Safe S1:E1.7 Day Six Recap

Hi everyone, welcome to the weekend! It’s time for some Safe, the awesomesauce Renoblondee has been keeping the site full with her Big Brother recaps, let’s find out some more about our “English” doctor and his missing but sorta found kiddo. Rolling S1:E1.7 after the break!

We’re back at the party the night Chris Chahal (Freddie Thorp) died and young Jenny Delaney (Amy James-Kelly) went missing, honestly, this party was over at 11 and it feels like it’s a four-day bacchanalia. I thought youngs didn’t carouse until midnight anyway, what’s the world coming to?

*grumble grumble get off my lawn*

We do see something new, though, Ioan Fuller (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) of the intriguing mouth, the student we found out Chris’s mum Zoe (Audrey Fleurot) has indeed been sleeping with, saw Jenny coming out of the bathroom with Henry Mason (Louis Greatorex from Last Tango in Halifax!). It must have been after the fight Chris had with his pal Mike (Rohan Nedd) because there’s blood all over Henry’s jumper.

I swore I was going to stay under 1000 words this recap and I’m already close to 200 and have yet to roll more than a minute of screentime.

We’re back in the present with the widowed Dr. Tom Delaney (Michael C. Hall) dropping off his injured bestie Pete Mayfield (Marc Warren) so he can interrogate Ioan himself. He spots his dead wife across the road as he bangs on Ioan’s door, Rachel (Katy Carmichael) leads him towards a car parked there, it belongs to her ex-boyfriend Bobby (Milo Twomey), is he moving into the neighbourhood? Mightn’t that be a bit awks?

Pete’s off for a drive when he spots his tail, it’s detective Emma Castle (Hannah Arterton) and she has big news: he’s her dad!  Her mom was Pete’s girlfriend back in med school, this must have been before he realised he was gay.

She cries while she tries to explain, tearfully asking for a hug…which she gets after a long pause.

Tom checks for CCTV footage with the security guard, Tod’s too busy daydrinking and chattering away to help until Tom blackmails him with a picture of a bottle on duty.

Seems Pete went through a brief bisexual phase, he loved Emma’s mum, she was his best mate. She left school when she got pregnant and nobody heard from her again. She told Emma that she was a result of a one-night-stand, the truth came out at her funeral. What with Emma being a detective, she made short work of finding Pete and here we are. And now Emma’s pregnant, making Pete a dad and grandad all in the last 7 and a half minutes.

The police officer killed in Emma’s past was her partner Max, now she’s alone so she came to find Pete. Awwww, they need each other!

Tom found what he wanted on the CCTV tapes, Bobby driving in past the gates with a code. He spots Ioan on another camera and runs outside to confront him. Ioan blows off the idea that someone saw him with Zoe and spills about Henry being in the bathroom with an upset-looking Jenny.

See, Henry is Sophie Mason’s (Amanda Abbington) son, Sophie just happens to be Tom’s girlfriend, so he has to tread lightly. Sophie is all deflect, deflect, deflect until Tom is forced to retreat.

He runs to Pete’s house, where he finds Emma and her dad cuddling. They brainstorm a path forward, Emma’s gonna talk to Henry on the side.

Sophie wakes up ex-husband Josh (Emmett J. Scanlan) with a beer to take care of the kids, she’s off to work! Emma pops ’round immediately after to take Henry downtown. Sophie finds them going into the station and promptly loses her shite, trying to block Emma in the most unprofessional way possible. They reach a compromise with Josh being present during the questioning.

Pete and Tom go to Heaven to see Bobby, a super unhelpful barmaid Roxie (Yemisi Oyinloye) stares at them in disbelief at their tenacity and witty dad-banter. They settle in to wait, Tom gains access to the back area and searches for Bobby, who is watching him on CCTV while a hurt Jenny lays on the couch behind him.

Ah Henry was in the bathroom with Jenny trying to sort out a cloning app that was on her phone, he’s into tech. Damnit, Jenny knew her it was her dad who did that AND that he was with Sophie when Jenny’s mum died, now she’s told Henry. He’s getting more and more agitated, his slightly intoxicated father isn’t noticing and now Henry is in a seizure and we need an ambulance.

Roxie is headed upstairs, so Tom gets the call to hide and does so unsuccessfully. Roxie is helpful after all, warning Tom in the hallway to get away as fast as he can, Bobby is dangerous. Tom and Pete make to leave, spotting Eric Pratchett (Ben Onwukwe) from the gated community walking into Heaven. Eric runs.

Tom and Pete search the area to no end, but Pete spots Eric back at Heaven. After a hilarious exchange with the bouncer, he settles in to watch what our old friend is up to. Eric gets a message fro the staff, Pete slips his phone into Eric’s pocket and now we’re tracking!

Side note: Eric accused Tom of setting fire to someone’s house and gets a little stare-y on occasion.

Sophie calls Tom from the hospital, she knows he sent Emma at Henry, can he please some see her? She needs him.

Emma works on Jojo Marshall (Tony Lindsay) in interview while Josh screams at Tom in the hallway, bringing Tom’s daughter Carrie (Isabelle Allen) into the argument for no reason.

Jojo tells Emma and Darren (Raj Paul) everything that actually happened that night, even mentioning that he found his daughter Sia’s (Amy Leigh-Hickman) pendant in the pool. That’s odd, innit? We saw Sia find Chris dead in the pool, she wasn’t there before.

Tom has found out what’s wrong with Henry, he’s a diabetic on dialysis and hasn’t been watching his medication. So the seizure wasn’t Tom and Emma’s fault, but he’s super sorry.

Pete waits at a carpark for Eric while Tom and Sophie make up. Also: how heavy is a smartphone and how would you not notice the weight of one of those suckers in your pocket? I bet Eric left Pete’s phone in the garage.

WRONG, we’re on the move, Pete picking up Tom and Sophie and heading back to the gates of Jasmine Hall.

Dun dun DUN!

Tom bluffs his way in then abandons subtely and full out runs past guards. Eric pops out, ohhh, that’s where his son is. He’s not dead after all but rather alive and severely burned.

Emma brings Sia back to the Marshall mansion to grab the necklace her dad put in her jewelry box, Sia’s never seen it before. It definitely looked different than the rest of the garish pieces. I can’t even tell if it’s for a man or woman.

Dang it, 1100 words already. Still, remarkably brief for me.

Eric’s son is why Rachel used to come to Jasmine Hall so much, to visit him because she felt bad about what happened. A group of young students had set a fire in protest, they didn’t know anyone was in the school. Craig (is that Eric’s son?), Helen (who just died in another fire), Bobby and Rachel were all involved. Ah damn, that’s what she felt bad about. Oooh and Sophie too, come on! You’re telling me all these young people thought setting fire to the school made sense?? We’re out with that revelation, Tom confronting Sophie as the credits roll.

Hm. Hm hmm hmm. Well, Rachel’s life dedicated to helping others now makes sense, as does her push/pull link to ex-boyfriend Bobby. That’s a I Know What You Did Last Summer kind of bonding experience, not easily forgotten and I can see why Sophie wanted to be a copper. On another note, Helen, before she died, was asking Jenny for a tape, do you suppose there is a video tape of that night? One thing about Jenny, she was setting a piece of paper on fire at a group BBQ and was stopped quite firmly by Eric, do you suppose he was wondering if she was liker her mum? Such a small thing it seemed at the time, so much import now. Until next time!