical evidence on it, but they do see a news report on Lucifer’s attack on the street preacher. Yet another strike for Luci, but Chloe still refuses to believe it. She rewinds and watches again, and spots that the preacher only has one cuff link, and it’s an M.

Upstairs at Lux, Malcolm pours Lucifer a drink, and he suddenly realises that Malcolm is in his house. Malcolm tells him he has his back, and makes himself at home. He thinks that Lucifer understands him, and he respects the Hell out of him, up high Lucifer! Lucifer sees the red paint on his hand, they were all wearing gloves at the scene. It was all Malcolm trying to impress Lucifer, they’re the same!


Malcolm tells him that they’ll pin it all on the street preacher, and Lucifer starts to stalk him. He tells him he may be a torturer, an inflicter of justice, but he is not a senseless murderer. But he’s not going to send Malcolm to Hell, he’s going to bring it right to him. He throws him across the room, and Malcolm pulls his gun. Lucifer isn’t worried now he knows that he can’t be killed when Chloe isn’t around. He’s stopped in his tracks when Amenadiel arrives through an open window.


Lucifer decides he’ll take Amenadiel, after the day he’s had, he could do with punching someone in the face. Malcolm escapes amidst the chaos, and the fight begins for real. Bodies are thrown across the room, punches land, Lucifer brings up Maze, after exchanging more blows, Amenadiel ends up being thrown through the bar and mirror on the wall. Maze arrives and stops them, telling them they both used her, and leaves her blades for them to kill each other and have done with it.


Chloe and Dan have tracked the street preacher to Lux, and Chloe goes in to check on Lucifer. he’s at the bar having his drink, and tells her to take her best shot. How could his day get any worse? She walks to the end of the bar, and asks Lucifer what he has done. The street preacher is dead on the floor with a bullet through his brain. She pulls her gun, and other officers arrive. She has no choice but to place him under arrest, and yep Luci, your day just got a whole lot worse buddy.


One more episode to go for this season, and Luci got renewed for Season 2! Yay!