Lucifer S1:E8 Et Tu, Doctor? Recap


Will Lucifer and Amenadiel ever bro-hug it out? Or was burning the wings the last straw?

Lucifer S1:E8 Et Tu, Doctor Recap starts now! Devilish spoilers ahead!

Lucifer is having his re-birthday party at Lux, feeling reborn after burning his wings. The club is filled with bendy performers, pole dancers and lots of Lucifer's nearest and dearest party peeps. Lucifer is lapping it up, and is pleased when he sees Chloe making her way down the stairs. Maze takes great delight in informing him that she's not alone, everyone's favourite Sir Douche is with her. They come bearing gifts in the form of alcohol, whiskey and a jar a pickle juice for a chaser, an LAPD tradition apparently. After that delicious concoction, one which Lucifer thinks Maze would absolutely love, they tell him they can't stay, they have a work thing to attend. Lucifer turns almost as green as that pickle brine as he watches Chloe and Dan leave, together.


Chloe and Dan hit the Paddock Bar, the cop hangout, where a welcome back party for Malcolm is in full swing. Malcolm confronts her telling her they need to talk, all serious like. He sees she's with Dan and asks how long he was out. Did she get the sense knocked out of her? Don't worry Chloe, he's just hacking on you.

Lucifer goes to see Linda, very apologetic for losing his cool last time and for the new porthole in the wall. He thinks she's mad but she surprises him by telling him that she thinks their last session was a breakthrough, not meaning the wall. He's getting in touch with his emotions, letting his barriers down. Lucifer would like his barriers back, thank you very much, all these emotions are downright inconvenient. Especially this new one, like a fat man sitting on his chest, but not in a fun way, lol. Lucifer is shocked when Linda informs him he is jealous, of Chloe and Dan in fact. He comes up with a brilliant plan, fix Chloe of her douche addiction, she'd stay away from Dan, and Luci will be all back to normal.


Lucifer tracks Chloe down at a crime scene, which coincidentally is at a therapist's office. Lucifer asks her if she's ever considering therapy, especially for her attraction to exceedingly dull men. She brushes him off and tells him that their murder victim was Dr. Shaw, also known as the Cheater Therapist. He encouraged couples to cheat, and Chloe finds it no get surprise that someone was not happy with him. Lucifer on the other hand thinks it's brilliant, perhaps Chloe might like to try it? They briefly speak to the therapist's wife Alexandra and his associate Dr. Medina, both have alibis and are both devastated by his death.

Chloe tells Lucifer that all the Dr Shaw's patients are all suspects and he is excited at the thought of reading all those files, learning all those naughty secrets. Chloe informs him that they can't access the files without a psychologist present, and wouldn't you know Lucifer knows just the person! Chloe is not impressed, she remembers Linda as the one that wanted to jump his bones, besides they need a judge to sign off on it. Cue the judge signing off the paperwork, whilst still in Lucifer's bed, natch.


Lucifer is watching Linda go through the files, when Chloe arrives and asks him out to the corridor for a chat. She's not happy that Lucifer engaged the help of Linda without her approval. He tells her what a good therapist she is and reels off her achievements and adds that she has helped him as well. Chloe can't believe that he is actually in therapy, and asks if he still thinks he's the Devil. Lucifer tells her that of course he is the Devil, and Chloe takes that as proof that Linda is not an effective therapist.

Linda emerges and tells them she's found something, a patient and his wife tried the treatment but ended up divorcing. The husband then sent Dr. Shaw a death threat, and he is the only one to have done so. Lucifer suggests again that perhaps this therapy is something that Chloe and Dan should do, or was that the reason that they split in the first place? Chloe ignores him and thanks Linda for the tip. Lucifer also happens to notice that a new doctor has moved in across the hall. A Dr Canaan in fact, very biblical. How strange!


They head out to interview their new suspect and Lucifer apologises for overstepping with her about Detective Douche. Then oversteps again and asks what really happened to cause them to separate. Chloe tells him that work was more important than family to him, but he has started to make more of an effort lately with her and Trixie. Lucifer agrees and tells her if anyone deserves a participation award, it's Dan. They arrive at the scene, and Linda calls Chloe, telling her that the suspect, Richard, may be a danger to himself. Sure enough, he's up on the roof. Who's that up there with him?


