Rose and Maloney S2:E3 Davina With The Light Blonde Hair Recap


Hi guys! Everyone ready for some more Sarah Lancashire realness as arse-kicking Rose Linden on Rose and Maloney? Me too!! Rolling S2:E3 after the break!

Wendy is giving all the kudos to Joyce, who just got someone off in the Court of Appeals, yay! Everyone cheers except our Rose, who slow claps in the back while sideeying Maloney "they always give her the cushy ones." I'd wager she doesn't find EXTRY cases either, does she?

That was the good news, the bad news is that there's been a judiciary review and all cases where a parent was convicted on the advice of an expert witness. All 73 of them. Summary by end of next week!

CASES WHERE A PARENT WAS CONVICTED? Whut? So if someone has a child they're being extended another look-see due to...what exactly?

Rose HAD a vacation planned...oh ho, Maloney is poking around: where is Rose going? Is she going with anyone? Wait, and then when she's swearing (bloody, sodding, buggering hell) he says he loves it when she talks dirty and they lock eyes for a full 10 seconds.

Oh ho ho ho. Hmmm. It wouldn't be Rose's first work romance (is that what we call shagging the boss at the Christmas party when you can't get the image of him nekkid out of your head?) and Maloney is kinda cute, but he's also her partner and that can get..sticky. And not just in the fun way.

I do love how her eyes and voice take on another dimension whenever she delves into the flirty realm.

First case! 19-year-old former part-time-nanny Katie Phelan (Stephanie Leonidas), serving life for murdering Baby Campese. The parents Marsha (Amanda Root) and Bill (Dominic Mafham) blamed her and it seems as though Baby Boy Campese was suffocated. Ah Campeses

Rose and Maloney are meeting with Katie, she's been moved around a lot and it seems I've gotten the wrong end of the stick as far as the judicial review is concerned. It is regarding cases where a parent is convicted of killing a child based on expert witnesses, but I'm confused. Katie isn't a parent.

She has had an unfortunate life so far, her brothers were taken into care and she's being bullied in jail. She lashes out at Rose and Maloney. Rose asks her calmly to go through her memories of Baby Boy Campese's last day so she can compare it to the trial notes.

They fed the baby then Katie changed him and listened to him cry for a bit. Baby boy Will always cried a lot after being fed, but this time he stopped all by himself.

Maloney wants to ditch the case, guess who doesn't? No, GUESS?? She's not writing Katie off yet, the girl has tried to commit suicide 3 times since checking in and she has NO support whatsoever.

Maloney doesn't want to talk about Katie any more, does Rose want to come 'round for lunch on Sunday? He usually cooks. Rose and I are confused; is he asking her out for a date or is this a group thing? She drops it; let's go over Katie's statement again!

Katie wasn't doing very well in school, but Mrs. Campese helped her at least. Katie's mum had left and she had to take care of her brothers but Mrs. Campese was kind and asked her to help babysit for money and tutoring.

In the interviews with the Campeses, they were happy with Katie and her help around the house. Even now they don't hate her. Baby Will loved Katie, he really smiled for her. Marsha was happy too, always laughing with Katie. Bill makes her keep the photos out of Will; Marsha shows us a picture of her and a very blonde baby boy. Rose notes a picture of the couple with another baby, but this one has dark hair.

Bill says they had trouble conceiving and used to have to borrow babies but my ears are ALL the way up. That did NOT look like a picture with a borrowed baby, who takes a couple shot with someone else's baby? How many babies have this couple had? How many have died?

Why are they raking all this up again? Marsha must not know our Rose! Maloney explains about about the unease regarding infanticide, but she snaps that she can't be expected to care about that. Hmm. Overreaction. She just wishes she hadn't fallen asleep! She rushed upstairs to find Katie bending over Will, he's gone blue!

Maloney wants to drop it, Rose!!! Now!! Ish! But she wants to talk to the expert witness first, a Professor Diane Marquis (Lesley Manville!!!!!! From River!!!) who's been investigated three times for faulty evidence and is a member of the Women Who Hate Other Women Club.

I could never be in that club, I love women! I dig them the mostest.

"Katie Phelan against Doctor Diane Marquis, MD,PHD, FRS; you call that a fair fight?"

