Traces S1:E1.2 Secrets Recap

Welcome back to Traces, the UK thriller starring Laura Fraser, Jennifer Spencer and Molly Windsor. As a complete booknerd, the fact that the show is written by Amelia Bullmore and ideated by Val McDermid is what brought me in, but the fact that it’s from Red Production Company was also a factor. Let’s find out what’s happening in the MOOC (and what the MOOC is, if you’re just tuning in) after the break in Traces S1:E1.2!

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Traces S1:E1.1 The MOOC Recap

Hello! My name is TTM and I will be recapping the Alibi series Traces for your reading pleasure. I had heard about this show because of the writing; the screenplay was written by Amelia Bullmore, whom I know as an actress from Scott and Bailey and Gentleman Jack (both also starring Suranne Jones). That’s not all, though, the original idea was from one of my very favourite mystery writers: Val McDermid. How could it not be awesome?? Let’s roll into Traces S1:E1.1 after the break!

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