Lucifer tells Richard that he's not here to stop him, he's here to learn more about jealousy. Richard isn't forthcoming so Lucifer gives him a few little pushes and pulls back and forth over the edge, until he begs Lucifer to let him live. Lucifer tells him it's just as well, He can be a little judgy about all that jumping off buildings stuff. Richard tells him that he didn't murder him, he wanted to jump because he was murdered. Dr Shaw had continued to help him even after the death threat, and had got him through all the tough times after.

Lucifer realises he not jealous, just sad. How pathetic. Richard thought that he was here to talk him down, make him realise that he has things to live for. Lucifer tells him that his life looks pretty bleak to him, and Richard takes that as motivation that things can only get better and steps down from the edge. Thumbs up, Luci!


Chloe confirms Richard's alibi and tells him he's free to go. He expresses his sympathy for Shaw's wife Sandy, who he had also become friends with. In fact he just saw her two days ago, and she happened to be planning a surprise for Dr Shaw. Right about the time she had told them she was in Phoenix.

Linda goes to Lux, and Maze tells her that what she has with Lucifer will not end well and she'll end up like the rest of them, trash left beside the road. Linda tells her that she finds rude people almost always feel powerless in their lives and use this as a way to get back some control. Maze says "I like you!" and heads back to the other end of the bar. Lucifer and Chloe arrive, and fill Linda in on the latest progress on the case. Linda finds it interesting that the Dr's wife, Alexandra, goes by Sandy. There was mention in a patient's file of them being stalked by an SS. She had thought it strange that initials were used in private notes, did they stand for Sandy Shaw? Perhaps Sandy wasn't so down with the open relationship thing after all.


Chloe gets a call from dispatch, Dan's phone has died and he wants her to meet him at her place. She gets ready to head off, and Lucifer spits it, telling her she shouldn't run off just because Dan called. She tells him it's work related, and plus, everything is under control with their case. Linda tells Lucifer that she can see what she is dealing with now, and it's worse than what she thought. The Devil has met his match with the green-eyed monster.

Chloe gets home, but it's not Dan waiting for her, it's Malcolm. He just wants to talk, but Chloe is not quite at the trusting point yet. He tells her that he knows she is looking for a dirty cop. He thinks that it was a cop that shot him as well. She asks him why he was meeting with criminals, and handing over money and he explains that the guy was a CI and he was buying information on a crooked cop. But said crooked cop got to them first and shot them both. Chloe is still skeptical, it all ties up a little nicely for her liking. Malcolm tells her that he has a greater appreciation for life these days, and he has decided to let this all go, as the person that shot him is still out there, and is obviously not worried about shooting cops. He tells her that she should drop it too, before they both end up dead.

Chloe, Lucifer and Linda head out to confront Sandy and Lucifer tries to get Linda to analyse Chloe once more. Chloe asks why he is so obsessed with her love life and, Linda agrees that she would like to know too. Lucifer asks her why she is so defensive and that it obviously indicates a deeper issue, Linda agrees and says "Why are you so defensive Lucifer?" he replies "Et tu, Doctor?" Linda tells them that Chloe doesn't need any analysis, she's a working woman doing a fantastic job at balancing her life. Chloe tells Lucifer he was right, and Linda is amazing. Lucifer replies "No! She's verbal Ebola!"


They catch up with Sandy in a parking garage and she tells them that she lied about going to Phoenix, she flew there but drove back early. Lucifer does his tell me everything trick, and she tells him that Dr. Shaw fell in love with one of his affairs, Tiffany, and she found out through his associate Dr Medina. Shaw had used him as a cover story, but Sandy called him and he had no idea. She decided to come back early and catch Shaw out. She also has a car full of horse manure that she had planned to throw all over Tiffany. Lucifer says "I'm not sure whether to be horrified or impressed!" Sandy tells them that Tiffany is in a group therapy session right now, and she was about to do it.