The good doctor is giving testimony at the judiciary review, it takes an extremely high level of expertise to distinguish between cot death (called crib death in Canada) and trauma. She considers herself to be in possession of just such expertise. She feels as though society's slant against the idea that women wouldn't kill their children (there is such a slant, I read a great book called When She Was Bad by Patricia Pearson and it blew my mind) has allowed many murders to go unnoticed. She has total confidence in all of her evidence; this is a witchhunt.

Rose snags Dr. Marquis in the hallway after; surely Rose must understand that she is not available for interviewing by the CJRA? And why is the CJRA looking into the Campese case anyway, Katie wasn't the parent. That's what I said! Rose scents something in that and smiles, beginning her probe. Dr. Marquis remembers Katie now, and a bunch of derogatory words later writes her off again just as quickly. She says Katie shook baby Will, then smothered him and I don't remember anything about shaking mentioned before? Rose reminds Dr. Marquis that the files were kept at her office, yes? She doesn't remember and it doesn't matter, good day, Rose Linden. I SAY GOOD DAY!

Maloney is visiting a very shady-looking area to see Mr. Phelan (Marcus Lezard), whom I FINK is Irish and who also thinks everything is the work of the posh debbils in the south. Katie thought so too, apple meet tree. Katie's mum was sectioned for beating the children and the boys were removed from the home by Social. I would guess that would give him more time to enjoy his 9 am lager and telly, but I won't joke about losing kiddos. *evil eye sign*

He wants Katie back so he can provide the right "family atmosphere" as required by Social. Maloney hesitantly asks whether Katie ever hurt her brothers? No, she loved and cared for them, she was the only one. He also says she took them to the doctor a lot and in the flashback the kiddos looked uncomfortable, sooo. Munchausen by Proxy? How does that play into Will's death?

Wendy can't believe they've only reviewed ONE of the twelve cases they need to review by the end of next week; this review will change the law and the CJRA will take the credit for it, damnit! She needs three cases written up by the end of tomorrow or Rose's holiday will never, ever happen.

I'm pretty sure Wendy can't do that. Legally

They need to tell Katie Phelan she's buggered; will Rose do it? It's Maloney who pulls the trigger, though, while Rose listens to the young girl's screams. Katie lies in bed later, tortured by Will's crying.

Rose has come to see the Campeses to tell them that they won't be proceeding with the re-investigation, but it's pregnant BLONDE (you know, like the baby in the picture) Davina (Teresa Banham) who answers the door. Hmmm. She lives across the way and luckily "came up trumps at 43" and Imma need some smelling salts.

Now this just keeps getting odder and odder; Bill comes down to see how "baby" is and kisses Davina on the cheek. They're much more the couple, aren't they?

Marsha takes Rose up to see Will's room, now completely empty, save a chair, that's odd, isn't it? Marsha talks about burying Will in her family plot and the music is telling me I should be sad, but I am very, very suspicious about this threesome.

Marsha doesn't know why they even stay in this house, really, but Bill won't move. Perhaps because of the neighbour across the street?

Rose leaves with Davina, they're such strong people, but Davina explains how hard it's been for them really. To lose a second baby..and aha! That photo in the lounge was Baby Will the First, they don't like to talk about him much. Oh no, Rose won't say anything.

Rose is going to Maloney's for lunch on Sunday after all; his house is SEETHING with children. Mostly nephews and nieces, oh but no, she isn't there for lunch, she wanted to tell him about the extry baby the Campeses were keeping quiet, and once she gets a load of the masses of screaming children running about, she's not staying either. See you tomorrow, Maloney, and oh! Max has wee'd himself.

Rose's dug up the death certificate for the original Will Campese, it lists cot death: go track down that doctor, will you Maloney? He tries to fight it, but you know he'll give in. She leaves, telling him he can always just say he's obeying orders.

Can he come worth with Joyce? Anytime, she'd appreciate him and LOTS of eye cuddling going on there. It's no good, he's besotted with foul-mouthed Rose.

Our foul-mouthed Rose is in seeing Dr. Marquis, who apologizes for her sharp-ish greeting the last time. She's "famously rude" and I love it when people think negatives are character-defining and not worth working on. It's like the signs I saw in Newfoundland "Pothole Ahead": we're not going to fix them, instead we paid money to get signs made so you can swerve into the other lane of traffic to avoid.