Dan screeches up to check on Chloe, to make sure Malcolm didn't hurt her. Dan's worked up and angry, and obviously worried. Lucifer watches on in disgust, and Linda gets her first look at Dan, disagreeing about Dan being Mr Average. Lucifer finds a flyer for a group therapy memorial for Dr Shaw, and tells Linda he's going to talk to some people more open minded, ones who agree with his way of thinking.


Chloe and Linda watch Sandy being taken away on a stalking charge, and agree that they don't think she did it. Chloe apologises for underestimating Linda, and that she thought that she was sleeping with Lucifer. Linda tells her that indeed she is, she can't stop herself, but something tells her that she might have to, she knows how unethical it is. They talk more about Dr. Shaw, and how for a Cheater Therapist, he was terrible at cheating himself. Why not give Dr. Medina the heads up that he was using him as his cover story? But, maybe he did, and Dr. Medina gave Sandy just enough information for her to figure it out. They need to talk to the funky, cold one.

Lucifer has taken over the therapy session, and asks everyone what they think, he can't possibly be jealous, it's everyone else right? The other patients are stuck on the bit about the Devil, and is burning the wings a metaphor? Dr. Medina tells him that this not about him, it's a group therapy session for those who are feeling loss after Dr. Shaw's death. But Lucifer insists it's him that has suffered the loss, both his therapist and partner have turned on him, which is much worse.  Dr. Medina insists it's not about him, and Lucifer suddenly agrees and decides to turn him into a case study. "What makes you jealous? What do you desire?" Dr. Medina replies "I want Sandy."

Lucifer realises that he met Dr. Medina at Dr Shaw's office before, and surmises that he loved Sandy but she was hooked on her husband Dr. Shaw, and she wasn't interested. So he killed him, so he could have Sandy for himself. "I've gone and solved it, haven't I?"

Dr. Medina grabs a knife and puts it to Lucifer's throat. Lucifer thanks him for giving him the perfect example of unbridled jealousy. He loves a woman still hooked on her husband, and no matter what does, the woman he loves will never see him the way he wants her to. A look of realisation comes over Lucifer's face, "My situation and yours . . . they're absolutely nothing alike!" Facepalm. Oh Luci. Chloe arrives and makes Dr Medina drop the knife, and arrests him.


Afterwards, Lucifer asks Chloe how her other case is going. She tells him that Dan told her they weren't able to lift any prints off the key she found, but something that Malcolm said to her has been bothering her. He said that someone else knew he was there, and she wonders if they found  him the same way she did. All partners have access to the GPS coordinates of their partner, to find them in an emergency, and she hacked into Malcolm's tracker. One other person would have had access to that information, is partner Tony Palucci.

They head for the Paddock Bar, and find it closed for the night, Palucci's car is still parked across the road though. The door is unlocked and they go in, only to find Palucci dead from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot. They later find a suicide note admitting to everything.

Linda has asked Lucifer to come and see her, and very gently tells him that they need to have a professional relationship from now on, more more payment by sexual favours. Lucifer is taken aback, but accepts her decision. He takes his leave, but pops his head back in and asks about Dr. Canaan, what's he like? She tells him he's thoughtful and spiritual. Lucifer says "Little sanctimonious? Six foot two? Black? Voice like an angel?" Linda asks if he knows him, and Lucifer says he knows him all too well.


Chloe and Dan share a moment, and a kiss, after getting Trixie to bed. She tells him he should go, and he gets a message right at that moment. The look on his face is not a good one, but he puts on a good front and takes his leave of Chloe.

He drives to a meeting, and it's Malcolm who contacted him. Dan asks if it took him a long time to write Palucci's suicide note, and he agrees it took forever. He's so not a word guy! Malcolm says he should be thanking him, he could have told everyone the truth, that it was Dan that shot him. Dan asks why he didn't, and Malcolm replies that he likes him, and that he'd never do anything to hurt that little family that Dan is trying so hard to rebuild. In fact, they're gonna be best friends! And Malcolm has big plans for Dan. I'm sorry. What just happened? Detective Douche, how could you!


Lucifer goes back to Lux and tells Maze that he knows it was her that told Amenadiel about Dr. Linda. She tells him she was trying to protect him, but he thinks that she did it for herself, and that perhaps it's her the human world is rubbing off on, not him. "You and me, we're done."