Rose calls herself "just rude."And she's like those pathology reports, please? It seems Dr. Marquis has been reviewing them herself, citing a broken rib, blood in the lungs and all kinds of other things that one wouldn't recall off the top of one's head. Even if, say, one just heard it on a show. Infant death is very difficult to understand, that's why an expert like her is required to explain it to a layperson like Rose. Rose smiles a glorious, creamy smile "does your book sell well?"

credit hupperts tumblr

There is a possibility that there was a genetic defect that killed the baby, but that science is new and not in play when Dr. Marquis testified and anyway, it's not applicable.

Can she send those files over if she finds them? Of course. Walking Rose to the door, she notes that in a cases of back to back cot death, usually the mother would be considered the suspect, if not for the nanny. Don't blame Dr. Marquis, she's "just the appliance of science."

I will say that Marsha seems to be the only one who misses her baby, but the whole situation is hinky AF

Dr. Marquis shuts the door on Rose and walks straight over to her files, where she digs out and starts shredding the Campese file. An assistant walks in then, she has a lunch, don't forget! She hands the file to Colin (Adam Leese) for shredding, but he just looks at it.

Rose and Maloney are both in to see the doctor who signed the death certificate for the first poor Will Campese, what's this about? He doesn't have much information for them, and doesn't want to share what he does know. He calls his assistant after they leave, he's like his case notes for 1994 please!

Rose has them in the graveyard, let's call it a genetic experiment! They're found the two Will Campese graves, so now Rose is looking for more babies under Marsha's maiden name of Moffatt. They find a Peter Moffatt, they're about to look for more when Maloney gets a call. I bet Katie's tried to top herself again.

Ah Katie and that is it, she got some drugs and tried again. She should have been dead, given how much she took, but she'll still alive. She wrote a letter to her dad too, admitting what's she's done. Ahh and she WAS hurting her little brothers so she could go to the doctor's office where there were nice to her. It must have been nice to be considered a helper and knowledgeable and some people waste their whole lives like that.

Katie swears she never hurt Will, though, never ever. Mr. Phelan begs them; they have to do something! It's killing Katie.

Back at the office, Colin is there to see Rose,oh ho! He saved those files after all. There you go, Dr. Marquis, it's impossible to get good help these days. He tries to make a runner, but Maloney warns him: she'll find you!

He knew it was wrong, for her to ask him to shred an entire pathological report in the middle of a judiciary review, so he went and read the trial transcript. It seems Dr. Marquis only went with the physical trauma, ignoring things like the bacterial infection in the baby's throat that could have accounted for the crying AND swelling. "It's like she just read the first three pages and made her mind up."

He thinks she just got..careless. And of course he didn't shred the documents after all, he's been holding onto his briefcase like a life vest the whole time.

Rose is in to see Marsha again, to tell her of Katie Phelan's latest suicide attempt. She's okay, but she doesn't think Katie killed Marsha's baby, partly because Katie probably didn't think she would live after that last attempt, and she had no reason to lie at that point. Why didn't Marsha tell them about the first baby? Bill pushed and pushed to try again and it was almost like...punishment.

Rose thinks the injuries Will sustained were from the paramedics and she explains about the genetic deficiency she believes Marsha carries that makes her children vulnerable to bacterial infections, which are usually signaled in cases of cot death.There have been at least three other cases in her family over the last 40 years.

Marsha is devastated and takes it in the worst possible way; it can't be her! It can't be her, she loved her babies!

Cut to  Dr. Marquis running out of the courthouse under fire, Mr. Phelan threatening to sue the system for Katie's wrongful conviction while Katie looks out of it and the Campeses plus Davina sneaking round the sides.

Maloney just wants to get on with the rest, can Rose just have a minute, pleez? They won. Thank you.

The CJRA is watching Wendy discussing the case on TV, yay! Oh sure, it's the CJRA's meticulous processed and Rose's "affinity to paperwork." Rose scoffs; she's got Maloney for all that! And hey!! I think I see CO Linda Miles(Jacqueline Brennan) from Wentworth in the background! Yay!

In walks Dr. Pierson (David Mallinson) from earlier, he's done his research on the case. OH. OH. Marsha had a hysterectomy after the first baby's death, she CAN'T have been the mother of the second baby and that means the case can't involve genetic markers and ohhhh, like I said about Davina above: she must be the mother. What is going on?? God people are weird. And we're oot! Until next time!

**pics borrowed from Tumblrs aissamiaga and hupperts, thank you!